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HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “WhatsApp”

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal "WhatsApp"

Turf Prez Inna Soca Style

Back in 1984 when Byron Lee and the Dragonaires created their classic hit, “Tiny Winey,” they could not have predicted that this song about a provocative dancer could inspire another soca tune, thirty-one years later. Busy Signal explains that he particularly enjoyed the tune’s exuberant narrative—as well as its infectious riddim—and wanted to create a song,  similar in  style. This gave rise to his recent release, “WhatsApp” which is getting heavy rotation throughout the Caribbean, particularly in Trinidad and Tobago. The lyrics don’t stray far from the topic of “wining, ” as in “Tiney Winey,”  but they also address the impact of social media on today’s society. The man stays busy—so it’s no surprise to hear another crossover hit from this artist.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “What If?” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal "What If?" Official Music Video

The Turf Prez Stirs The Pot With Some Pointed Questions

In Busy Signal’s latest song,  “What If?” the Turf President puts on his philosophical hat and generates thought-provoking lyrics about the unpredictability of life. His lyrics emphasize that good and bad things happen to everyone, and we never know when adversity will swing our way, in the pendulum of life.  More After The Jump…

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Busy Signal In Beast Mode

Busy Signal In Beast Mode

Busy Signal’s “All In One,” stands as the only dancehall freestyle  fused over 12 classic hip hop beats. In this 2014 song, Busy chops it up vocally and lyrically over each beat, as if competiting for a black belt.   The song trending heavily on social media, a year later, really highlights Busy Signal’s talent. He adds, “Don’t try this at home or the studio or you will have to do it live too,” reminding the music community that each artist in the dancehall genre is an individual; no need for Stereo-Types. More After The Jump…

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Busy Signal Revives “Gal Yuh Good”

Busy Signal Revives "Gal Yuh Good"

 In 2013, rapper A$AP Ferg made the song, “Shabba” which featured a cameo in the video, from the “Dancehall Emperor” himself  and rapper, A$AP Rocky; “8 Gold Rings Like I’m Shabba Shabba Ranks!” The admiration for the two-time Grammy Award winner in this song, was a clear indication that Shabba Ranks’ music, transcends across genres and into the ears of today’s generation of listeners.  The reggae legend has a trailer load of tunes, including roots and culture songs, but the sexy ones remain imprinted on music minds.  Mr. Loverman’s, “Wicked In A Bed” was featured on the top selling video game of all time, “Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas” for Playstation 2. To name a few more, who can forget classic Shabba smash hits:  “Telephone Love,” “Caa’n Done,” “Slow and Sexy,” “Love Punany Bad,” “Bedroom Bully”  and fan favorite, “Gal Yuh Good.” Busy Signal just revived the latter, from the 90’s, with his new video release, saluting Shabba Ranks for his original song and adding  signature vocals.  More After The Jump…

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