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Eye of A Tiger: New Song Highlights The Style of Reggae Veteran Tiger

Eye of A Tiger: New Song  Highlights The Style of Reggae Veteran Tiger

New Twin of Twins Song  Shines A Bright Light On Tiger’s Classic “When”

“Bun Again” by Twin of Twins comments on tumultuous relationships in dancehall.  Mr. Vegas, Foota Hype and Gully Bop are featured in the video,  along with  their close encounters with infidelity and domestic violence. The song discusses these serious topics in a satirical way. The beginning of the song also lyrically makes reference to 2016 Grammy Nominated Artist, Barrington Levy  and his classic “Too Experienced.” Produced by Anju Blaxx, the intro is the classic song “Woman is Like A Shadow” by The Meditations.  Moreover, the entire song is a remake of “When” by  living legend, Tiger.  More After The Jump Read more »

HEAR THIS: Gully Bop “Drop Mi”

HEAR THIS:  Gully Bop "Drop Mi"

Everybody has love for Robert Lee Malcolm aka Gully Bop! In 2014, Gully Bop saw an exponential rise in his music career (a career that dates back to the 1980’s under the moniker Country Man), after recently becoming an instant, internet sensation. His newly found fame, arose from the viral replication of an amateur video of him freestyling. The “Body Specialist” even headlined at STING, in December 2014, with a performance that received rave reviews. The Jamaica Gleaner dubbed him “the fastest rising artist in the island’s history.” However, in recent music news, fans learned the devastating news that he was dropped from Claim Records for being  “disrespectful and hype.” More After The Jump…

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Mavado OnStage Interview “Respect is the Biggest Currency—More than Anything in the World.”

The Gully Gad Chats with Winford Williams on OnStageTV
Mavado-OnStageTV Interview Mavado stopped by OnStage TV this week to discuss his future plans, his new artists and even his personal life. The Starbwoy has been making his rounds from 106 & Park in New York to Jamaica, to let people know he’s in it for more than the money. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Ninjaman Interview “We Create This, And We Set This”

Ninjaman Talks Strictly Business with Winford Williams of OnStageTV

Minutes after firing up an impromptu lyrical clash with Diamond during her own performance, dancehall legend Ninjaman took a seat across from Winford Williams for an unscheduled but typically awesome interview. The front-teeth-gold-teeth-gun-pon-teen Don Gorgon has lyrically “killed” many opponents over the years, as he says: “I still rule and will forever rule.” After many years of musical experience under his belt and a pending murder charge, Ninjaman has decided to slow it down a bit and focus on building a new business venture, an entertainment complex called Central Park by White River in Ocho Rios—to stabilize his future. But he’s still looking forward to this year’s Sting stage show. “Any war you ah bring, send valuable killers to face me.” As for facing a younger artist like Tommy Lee? “Me no fraid of no demon, caw me have five crocodile, two alligator, seven lion, seven tiger, and twelve hog… And me name Uncle Jesus.” Video after the jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Macka Diamond Wants Her Respect

The Veteran DJ Chats With Winford Williams and Battles Ninja Man on OnStageTV

Macka Diamond is one dangerous dancehall diva! The former Lady Mackerel has been shutting down dancehalls for quite some years now. But on her path to musical success, she has encountered some bumps in the road, including friction with top dancehall artist Lady Saw, who was officially crowned Queen of the Dancehall this summer. Macka says she tried to ignore Saw’s jabs because she thought they were friends and it wasn’t worth fussing over. But since Macka started speaking out about it, she has caused quite a fuss. In fact Lady Saw recently said she was getting out of the business because she can’t bother with the stress from other artists. Although she mentioned no names, many people she was speaking about Macka Diamond. Well Macka recently sat down with Winford Williams of OnStageTV to tell her side of the story. She also performed her newest single and got a surprise guest appearance. Interview and Performance Video After the jump…

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Busy Signal & His Mother Discuss His Troubled Past And Future Plans

Busy Signal and Velma Gordon, sit down with Winford Williams of OnstageTV

Going to jail is hard enough but having to leave your family behind is even worse. Unfortunately for Dancehall artist, Busy Signal, he had to undure all of that for more than a decade. Accused of running from a 2002 drug charge, Busy was sentenced to prison time in Minnesota on May 21 while he awaited his judgement day. But six months later instead receiving a hefty bid of seven years, Busy was released due to his good works over the past ten years. As soon as he set foot out of jail, Busy returned to Jamaica to give his first press conference and of course get back to his music. This weekend Busy and his mother, Velma Gordon, sat down with Winford Williams of OnStageTV to discuss his time in prison and on the run, how she felt while he was gone, the affect on his music and what is to come for Busy in the future. Videos After The Jump…. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Cham Shares Secrets of His Success

Cham Chops It Up With Winford Williams on “OnStageTv”

The kid Cham has been on a major roll lately. From “Backway” and “Tun Up” with his lovely and talented wife O, to the certified Boomshot “Lawless” and his latest video, “Stripper Pose,” Cham has been unstoppable. And he’s pulled out all the stops to get his music heard—from passing out CDs in the streets of Kingston and ripping stages around the world. He recently took a break to stop by OnStageTV and share the secret of his success. “You have to have a good team. You have a good production team, that’s where Dave Kelly come in. You have to have a good street team, that’s where Team Cham come in… You have to have a good management team, that’s where Janet Davidson come in. And quality over quantity in terms of music production.” Video after the jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Richie Spice Talks About His New Acoustic Album “Soothing Sounds”

The Rootical Singer Spices Up”OnStageTv”

Most people got to know Richie Spice when he dropped his hit single “Youth Dem Cold,” but like most “overnight successes” Spice has been grinding for years before he made it big. His first certified boomshot, “Earth A Run Red” came out back in 1999 and since then he has been nothing less than a true inspiration and positive reinforcement in the Reggae music industry. He has released 9 albums including his latest, Richie Spice Acoustic – Soothing Sounds. On top of being a top-selling Reggae artist, Spice has been an opening act for Rita Marley, runs a label with his brothers and has had a single featured on Grand Theft Auto. But with so many accomplishments, it seems that Spice never takes a break. His ultimate goal is to keep his fans happy with new music—so he took a visit to OnStageTv and presented his new album, video and blessed the place with a live performance.  Video after the jump…

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WATCH THIS: Richie Stephens & Gentleman Speak On Their New Album

Richie Stephens & Gentleman Talk International Collaboration with Winford Williams at “OnStageTV”

Sometimes the best collaborations just happen when you least expect it. In the case of Richie Stephens and Gentleman, it began with a tragedy. Richie Stephens’ son, Demar Graham, also known as Copper Cat, was shot down in front of his house and passed away. As a way to help ease the singer’s pain, the German reggae star Gentleman invited Stephens to come tour with him for a bit and they created the very popular single, “Live Your Life.” The single received such positive feedback that Stephens and Gentleman decided to get to work and make an album together. Finally ready to share with everyone their highly anticipated album, Stephens and Gentleman decided to head to OnStageTV to share the good news. Video after the jump…

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WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas Talks Bare Tingz

The Singer Chops it up with Winford Williams at “OnStageTV”

 Mr. Vegas has had a bittersweet year. Between releasing his 8th studio album, Sweet Jamaica, and finding out that his wife had cheated on him, Mr. Vegas has been on a complete roller coaster ride. But the trials and tribulations of his failed marriage has not held him back from speaking out in a positive manner and continuing the promotion of his album that was released in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Reggae and the Jamaican independence. Winford Williams invited Mr. Vegas to sit down “OnStage”  and discuss the situation with his wife, his daughter and the new album. After the interview, Mr. Vegas performed his most recent singles, “Bare Tingz,” and “Rise Again.” Video After The Jump

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