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HEAR THIS: Elephant Man & Lady Saw “Sidung”

Backshot Did Nice, But Nothing Sweeter Than When She “Sidung Pon It”


Elephant Man and Lady Saw have joined forces for a crazy combination called “Sidung.” When it comes to slackness, nobody can touch Muma Saw, and she’s definitely been on a roll after tearing up not one but two tracks off Truckback’s “Sex Tape” riddim. Sounds like Elly’s hanging on for dear life on this blazing track produced by Jazzwad. Selectors take note—”Sidung” is the song to get the party started, or maybe the after-party.

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HEAR THIS: Chino “Rich 2Morro”

When The Big Ship Comes In, Everybody Wins

You already know Big Ship productions is a family thing. Chino and his brother Stephen McGregor have been holding each other down from birth. But on their latest tune “Rich 2Morro” Chino makes it clear that the when his ship comes in, he’s planning to share the love. Gotta love that.
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Busy Signal Drops “Reggae Music Again” Today… But Will He Do Dancehall Again?

Reshma B Interviews Busy In Penthouse Studios, Kingston Jamaica
Today Busy Signal dropped his critically acclaimed album Reggae Music Again. You already know Busy is a versatile artiste. He’s equally adept at reggae, dub, and he can even do country—but don’t worry dancehall massive, Busy is not turning his back on the raggamuffin style. In fact he’s already working on a new dancehall album for the summer, tentatively titled Lyrics Museum. And word on the street is that there may be a crazy dancehall remix on the way from one of our favorite cuts off Reggae Music Again. For the full story check out the Reggae Girl About Town‘s exclusive interview after the jump.
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What’s Hot In Kingston?

Mr. Vegas, Konshens, and Potential Kidd Have The Girls Flippin’

We’ve done some intensive research on the streets of Kingston, and from the street dances to the nail salons to the schoolers, the verdict is unanimous: three songs have the streets of Kingston on lock at the moment. Is there a common theme here? Peep the videos and you tell us…

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WATCH THIS: I-Octane “My Story” Video

Octane Drops A Big Video With A Simple Message “Man A Suffer Too Long”

Got to love when I-Octane kicks that realness. The video for “My Story,” a song produced by DJ Frass, keeps it extra-real, representing for struggling people in Jamaica and all over the world.
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Marley Movie Premieres In Jamaica

Rita Marley, Chris Blackwell, Director Kevin MacDonald, Jah Cure & Many More Turn Out For The Big Show

Last night history was made in Kingston, Jamaica as the documentary “Marley” was screened for free in Emancipation Park one night before the rest of the world got to see the critically acclaimed film. Rita Marley, Cedella Marley, Rohan Marley, Chris Blackwell, Neville Garrick, and reggae star Jah Cure were just a few of those in attendance for the big show. And Boomshots was in the house.
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WATCH THIS: Damian Marley “Set Up Shop” Video Premiere

Jr. Gong’s Blazing Up The Place With A Brand New Video—Exclusively On Boomshots

Progressive youth must strive—and Damian Marley’s latest video is all about doing for self. Check out the blazing hot new clip directed by Winston “Tyson” Mayhew. Big up all inner city entrepreneurs.

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Interview: Reasoning With Ziggy Marley

Executive Producer of Marley Documentary Speaks On His Vision For The Film, And Its Biggest Surprise

The long-awaited, critically acclaimed documentary Marley had its L.A. premiere last night, with a Jamaican debut scheduled for Thursday April 19th in Kingston’s Emancipation Park. And then on April 20—which also happens to be both America’s unofficial ganja holiday and Stephen Marley’s birthday—Marley will debut at select theaters and on demand. Just hours before the premiere Boomshots caught up with the co-executive producer of the film, to reason about the challenge of choosing the right director and to share his own personal hopes for the film. Ziggy even revealed what he considers the movie’s biggest surprise.

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HEAR THIS: Skrillex ft. Jr. Gong “Make It Bun Dem”

Damian Marley Connects With The Bad Boy of Electronic Dance Music. Ooh-Wee.

Yesterday the multi-Grammy-winning EDM producer Skrillex dropped an unexpected treat—a new song with multi-Grammy-winning dancehall star Damian Marley, aka Big Gong Zilla. Maybe some reggae purists will wrinkle up their face at this outside-the-box collabo, but this track sounds like the future.

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HEAR THIS: The Marley Soundtrack Album

One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. And when the long-awaited documentary Marley opens on the official stoner holiday of 4/20, many of his fans will be feeling no pain either. But as great as the movie may be, it all begins and ends with the music. So thanks to our friends at Complex we are proud to bring you this exclusive preview of the official two-disc soundtrack from Marley, the movie. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Beenie Man ft. Malica “Reminisce”

Something Fresh For Spring From K.Licious Music Group’s Brand New 1st Quarters Riddim

Tony “CD” Kelly is back with what the game’s been missing. The Grammy-winning producer who helped turn dancehall music into pop culture—from Patra and Mad Cobra to Beenie, Shaggy and Sean Paul is also the CEO of K.Licious Music Group. Fresh for spring 2012 here comes first big tune off the 1st Quarters Riddim, “Reminisce” featuring Beenie Man and Malica. You already know Beenie as the King of the Dancehall and the Girls Dem Sugar,so get to know Malica Martin, the first female vocalist signed to K. Licious Music Group. Born in Brooklyn, New York to Jamaican parents, Malica grew up between Kingston’s Duhaney Park and New York City. Her dad is the owner of Jamaica’s well-known ‘Love Vibration’ sound system, so it’s no surprise to see Malica pursuing a career in music. No wonder she sounds so natural flowing alongside Beenie Man on the 1st Quarters riddim. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Reggae Music Again”

Pree The Title Track From Busy’s Refreshingly Rootical New Album

“A different vibe is in the air” for real. Busy’s gone back to his roots with his much buzzed-about new album, impacting itunes on April 10. The title track says it all, the DJ is singing and the vibes are right. Read more »