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Special Livication: Dennis Brown “Things In Life”

Special Livication: Dennis Brown "Things In Life"

Big Request To The Late Great Peter Dean Rickards aka Afflicted

And so this surreal year in which we’ve lost so many bright lights ends with the news that Peter Dean Rickards has passed away on New Year’s Eve. He battled cancer quietly, and with the same grim sense of humor that characterized all his work as a writer, film maker, photographer, cultural critic, and provocateur. Vistors to his AfflictedYard website today, who might have been searching for one of his groundbreaking pictorials—maybe something like, say, “Guns Like Dirt” perhaps—were met with the above image, even more shocking than anything else he posted—with the possible exception of those pig-slaughtering photos—and typical in its callous disregard for niceties of polite sentiment. If you couldn’t tell from his nom de guerre, Afflicted liked to keep it raw. I won’t attempt a proper obituary at this time, but I would like to send out this special request (not a dedication cause the man’s work lives) for my respected colleague turned cybercombatant and sworn nemesis. Yes there was a period of about seven years when we could not be in the same room at the same time, but thankfully we buried that particular hatchet long ago. And no matter how vexed I ever was I could not front on the man’s talent. In this post I’m sharing one of the last emails I ever received from Peter Dean. We were supposed to collab on a big project that I hope still happens but who knows?Right now all I can say is walk good bredren. Video After The Jump…. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Denyque “Make Me Believe You”

If You Can’t Tell The Truth, Could You At Least Do A Better Job Lying?

It’s been a minute since we heard something new from Denyque Dontrae, a.k.a. Supergirl. She first caught our attention a couple of years ago with her Jeremy Harding–produced single “Hooked On Me,” a tragically slept-on pop masterpiece. Now the brainy beauty is back with a Stephen McGregor jam that looks at affairs of the heart with a very unromantic eye. In this song she’s way past expecting this man to tell the truth, but she wouldn’t mind if he a bit more effort into his lies and alibis. Love is not a game—if ya don’t know, you might be getting played.  Audio After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Chronixx Interview “Life Is A Bigger Stage”

Young Warrior Shocks Out On Sting For The First Time, Maintains Steady Meddy

Over the past few months, 20-year-old Jamar McNaughton, better known to reggae fans as Chronixx has emerged as the hottest new artist in Jamaica. Songs like “Behind Curtain” and “Warrior” are enjoying heavy rotation on reggae shows all around the world, and his “Start A Fiyah” mixtape with Walshy Fire of Major Lazer is closing in on 100,000 downloads. This smart, humble singjay—who works closely with his best friend Teflon on Zinc Fence Records—is being hailed as a big hope for the genre, but he doesn’t seem to be feeling any pressure whatsoever. Shortly after his first-ever performance on Sting, where he mashed up the notoriously hard-to-please crowd, Chronixx sat down to reason with Reshma B, and he was just as cool as a cucumber. Video After The Jump…

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Bad Brains Fire Burn Babylon Hardcore Hot Sauce

Bad Brains Fire Burn Babylon Hardcore Hot Sauce

D.C.’s Punky Reggae Pioneers Turn Up The Heat Again

As if their triumphant return to the music scene isn’t enough, Bad Brains members Dr. Know & Darryl Jenifer have gotten into the pepper sauce trade. The trailblazing punk band’s website now sells bottles of a tongue-blazing concoction called “Fire Burn Babylon Hardcore Hot Sauce.” Bad Brains’ love of reggae music is no secret. The dreadlocked D.C. punk quartet’s self-titled 1982 debut album interspersed blistering hard core tracks with lilting dubbed-out riddims like “I Love I Jah.” The first single from their latest album, “Into The Future,” has been issued on red, green, and gold limited edition vinyl (click through photos above). But this “small-batch scotch-bonnet-pepper-based sauce” is their first foray into West Indian cuisine.  “Fire Babylon is a perfect blend of heat and sweet, with the “Secret 77″ recipe,” adds Darryl, the bassist. “Dr. Know and I have returned to Hot Sauce Heaven with this roots, rock, rubba dub style hot sauce.” So why not check out their new sounds while you decide if you can take the heat? Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Miss Lily’s Family Style Vol. 1 “Megamix”

DJ Max Glazer Makes The Music Play—Right Away!

Miss Lily’s hasn’t been around much more than a year, but the Houston Street hotspot is already an NYC institution, bringing yardstyle food, music, and vibes to Gotham City residents. When the good folks at aren’t playing the people’s music (night and day) or playing host to reggae royalty that passes through Miss Lily’s restaurant (and the next-door chill spot Miss Lily’s Variety / Melvin’s Juicebar) on the regular, they’re hosting art exhibitions, publishing recherche books, and curating reggae-dancehall-soca anthologies like the oh-so-crucial Miss Lily’s Family Style Vol. 1. Peep my liner notes below, and keep clicking for a full track list and a taste of DJ Max Glazer’s murderous megamix.   Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Dub Scandal Rocks “Portlandia”

Mayor Holds A Press Conference To Confession His Dirty Secret: Dub

If you thought Ras Trent was annoying… If Andy Milonakis inna dancehall style gets on your nerves… If you’re perturbed by this French dude Bigga Ranks… Then you’ll probably appreciate this VICE essay. But if that looks way too long to read, get a load of this awkward highlight from the IFC comedy series Portlandia. Video After The Jump…
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INTERVIEW: Jah Thomas Speaks on Super Cat & Nas “The Don”

Reasoning With A Dancehall Legend
Besides being a crucial entertainer with the mic in his hand, Jah Thomas was one of the first dancehall DJs to take control of his own destiny as a businessman. His “Midnight Rock” label did not just release certified boomshots like his own “Shoulder Move” and “Friday Night Jamboree,” he also released the work of fellow artists like a young Super Cat. Cat’s Midnight Rock release “Dance Inna New York” became a big sensation when it was sampled to create Nas’s Salaam Remi-produced banger “The Don.” Backstage at this year’s Reggae Sumfest, we were fortunate enough to bump into Papa Thomas and a legendary interview ensued. He said that proceeds from the Nas sample has changed the color on his house, and that he recently discovered an unreleased Super Cat song called “Ever Ready.” (We’re more than ready to hear that.) Props to Snowcone for making the introduction. Video after the jump…

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WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Ready To Rise Again” Video

Reggae Star Pours Out His Heartaches At RockHouse Foundation Benefit in NYC

“Thanks to God almighty, for giving me the strength to perform at the RockHouse Foundation‘s annual benefit to raise money to build schools in Jamaica this evening,” wrote Mr. Vegas late last night on his Facebook page—the same Facebook page where he posted scandalous allegations about his baby’s mother just the day before. But now things seem to be looking up, with the singer sharing that “I felt like heaven lifted some of my troubles off my shoulders as I sang ‘I Am Ready To Rise Again.'” Video After The Jump Read more »

HEAR THIS: Bounty Killer “No Long Talking”

Jah Snowcone And The Warlord Connect For A Brand New Banger On The Antibiotic Riddim

The same producer who got Sean Paul’s “Temperature” high enough to reach #1 pon the Billboard charts, and then got with Beenie to “Dweet Again” has just dropped a tune with the Warlord. Let’s get right to the point: Peeeeeople Dead. Audio after the jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Martei Korley “Concrete Flower”

Top Shotta Ternt Singa

Most reggae fans already know Martei Korley. If you haven’t clicked on his website LargeUp then you’ve surely seen his photography, for Korley is one of the premiere image-makers focusing his lens on Jamaican livity. As if the man didn’t have enough on his plate, he also makes music. He first hipped me to this fact one evening not so long ago at Miss Lily’s and now the light & breezy tune he played for me that night is out on the internets. “Concrete Flower” tells the story of a “nice girl” living in the city who works hard and manages to stay soft & serene even when she’s mistreated. It turns out he dropped another tune called “Take Time” back in 2010. Looks like this whole music thing is more than a hobby for MK. Let’s just hope he doesn’t put his camera down.
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WATCH THIS: Morgan Heritage “The Return” Video PREMIERE

The Roots Reggae Rulers Are Back
It’s been a long time—four years to be exact—since we heard new music from Morgan Heritage. During that time reggae has been going through some serious changes, some have even used the word crisis. Not to lay the blame at the feet of Denroy Morgan‘s musical offspring, but perhaps they can share some of the credit for putting things back on track. Contrary to popular belief they never really broke up, but Peetah, Gramps, Una, Lukes & Mr. Mojo have all been pursuing personal projects. Now they’re back with a brand new video to kick off their EP The Return. Video After The Jump
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HEAR THIS: Cham “Lawless”

Cham & The Madhouse Family Drop A Wicked New Badman Tune

Ya dun know Cham’s got the girls locked with “Backshot” and “Tun Up” and “Vitamin S” and all those type of tunes. But please don’t sleep on Cham like he’s some kinda soft-soft lover boy who can’t handle his biz outta road. Seriously—did you forgot about “Ghetto Story” already? Well in case you need a reminder, Cham just let off some wicked new shotta lyrics, shouting out certain areas where they make Kalashnikov sing like guitar. Da one yah ah murder. Audio After The Jump Read more »