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WATCH THIS! I-Octane “Call Me Over” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS! I-Octane "Call Me Over" Official Music Video

At the top of the New Year , I-Octane summons our attention to the newly released video for “Call Me Over.” With sultry signature vocals and  R.Kelly “Your Body’s Calling” -like-lyrics, I-Octane turns up the volume with this song: “Touch You Baby, Serve You Right, Like No One Before Me.” Anju Blax delivers a contemporary, easy listening production with sexy guitar interludes. Sensual moves and pole dancing, visually complement the lyrics, in the video directed by Kevin Allen with creative direction by The Parris Agency. Video After The Jump…

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Quarantine Inna Dancehall: The Ebola Riddim Is So Sick

Quarantine Inna Dancehall: The Ebola Riddim Is So Sick

When Current Events Meets Dancehall: How important is the name of a riddim?

The Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, claiming numerous lives since 1976. Just recently, two Americans died from the deadly virus, upon returning from Africa. Health care workers returning to the US from altruistic service in Africa, with viral symptoms have been quarantined in isolation. Luckily,  many received treatment which proved life saving, however, Africans continue to die  in alarming numbers from the deadly virus. Since its release in November 2014, the “Ebola” riddim has become a topic of controversy in dancehall.   The infectious riddim by renowned producer, Andrew “Anju Blax” Myrie of UIM  records, features a dozen top-rated dancehall artists. In the  riddim cover art, a micrograph of an Ebola virion appears superimposed over an animated image of  Anju Blax with supinated palms. Many on social media believe the riddim should be quarantined because of the “insensitivity,” in regards to its naming. Opposers refute this argument, stating that social commentary in dancehall is a norm, What’s in a name? While the jury is still out on this complex issue,  we present six songs featured on the Ebola riddim, because from a musical stand point,  the riddim itself is well produced.  Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Nuh Ramp”

HEAR THIS: Popcaan "Nuh Ramp"

To Whom It May Concern: The Unruly Boss Nuh Roll Regular

“Some bwoy just no understand themself—done talk.” Popcaan seems to have some things on his mind with his latest release on UIM’s Redlight Riddim. As a loyal Gaza yute, Popcaan never stops bigging up the Worldboss Str8. You already know the drama that kicked off at Sting 2012. Last year  it was Blak Ryno a former Portmore Empire representer. This year Papi appears to having some issues with. “Some bwoy bad when a Sting time. We still bad when Sting pass.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Tommy Lee Sparta ft. Tabeta Cshae “Spartan Angels”

Uncle Demon Grows His Wings

I did not see this one coming. But why am I surprised? Tommy Lee is always doing something different in the biz. His fascination with the Goth world has been an exciting new image for dancehall lovers to sit back and watch unfold. Of course not everybody likes it—as he says in the song, “Some a say me bless, some a say me curse….” But then again the Gaza crew have always been down to try new and experimental things. As Kartel once told me “Vybz Kartel’s always surprising the audience—keeping them on the edge of their seats.” No surprise, then, that his protege is following in Di Teacha’s footsteps with a totally unexpected released on UIM Records called “Spartan Angels.” All the speculation about whether this is an original track is beside the point—is it super important that the  tune is based on a hit by the Dutch rock band Within Temptation? Is there anyone else bringing that type of sound into the dancehall? It’s been  a minute since a dancehall artist had people talking this much. “True me say demon, it is just a phase,” he growls on this track. Not sure if this is is the end of Tommy Lee’s dark side or just a manifestation of a completely new image. Maybe it’s a split personality kind of fing: Jekyll & Hyde, Norman Bates & Psycho??? God (or Satan) only knows—but one thing’s for sure: he’s got the streets (and me) locked. Audio After The Jump…

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