The Fam Ain’t New To This, They’re True To This

When it comes to roots, rock, reggae music, the Morgan Heritage family is not new to this, they’re true to this. So when they hear talk about a “reggae revival” happening in Jamaica—as if Reggae Music had passed away and was in need of resuscitation—the members of Morgan Heritage are uniquely qualified to speak on the matter. “Reggae music never gone nowhere,” Peetah Morgan tells Reshma B in an exclusive Boomshots interview. Their latest album is entitled Strictly Roots, but “don’t get it twisted” says Peetah—they can still sing about the sexy body ladies on songs like “Perform and Done” and Gramps can even DJ a verse and dash likkle coconut juice pon de ting. It’s all a part of the culture—uzeet? Strictly Roots drops today, so what better time to check out the reasoning.  Video After The Jump…

Morgan Heritage Talks Strictly Roots Part 1

Morgan Heritage Talks Strictly Roots Part 2

Morgan Heritage “Perform and Done” Official Music Video

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