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WATCH THIS: Aidonia & Deablo “Run Road” Video PREMIERE

DiDi & Deablo Run It Red

Aidonia has been spitting hard lyrics for years now, but more recently the JOP boss has been stepping it up with even catchier tunes and slicker videos. (I know you remember that “Tan Tuddy” clip from a few weeks back.) Now Didi has returned to bless us with another boom visual for his song with Deablo called “Run Road.” From the motorbike stunts to the hot girls, you know they run it red. World premiere of the new video after the jump.
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HEAR THIS: Tidal “Squeeze My Girl”

Some Man Love Squeeze Trigger, But Tidal Has A Better Idea

Remember that old Black Sheep song about “you can get with this, or you can get with that?” Tidal’s on the same meds. When other dudes go for their gun, Tidal goes for his girl. The choice is yours.
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Interview: Reasoning With Storm Saulter

The Director of Better Mus Come Talks New Caribbean Cinema

After apprenticing with Lil X and attending film school in Los Angeles, Storm Saulter returned to Jamaica to jump-start a movement that he calls “New Caribbean Cinema.” His first feature length film, Better Mus Come, is a gritty period piece is set within the politically charged turf wars of 1970s, when Kingston, Jamaica was on the front lines of the Cold War and poor ghetto dwellers were manipulated like pawns on a much larger chess board. The film tells the story of a young father who must choose between turning his back on the gangster life and making a better life for his five-year old son. It’s also a story of forbidden love that entices a boy and a girl to tempt fate and cross over the borderlines that crisscross the streets of Kingston. Loosely based on real events, the film courageously breaks an unwritten code of silence about depicting controversial events like the Green Bay Massacre—a landmark event in Jamaica’s political history during which government forces ambushed and shot to death a group of gunmen aligned with the opposition political party. This do not go unnoticed by the powers that be in Jamaica, who closely monitored the production and even sent spies to the set.

But all the drama was well worth it. After a successful run in Jamaica, Better Mus Come went on to win the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at both the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festivals. It’s been screened at the Toronto international film festival, L.A.’s Pan-African film festival and at Lincoln Center in New York. Tomorrow Better Mus Come will be seen for the first time in the UK at the British Film Institute. (The following day BFI will host the world premiere of Ring Di Alarm, a compilation of seven short films that Storm calls “a true experiment in guerilla film making in the Caribbean.”) Reshma B caught up with Storm to talk about his first film and how the movement is coming along. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Cocoa Tea & D’Angel “Love Is”

Cocoa Tea Makes His Case But D’Angel Nuh Easy At All

In the latest release from his own Roaring Lion label, Cocoa Tea flings down some sweet lyrics, pleading his case to rest in D’Angel’s nest. But this girl isn’t so easily impressed. I have a feeling she may be playing hard to get. Go deh Cocoa.
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WATCH THIS: Reasoning With Christopher Ellis

Alton Ellis’s Youngest Son Links With The Marley Brothers To Carry On His Own Musical Mission

Right after his performance with the Ghetto Youths International Crew at London’s IndigO2, Chris Ellis spoke with Reshma B about how he linked with Stephen and Damian Marley, his new music through the Ghetto Youths International crew, and his relationship with his legendary father, Alton Ellis, the godfather of rock steady. “It was like a lineage thing. It was more than that. Our fathers were in Trenchtown and Bob Marley was in Trenchtown. It’s that kind of ordained kind of angle I’m coming from. It was there.” Video after the jump.

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Buju Hires New Lawyer

Gargamel Hasn’t Given Up The Fight

Already having his appeal denied by a Tampa federal Judge, David Oscar Markus (Buju’s then attorney) has told the New Times that he’s moving on from the case. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Rick Ross Bigs Up Jamaica

Ricky Rozay Rocks Alongside Maybach Music Dancehall Artist Magazeen

Ricky Rozay rocks the 2011 New Jersey Reggae Fest with a little help from his Jamaican bredren Magazeen, the first dancehall artist to get down with the Maybach Music movement. After getting offstage, Maga remembers meeting Da Boss at a Miami car wash, and Rozay talks about growing up around Jamaican culture in Miami, and shooting a music video on Hellshire Beach. Big shout to Shirea Triple C representing Boomshots the fullest. Video after the jump.
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WATCH THIS: Bushman Pon Radio Lily

The Nyah Man Nices Up The Strictly Boomshots Show And Teaches Us Some Useful New Words

On last night’s Strictly Boomshots show we were joined by the Man From the East himself—Bushman. The artist formerly known as Junior Melody is one of the most under-rated talents in the reggae fraternity, as well as an all-around irie person. He doesn’t flood the market with tunes, but when he comes he comes correct. Bushy is getting ready to drop a new album this November called Conquering Lion, and we got a chance to check out the new single “Some Where” plus a whole heap of other fresh cuts, sprinkled with a portion of classics—from “Call The Hearse” to “Fire Bun A Weakheart” and more—not to mention a Peter Tosh medley complete with a rousing rendition of “Bumbo Clat.” Video by the man called Gizmo after the jump.
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HEAR THIS: Bushman ft. Capleton “We Mean It”

Just In Case You Had Any Doubt, Bushman And Capleton Are Not Playing

The Man From The East, touches down on Stingray Productions’ tasty Tamarind Juice Riddim—with a little extra dash of hotness courtesy of the Fire Man. Total niceness. And yes, we mean it too.
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WATCH THIS: Live Stream Notting Hill Carnival

Just Because You’re Not In London Doesn’t Mean You Have To Miss All The Madness

The biggest street fair in Europe is raging right now. And you feel like you’re missing all the action cause you’re not there. Well fret not. The Red Bull Music Academy is streaming all the action right now. So what you waiting for? Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors “Get Free”

Major Lazer’s New Single Gets The Visual Treatment

Major Lazer unleashes a new video for their latest single “Get Free” featuring the harmonies of Amber from the Dirty Projectors voice of the track’s minimalistic synth driven production. The track is expertly placed behind a virtual tour of average Jamaican life, be it climbing the hills to a waterfall or hitting the town to soak in the youths dancing. The vid also features cameos from some of Dancehall’s finest – Take a look you won’t be disappointed. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Tanto Metro & Devonte “Bubble”

The DanceHall Duo Taps The Originators Sly & Robbie For Their Latest

Having already given us hits like “Everyone Falls In Love Sometime” and “Give It To Her“(which is still played in dances to this day) Tanto Metro & Devonte sets to add another hit to their ever-growing list. Produced by the legendary team of Sly & Robbie, Tanto Metro & Devonte’s latest part cut entitled “Bubble” transports you back to a time of when Dancehall was exactly what the name implies, hitting the dancehall after a hard work week for a couple Red Stripes and if you’re lucky you might even get a nice young lady to bubble on you. Read more »