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We Don’t Need No More Trouble

Spragga’s Name Is Called, But Who Are The Real “Persons Of Interest?”

What’s wrong with this picture? Spragga on tour in Aspen, Colorado.

Reggae fans have endured so much bad news over the past several months that some of us have come to expect the worst. But when f*ckery shows up as expected, do we really have to embrace it with open arms? Read more »

HEAR THIS: Shabba Ranks “None A Dem”

Big Dutty Stinkin Shabba Puts Some Likkle Prentice DJs In Check

Some of y’all mouseclick selectors don’t remember the days when playing sound meant posting up at the 45 shop each and every week. And whenever a fresh Shabba Ranks selection hit the market, you knew you had to pick up two copies just to protect your life. Read more »

Ziggy Marley Presents “Marijuana Man”

Graphic Novel Drops Just In Time For 4/20; A Higher Form Of Superhero

All original herbalists, today’s your day. Not just because April 20th is all about the worldwide weed, but because Ziggy Marley’s first ever graphic novel, Marijuana Man, is now in stores. When we heard that Ziggy created a comic book about a superhero from another planet who comes to save the world through the power of marijuana, we had to ask: “Were you smoking something when you thought of this?” Read more »

Diplo: Dub Cutter, Goat Gutter

Eight Riddimentary Questions For The Evil Genius Behind Major Lazer

Before last year’s Major Lazer movement rewrote the rules, the chances of hot-stepping into a Kingston nightclub like Fiction and hearing a set of “electronica” was pretty much zero. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Chino “Seal The Link”

Smooth Sailing With The Big Ship Fam Inna Lovers Rock Style

“From Mawning” was just the beginning. Here comes something sweet off Pupa Chino’s forthcoming debut.

Read more »