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HEAR THIS : Congo Natty “UK Allstars” Machinedrum Remix

This One Really Is Like a Bullet
“Last year we sick but this year we iller.” Ohhh YES! What better way to describe the Machinedrum Remix of Congo Natty’s “UK Allstars”? This single off the forthcoming Jungle Revolution LP (Big Dada) is an insane mash up of culture lyrics in a jungle stylee. Remixes can either be good or shit and this one blows the roof! As the lyrics state: “Go deh Congo Natty, yuh a big selector,” and really how else could he bring together this All Star line up of UK legends Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie and Daddy Freddy? Everyone on this production was in some next place. It’s a blast of the sound that comes come off the London streets and if you’re sleeping on jungle in 2013 this should wake you up to what the UK has goin’ on. Audio and Video After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Shaggy Feat. Rayvon “Summertime”

Summer Is That You?shag

With the recent spike in temperatures here in NYC most New Yorkers have already claimed it’s going to be a hot Summer even though we’re barely out of Spring. With the temperatures being 15 – 20 degrees higher than normal we’re inclined to agree. So for today’s Flashback Friday we saw it fit to pull out Shaggy’s Rayvon assisted 1992 classic “Summertime.” Appropriately titled, this video has all they key ingredients that make Summer well Summer, hot sun not a cloud in the sky, picturesque beaches and of course the main ingredient, a bevy of beautiful women. Hope you have that “summa body” ready, Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Snoop Lion Feat. Miley Cyrus “Ashtrays And Heartbreaks” Official Video

Snoop And Miley Blaze Their Troubles Awayash

Life is hard, even harder for others, and at some point we realize there are just things we cannot control. So what do we do? Simple, just let go take your problems and roll them into a nice fat spliff, light it, and blow those problems in the air. This is the message that Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus is trying to convey in the video for the lastest cut off Snoop’s “Reincarnated” album. (Snoop’s position on “The Healing of the Nation” is well known, and we all remember Miley’s bong escapade.) If life was easy then it wouldn’t be called life now would it – Peep The Video After The Jump… Read more »

Chronixx Postpones All U.S. Tour Dates

Management Blames “Circumstances Beyond Our Control”
Chronixx fans have been patiently waiting for the rising reggae start Chronixx to bring his Start a Fyah tour to the U.S.A. for the first time. The show was already postponed once—and now it looks like they’ll be waiting for a good while longer.  Details After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Wayne Marshall “I Know”

First Single Off His Upcoming TRU Colors Album


Ever since Wayne Marshall linked with Damian and Stephen Marley to join up with the Ghetto Youths International crew—and dropped the “Go Hard” posse cut—we’ve been anticipating his debut album, TRU Colors.  Yesterday he unveiled the first single, a wicked one-drop tune called “I Know.” As you might expect from Marshall, the lyrics are deep. This one will have you thinking twice before you decide to Instagram a big man in the club. Audio After The Jump…  Read more »

Reasoning with Stylo G, Part 3: “It’s Good To Be A Risk-Taker”

How Stylo Created His Own Sound, And Where He’s Taking His Movement Next

Reshma B and Stylo G conclude their epic 3-part interview at the offices of 3Beat Records in West London with a discussion of what it takes to make it as a UK dancehall artist. “When it’s not made in Jamaica you don’t get the love fully,” Stylo admits. Still he found a way to turn the challenge to his advantage by tapping into the UK underground and sticking to his own unique sound. (Purchase his latest release, “Soundbwoy” here.) “You can’t be shy,” Stylo explains. “It’s good to be a risk-taker.” Although some of his forward-thinking movements have been ahead of the curve, Style has always been a leader rather than a follower. He’s always had the utmost confidence in his vision, and in the team around him. He speaks on the importance of linking with like-minded producers like Adde Instrumentals—who produced his hit “Summer Is Back“—So Shifty—the beatmakers who supplied the riddim for “Press Up,” Stylo’s tribute to his father Poison Chang—and Dre Skull—the Brooklyn-based producer who checked him during the last Notting Hill Carnival to create a banger that will soon be setting the streets on fire. With Stylo it’s all about next-level movements—find out what territories he’ll be conquering next. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Chronixx Dethroned By Tarrius Riley

Tarrius Finally Makes It To The Number One Spot
797104-tarrus-rileyTarrius Riley has been on the HYPE TV Top 20 countdown for 13 weeks and has finally taken the number one spot with his hit single, “Gimme Likkle One Drop.” Riley gives us some real Reggae as he sings about having a good time, enjoying life and giving thanks for it all. The video has some great visuals of Riley jamming and everyone around him joining in. Check out the video and the countdown after the jump. Read more »

Reasoning With Chronixx, Part 5: The Artist’s Responsibility

Who’s On Chronixx’s Collabo Wish List? Some of the Names Might Suprise You

Chronixx believes musicians carry a serious responsibility both to their fans and to their own music and culture. In this fifth and final edition of his candid conversations with Boomshots, he talks about the responsibility of reggae musicians, and names some artists he’d like to collaborate with—and let’s just say some of the names are pretty unexpected. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Chronixx, Part 4: “The Internet Was My Only Tool”

How Chronixx Built A New Roots Reggae Movement
ChronixxBOOMSHOTSIn one of Chronixx’s many recent hit songs, “Beat and a Mic,” he talks about the basic building blocks he needs to make music. But making music is one thing, building a movement like the young roots reggae star has built over the past year is something else again. In the latest edition of our series of interviews, Chronixx explains how he leveraged the worldwide web and social media to spread his music and message without spending a whole heap a dunsa on marketing. Aspiring artists take note. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Morgan Heritage “Perfect Love Song” Official Video

The Song May Be Perfect, But What About The Video? morgan


Reggae quintet Morgan Heritage unloads a fresh visual for their latest single entitled “Perfect Love Song” off their highly anticipated “Here Come The Kings” album set to hit shelves June 11th. Shot in the picturesque Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, the video which premiered on caught the attention of some You Tube commenters who made a note at the lack of melanin in the video cast. Then again, as Morgan Heritage once told us, “You don’t haffi dread to be Rasta.” Check For Yourself After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Chronixx, Part 3: “Kanye West Is My Role Model”

Chronixx Is Not a One-Dimensional Artist, As You Can Hear In His Eclectic Productions 
Chronixx is not just a singer and songwriter; he’s also a producer. In fact his breakthrough hit “Behind Curtain” was self-produced. In this third edition of his candid conversations with Boomshots, he talks about his electic approach to reggae production and why he draws inspiration from Yeezus. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Shaggy, Sly & Robbie Perform General Penitentiary At General Penitentiary

Shaggy, Sly & Robbie Go To Jail, But Not For What You Think

Before any rumors start spreading, no—Shaggy and Co. weren’t arrested, but they did go to prison. Last May 2 prisoners at the General Penitentiary were treated to a special concert conceived by The Swiss Rehabilitation Organization, Art of Living Foundation and the Department of Correctional Services as part of a Non-Violence initiative where Shaggy was invited to perform in hopes of empowering inmates. Read more »