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Spice’s “Go Down Deh” Goin’ UP Deh With A Little Help From Shaggy and Sean Paul

Spice's "Go Down Deh" Goin' UP Deh With A Little Help From Shaggy and Sean Paul

Amazing Grace Brings The Heat & Tops The Chart

One thing about Spice—she knows how to make an entrance! The reigning Queen of Dancehall arrived at the official release party for her highly anticipated new single “Go Down Deh” this weekend dressed like Cleopatra, reclining on a golden couch held aloft by four muscular bare-chested men in ancient Egyptian finery. The event took place in Atlanta, which has been a sort of home away from home for Spice ever since the Jamaican-born star became a recurring character on VH1’s hit reality show Love & HIp Hop Atlanta. Now back in production after a coronavirus hiatus, the show’s cameras filmed Spice’s big launch event for its upcoming season. Dancehall hitmaker Shaggy was in the building to support Spice for the special night—he and Sean Paul are both featured on the infectiously catchy song, bringing some serious star power to the tune, which shot straight to the top of the iTunes Reggae Chart. The video, directed by Jay Will, is full of flashing lights and sexy bodies in motion, and it’s closing in on its first 1 million views as of this writing.  Video After The Jump… 

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Richie Spice Running “Red Hot” on ‘Together We Stand’

Richie Spice Running "Red Hot" on 'Together We Stand'

Singing Music With A Mission

“The almighty savior was a poor man,” says roots reggae icon Richie Spice “but still rich because he ruled all of the earth, air, and water — which we don’t have control over. He was born in a manger. So the message is: no matter how poor you born, you can still be a great person in life.” Richie Spice himself has risen up from humble beginnings to establish himself among the leading reggae artists of his generation over the past two decades. His latest single, “Valley of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot),” continues his mission of singing righteous songs for the upliftment of mankind. “When Jah come from Bozrah with his garment dipped in blood / It a go red hot, red hot, red hot down in Jehoshaphat,” he croons passionately on the Clive Hunt-produced single, driven by commanding horns and a steady bassline that anchors Richie’s message. The song has a slew of biblical references, something which Richie hasn’t shied away from throughout his career, in keeping with his Rastafarian faith. (Burning Spear referenced the same passage from the Book of Revelations in his classic 1975 track “Jordan River.”) The song’s official music video—directed by Samo Kush-I Johnson—follows an elder through lush scenes of nature that is interspersed with fiery images of our world crumbling before our very eyes. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Jimmy 2Timez ft. Fatboy SSE, Demetri & Spice “Slow Wine”

HEAR THIS: Jimmy 2Timez ft. Fatboy SSE, Demetri & Spice "Slow Wine"

Producer Richie Loop Drops Off A Summer Banger

“’Slow Whine’ is not only a song and Movie but a movement for this culture,” says NYC artist Jimmy 2Timez (not to be confused with the Goodfellas gangster). He recently joined forces with FatBoy SSE, dancehall queen Spice, Demetri, and producer Richie Loop to create the soundtrack to your summer party, which Mass Appeal premiered today just in time for July 4 rotation. “Every Artist on this Track Came from different backgrounds and storylines to create history together. Our talent and hard work speak for itself on this one.” Audio After The Jump…
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PREMIERE: Richie Spice ft. Chronixx “Unity We Need”

PREMIERE: Richie Spice ft. Chronixx "Unity We Need"

It’s a Universal Unification

Kickin’ Productions is back at it with ace producer Bulpus on the boards. In comes a brand new rub-a-dub riddim called ‘In My Brain’ featuring a big bad combination from Richie Spice alongside the Chron Dada. “Some ah go up, some ah go down—Natty Dread inna the middle still safe & sound.” In other words, unity is strength—ah just that we need right now! Check the sounds and listen keenly.  Audio After The Jump…
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Spice talks Culture Clash and Why She Doesn’t Want You To Call Her Queen of the Dancehall

Spice talks Culture Clash and Why She Doesn't Want You To Call Her Queen of the Dancehall

Just Call The Mad Gyal “Queen of the Stage”

One day before the Red Bull Culture Clash, Reshma B sat down with  Spice for an exclusive Boomshots interview. As usual the Mad Gyal and the Reggae Girl About Town kept it 100% real. In the first segment of their epic 3-part reasoning session, they speak about Spice’s huge international fanbase, her latest tunes to touch the road, and how to do the “Indicator” dance. In the second segment, they speak about whether Vybz Kartel is the new King of the Dancehall, what that means for Beenie Man, and why she doesn’t want to be called the Queen of the Dancehall. As usual the Mad Gyal and the Reggae Girl About Town kept it 100% real. In the third and final segment of their epic reasoning session, Spice shares her thoughts on the Red Bull Culture Clash, how she will do whatever it takes to win, and why Mixpak’s dancehall lineup should not be considered “under dogs” since Jamaica originated the whole clash culture. Video After The Jump… Read more »

No Long Talk: Spice “The Dancehall Heiress”

No Long Talk: Spice "The Dancehall Heiress"

Whenever You Hear “Scorrrrnnnn Dem!” You Know The Deal

No long talk has been out of action for a bit but they live by the quotes: “If you’ve got nothing constructive to say, say nothing” / “Better to say nothing than chat shit.” And no long talk has their first female. And who better than the hottest female out right now, Spice! “Scorrrrnnnn Dem!” Ahead of the #MoreLife2016 show in London’s o2 Brixton Academy (alongside Tarrus Riley and Assassin aka Agent Sasco), Spice speaks to No Long Talk about her gospel beginnings to X-rated dancehall, almost quitting, why her daughter “does not know who Spice is”, whether dark skin hinders progression in showbiz, and the importance of social media. Audio & Video After The Jump.. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Spice “Needle Eye” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Spice "Needle Eye" Official Music Video

The Mad Gyal’s Fairy Godmother Hooks Her Up To Bruk Out

Spice’s latest visuals are a dancehall Cinderella story, with one major difference: in the traditional fairy tale, Cinderalla uses a needle and thread to stitch herself a dress. In Spice’s version the needle eye has a whole different meaning. (Word to Shabba Ranks.) Just like in the Disney movie, those wicked stepsisters head out to the dance, leaving Spice at home with no bashment gear. But never fear—her fairy godmother hooks her up and Spice heads straight to the session to flop those stepsisters and take the man they’ve got their eyes on. (The man in question is played by Spice’s real-life man, Nicholas Lall). Shot entirely in Paris, France, the “Needle Eye” video delivers a powerful dose of eye candy. All the classic dancehall themes are there—the speaker boxes, flaming torches, multicolored wigs, and headtop wining—but with a fresh, playful twist that keeps things extra-Spicey.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

Spice & Vybz Kartel “Conjugal Visit” Official Music Video

Spice & Vybz Kartel "Conjugal Visit" Official Music Video

Prepare Yourself For Romping Shop Part Few

It’s been quite a while since Spice and Vybz Kartel hooked up. So much has changed in the six years since their smash hit “Romping Shop.” That sexy selection became one of the biggest international hits for both artists, even as it created a furor in Jamaica leading to strict new radio airplay regulations and sparking debates about free speech and censorship. Fast forward to 2014 and  TJ Records has brought the hitmaking duo together for a “Conjugal Visit,” which will be released on Spice’s highly anticipated EP So Mi Like It on VP Records this December 2014. Directed by Xtreme Arts and shot on location in Kingston, Jamaica using a skillfully selected cast of orange-clad extras, the video premiered yesterday on WorldStarHipHop, where it racked in over 1.7 million views. Hit the jump to see what all the excitement is about. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Spice Speaks on “So Mi Like It,” Rappin’ with Busta Rhymes and Ragga Ragga Ragga 2014

Spice Speaks on "So Mi Like It," Rappin' with Busta Rhymes and Ragga Ragga Ragga 2014

Reshma B Kicks It With Spice And Gets To How Grace Hamilton Likes It

Mad Gyal Spice is on top of her game right now. With the official video for her sexy smash hit “So Mi Like It” racking up millions of Vevo views, rap legend Busta Rhymes jumping on the official remix, and not one but three cuts on VP’s latest Ragga Ragga Ragga compilation, the DJ born Grace Hamilton is breaking records and making history that any dancehall artist—male or female—would be proud of. The last time she was in NYC Spice linked up with The ReggaeGirlAboutTown to chat ’bout “So Mi Like It” and explained why she decided to rap on the remix with Busta. She also revealed that the real Grace Hamilton is very different from her onstage image as Spice. Grace is a family woman who’s really “a nice calm girl at home reading who doesn’t drink or smoke.” Spice, on the other hand, was born as a fearless competitor. “Spice is the person to tek on everybody,” she explains. “I was born to do that.” And when it comes to hardcore dancehall shows like Sting, she says “Me govern it.” Videos After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Spice ft. Busta Rhymes ”So Mi Like It” Remix

HEAR THIS: Spice ft. Busta Rhymes ''So Mi Like It'' Remix

You know how Spice likes it.  After all this is the girl who collaborated with Kartel on “Rampin’ Shop.” So when she chats about “Skin out my pum pum….” you’d best get to work fast.  And while her new remix to “So Mi Like It’ has Spice showing off her rappin’ skills: “I like it when a man go in between & buss it like a M16.” Meanwhile she’s got Bussa Buss deejaying in patois ”Ben’ ova dash weh/wine pon the buddy gyal.” Busta  has been on the on Island  in support of Vybz Kartel and his family in the run up to the verdict—during his downtime he was  spotted hanging out with Spice on her instagram—which she used to keep her fans updated on their exciting new collab produced by NotNice. Well it’s finally dropped so check the sounds right here. Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Spice Sumfest Interview “The Name is Spice, I Have To Keep It Spicy”

The Mad Gyal Talks Kartel, Hip-Hop Collabos, and Twerking
Year in and year out, one of the most reliable standout performers at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night is Spice. Her entrance is always amazing, but this year she really out did herself. You may have heard how she took the stage in 13-inch heels AND inside a giant plastic bubble. Lady Gaga eat your heart out. It was all good until she took a tumble off those heels and hit the stage with a bump. But you’ve got to love Spice for keeping the show going without a hitch. Backstage at Reggae Sumfest 2013, Spice chatted with Reshma B about how her grand entrance went wrong, and RGAT reminded her that these sorts of things happen to everybody—ever supermodels like Naomi Campbell. And of course the show must go on! Spice and RGAT also spoke about her hit single “Twerk” and how the dance is a great way to stay fit. Spice went on to fill RGAT in about her sexy new single and video “Come Inside.” She also spoke about why she brought a Vybz Kartel lookalike onstage and how she would be happy to collaborate with the World Boss when he comes home. Finally Spice shares her international collab wish list: Who do you think made the cut? Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Richie Spice “Mama”

Never Forget What Mama Taught Usrichie


A mother’s love is unconditional, the bond created between mother and child is so strong that only death can sever it. Richie Spice understands this perfectly, he created this song to honor his own deceased mother. Here is what Richie had to say about the true meaning behind the track:

“Blessed present and future Mothers. My mother was a great and special mother, who had 11 youths and tried to bring them up the right way, show them self love and how to love each other, teach I humility, respect for self and others, she was always fair to all har youts dem, no one get no special treatment, I think everyone should respect and lift their mothers because when she is gone no one can replace that void of missing in your life. Mother Bonner influence I in many ways. She always tried to do the right thing along the cycle of life, she went the extra mile, provided for us, showing me survival of life’s road and this month actually marks 1 year since her passing. Her memories still live on, she was my best friend. For this mother’s day I wrote a song for her and to all the unforgettable mothers whose love can never be replaced.”

Thank you mama, Video After The Jump… Read more »