WATCH THIS: Elephant Man “Skankers” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Elephant Man "Skankers" Official Music Video PREMIERE

“Dis Yah One Yah Make The Dancer Dem Madd”

“All of us put in work to try leave the ghetto,” said Elephant Man as he made his debut in the pages of VIBE back in April 1998. “That’s a feeling that really can’t leave you.” Posing in the photo shoot with an iced-out pachyderm pendant dangling from his next, Elly and his bredrens from the Scare Dem Crew—Boom Dandimite, Harry Toddler, and Nitty Kutchie—made it all the way from Seaview Gardens, one of Kingston’s hardest neighborhoods, to a full-page write up in VIBE’s NEXT section, the magazine’s showcase for “People on the Verge.” It was a good day—but Elephant was just getting started. The legendary dancehall icon would go on to share stages with Usher and Chris Brown, collab with Missy Elliott and Lil Jon, perform live on the nationally televised VIBE Awards, and sign a deal with Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Records. Throughout it all, he continued repping Jamaican dancehall culture to the fullest. They say an Elephant never forgets.Video After The Jump… Read more »

Out and Bad: Elephant Man Teaches His Top 10 Dance Moves

Out and Bad: Elephant Man Teaches His Top 10 Dance Moves

Getting Jiggy With Di Energy God

With Notting Hill Carnival coming up next weekend—and Brooklyn’s Labor Day parade the weekend after that—it’s time to brush up on your dance steps. You love the vibes and you want to bust some moves like Usain Bolt celebrating a gold medal, but you don’t know your “Willie Bounce” from your “Gangsta Rock.” Well fret not thyself. Reshma B linked up with Elephant Man in Kingston, Jamaica. Elly is known for spreading Kingston street dance choreography around the world with hit songs like “Pon Di River Pon The Bank” and “Signal Di Plane.” Di Energy God himself  taught The Reggae Girl About Town how to do each and every one of his Top 10 Dance Moves. He also took time out to reason about his early King Jammy’$ days, and big up the elders in the business from Shabba Ranks to Bounty Killer and Buju Banton. Videos After The Jump… Read more »

Flex Masters: A Guide To Brooklyn’s Own Dancehall Hybrid Scene

Flex Masters: A Guide To Brooklyn's Own Dancehall Hybrid Scene

Who’s Building The Best FDM Riddims Right Now

It’s been over a decade in the making, but Brooklyn’s homegrown style of dance music is beginning to make waves outside of battle circles. Called FDM (short for flex dance music), the sound is a critical component of the flex dance culture that it grew up alongside. While the dancers were refining their styles into a distinct set of movements, producers were doing the same, creating their own sound fashioned out of a wealth of dancehall riddims and sound effects that would provide the soundtrack for major dance competitions. I went deep into the scene over at Pitchfork, so please go read that when you have time. Meanwhile here’s a quick guide to the producers (many of whom are also dancers) responsible for making the sound what it is today. This weekend, Boiler Room will feature its first flex dancer and FDM producer—a sure sign that big tings ah gwan—although they’re keeping the details a secret for now. They’ve also got more plans in the works for FDM later this summer, so this is just a starting point. We figured this would be a good time to provide some basic info about the scene before everything starts to blow up. Audio & Info After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Dancehall Dabb” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas "Dancehall Dabb" Official Music Video

New Year New Style New Dance A Lick—Out And Bad

The Mass Appeal massive already knows the deal. You’ve heard it straight from Migos: Dabbin’ is a way of fashion. But as you’ve no doubt noticed, this Dab thing is catching on in a big way—from Dabbin Santa to corny-ass college football coaches. Given Jamaica’s love for new dance moves, it was only a matter of time until somebody busted out a yardstyle take on the dab dance. As if on cue, here comes dancehall star Mr. Vegas—the same dude who gave us dance anthems like “Hot Wuk” and “Bruk It Down”—with a fresh new video shot in T-Dot and directed by Ty Black. In short, the ting tun up again. Video After the Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Mr. Vegas “Dancehall Dab”

HEAR THIS: Mr. Vegas "Dancehall Dab"

New Year, New Style, New Dance A Lick

It’s straaange how the dances are changing, as Barrington Levy observed many years ago. Just the other day our peoples at Mass Appeal made a flex down to ATL where the Migos explained the origins of the dab—the dance that looks sorta like you’re sneezing into your elbow. Trust me, it mash up the whole world. Given Jamaica’s propensity for dance tunes, it seemed only a matter of time until some savvy dancehall star stepped up with a yard-style dab. Now here comes Vegas, fresh from foreign, ready to buss the new dance in Jamaica. Gwan MV Music—Style them with the dab! Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: RDX “Foot A Talk” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: RDX "Foot A Talk" Official Music Video

RDX Gets The Whole World Dancing

RDX is an abbreviation for Research Department Formula X, a high explosive developed by the U.S. military that’s more powerful than TNT. But today we’re talking about RDX the Jamaican dancehall duo, aka Renegade and Delomar, whose explosive catalog of high-energy tunes has made them a favorite of the island’s street dance scene. Their latest release, produced by Juss Kool, is a worldwide dancing anthem with visuals gathered from around the planet. The song is called “Foot A Talk” and Mass Appeal just premiered the music video. Run it! Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Behind the Scenes at Konshens “Physically Fit” Video Shoot

WATCH THIS: Behind the Scenes at Konshens "Physically Fit" Video Shoot

Da Realest DJ Gets Physical

When Konshens and Rvssian connect, the girls buss a sweat. Such was the case when Da Realest DJ shot the Konshens “Physically Fit” OMV for his Rvssian-produced banger “Physically Fit,” off his forthcoming album The Hotel Room. But you already know how it goes on these sexy music video shoots: half the story has never been told. That’s why Boomshots had to link Destine Media for an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Ding Dong & I-Octane “Hold Yuh Own” PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Ding Dong & I-Octane "Hold Yuh Own" PREMIERE

Brand New Dance Inna The Place

Ah wah gwan? Brand new dance inna the place—Ding Dong and Octane connect with DJ Frass for a musical thing called “Hold Yuh Own.” Hot Ras and Ravers Clavers link up… When you see them in the dance just give them space. Audio After the Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Duane Stephenson “Cool Runnings”

WATCH THIS: Duane Stephenson "Cool Runnings"

Duane Stephenson Adds A Retro Inspired Visual To His Rendition Of The Bunny Wailer Classic

Jamaican singer-songwriter Duane Stephenson drops his stylish, retro-flavored video complete with ice green and gold marina.  Directed by Ras Kassa, “Cool Runnings” is the first single off  Stephenson’s upcoming album Dangerously Roots, slated to drop September 23, 2014 on Greensleeves. Stephenson took the classic Bunny Wailer tune and sprinkled his own flava on to it. Check it out, Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Konshens’ “Don Daddy” Video Shoot Behind-The-Scenes EXCLUSIVE

WATCH THIS: Konshens' "Don Daddy" Video Shoot  Behind-The-Scenes EXCLUSIVE

Konshens Pays Tribute to the Wild Apache and The ReggaeGirlAboutTown Scores An All-Access Pass

Jukeboxx Productions’ “Greatest Creation” Riddim is all about reaching for the next level in dancehall. From Shabba Ranks to Lady Saw to Tarrus Riley and Sasco, the lineup on this juggling is straight toppa-top status. Inspired by such prestigious company, Konshens decided to up the ante by making his tune a musical homage to Super Cat‘s 1991 smash “Don Dada,” subtly retitled “Don Daddy.” Boomshots got the invitation from for an exclusive visit to the video shoot and headed for downtown Brooklyn—only to find that the location had been shut down. But with Konshens jetting off to Europe the following morning, rescheduling was not an option. So the entire production team headed straight down Utica Avenue to Nova nightclub—who opened their doors in the wee small hours of the morning—but the journey was well worth it. (Shouts to producer Ronnie Tomlinson, director Anju Val, and nuff respect to Maximus R. Irving who created the wicked Super Cat painting seen above DJ Kevin Crown.) Roll with the ReggaeGirlAboutTown as she chats with Konshens about why it’s so important for dancehall’s new generation to pay respect to the icons in the business, or rather culture—and she even got to kick it with Colenol Josey Wales himself. Because a Don is a Don, and not a Dondelion. So while you wait for the official video to drop, pree the World Premiere of this exclusive teaser. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Tarrus Riley “1, 2, 3 I Love You” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Tarrus Riley "1, 2, 3 I Love You" Official Music Video

Singy Singy Turns Up The Music—And Throws A Pop-Up Shop At Miss Lily’s NYC

Tarrus Riley is turning heads with the lover’s rock anthem “Dem A Watch” from his rock-steady album Love Situation. This was Tarrus’ first album to top Billboard‘s reggae album chart a week following the project launch on Feburary 4 of this year. The album was independently produced and distributed by Tarrus Riley along with Cannon, Riley’s BSMG (Blak Soil Music Group), Riley co-manager Shane Brown’s Jukeboxx Productions, and South Florida based digital reggae distributor Zojak Worldwide LLC. . Tarrus will be hosting a list of shows this summer and kicked off his tour with a performance at Best of The Best in the Miami. Meanwhile the ever-versatile artist dropped a more dance-oriented single “Tun Up The Music” featuring Chi Ching Ching, produced by Chimney Records. We are looking forward to more crossover-style releases from Singy Singy, but who can resist the smooth vocals and romantic theme behind “123 I Love You”?  With continual support from reggae musicians like the great Dean Fraser, Tarrus Riley is positined to keep producing quality music for years and years to come. Videos After The Jump…

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Busy Signal Revives “Gal Yuh Good”

Busy Signal Revives "Gal Yuh Good"

 In 2013, rapper A$AP Ferg made the song, “Shabba” which featured a cameo in the video, from the “Dancehall Emperor” himself  and rapper, A$AP Rocky; “8 Gold Rings Like I’m Shabba Shabba Ranks!” The admiration for the two-time Grammy Award winner in this song, was a clear indication that Shabba Ranks’ music, transcends across genres and into the ears of today’s generation of listeners.  The reggae legend has a trailer load of tunes, including roots and culture songs, but the sexy ones remain imprinted on music minds.  Mr. Loverman’s, “Wicked In A Bed” was featured on the top selling video game of all time, “Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas” for Playstation 2. To name a few more, who can forget classic Shabba smash hits:  “Telephone Love,” “Caa’n Done,” “Slow and Sexy,” “Love Punany Bad,” “Bedroom Bully”  and fan favorite, “Gal Yuh Good.” Busy Signal just revived the latter, from the 90’s, with his new video release, saluting Shabba Ranks for his original song and adding  signature vocals.  More After The Jump…

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