Monthly archive May, 2011

WATCH THIS: Rihanna “Man Down”

Rum-Pa-Pa-Pum! Rude Gal Rihanna Shoots A Reggaematic Video In JA

“If they’re playing me for a fool, I will lose my cool, and reach for my firearm…” Run that! Read more »

WATCH THIS: K’La “All Your Love”

Turn Your Lights Down Low, K’La The Lyricist Wants To Let It All Go

K’la The Lyricist is the hottest thing to come out of Gary Indiana, since Michael, Janet, and Tito headed for Hollywood. Read more »

The Mystery Of Danny Coxson

Deadly Dragon Dares To Dig Up Digital Dancehall

25 years ago a young, Trench Town–born Donovan McLeod a.k.a. Danny Coxson a.k.a Ever Red stepped into a London studio. In one tuff take he created some of the most revered, most whispered about tracks of the 1980s digital revolution. And then, like some mythic Keyser Söze, he was gone. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Beyonce “Girls (Run The World)”

Young B Gone Pon De Floor To Ratid… How Major Is That?

Beyonce sure loves that dancehall style… Read more »