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Reasoning with Tommy Lee Sparta “Watch Gage Dead Over Sting”

Reasoning with Tommy Lee Sparta "Watch Gage Dead Over Sting"

With Just Days To Go Before His First Clash at Sting, Uncle Demon Chats with RGAT

Last year he almost lost his life in a car crash, but Tommy Lee Sparts still made his way to the stage at Sting—the World’s Greatest One-Night Reggae and Dancehall Show—on a pair of crutches. This year the man called Uncle Demon is back and he credits his survival to the fact that God loves him. Tommy Lee Sparta talks about his highly-anticipated appearance on Magnum Sting 2014 to the Reggae Girl About Town in this exclusive interview. Uncle Demon talks about his plans for Gage, why he’s vexed Popcaan is not on the lineup this year, and what he thinks Alkaline was afraid of.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

Quarantine Inna Dancehall: The Ebola Riddim Is So Sick

Quarantine Inna Dancehall: The Ebola Riddim Is So Sick

When Current Events Meets Dancehall: How important is the name of a riddim?

The Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, claiming numerous lives since 1976. Just recently, two Americans died from the deadly virus, upon returning from Africa. Health care workers returning to the US from altruistic service in Africa, with viral symptoms have been quarantined in isolation. Luckily,  many received treatment which proved life saving, however, Africans continue to die  in alarming numbers from the deadly virus. Since its release in November 2014, the “Ebola” riddim has become a topic of controversy in dancehall.   The infectious riddim by renowned producer, Andrew “Anju Blax” Myrie of UIM  records, features a dozen top-rated dancehall artists. In the  riddim cover art, a micrograph of an Ebola virion appears superimposed over an animated image of  Anju Blax with supinated palms. Many on social media believe the riddim should be quarantined because of the “insensitivity,” in regards to its naming. Opposers refute this argument, stating that social commentary in dancehall is a norm, What’s in a name? While the jury is still out on this complex issue,  we present six songs featured on the Ebola riddim, because from a musical stand point,  the riddim itself is well produced.  Audio After The Jump…

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Full Moon Playlist

Full Moon Playlist


Ten Scary Selections for Your Halloween Party Playlist

With fall comes one of the most festive holidays, Halloween. Elaborate costumes emulate scary and fictional characters; superheroes and sexy alter-egos. Children trick or treat for sweet candies and visit pumpkin patches. However, the holiday was created to remember the dead saints or “hallows.” This Boomshots full moon playlist highlights songs that comment on the dead rising theme in reggae, dancehall and soca. The playlist contains ten tunes, some focusing on the Halloween/horror theme, while others go beyond the theme and comment on social issues, and a few are highlighted for a wicked production. Audio After The Jump

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WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee Sparta “Dream (Don’t Ramp With Me BC Food)” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee Sparta "Dream (Don't Ramp With Me BC Food)" Official Music Video

Uncle Demon Had a Dream Last Night… Are You Afraid Yet?

If there’s one thing Tommy Lee Sparta understands it’s the power of strong visuals. His latest video, which dropped on Vevo today, is on point as usual. Whether or not you dig the whole demon-thug steez, you can’t front on the man’s CGI effects or the tatted-up seminude models. And if you do he’ll just sick his dogs with the Skeletor masks on you anyway. So stop hating and enjoy the show. What about that dream? Don’t worry—he was just swimming in money and chilling with Jesus Christ. No big deal… Video After The Jump… Read more »

Gaza Slim’s Redemption Song

Gaza Slim's Redemption Song

April 3, 2014 was a melancholy day for dancehall fans, when Justice Lenoxx Campbell made his ruling in the murder case of Clive “Lizard” Williams. Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel was sentenced to life, with the possibility of parole after 35 years. In this case, no body was ever found and the case was decided mostly on text message evidence from telephones seized from the accused. Attorneys Christian Tavares-Finson and his father Tom Tavares-Finson, both lawyers who defended the dancehall artist, are already working on an appeal. Vybz Kartel associates Shawn Campbell aka Shawn Storm and Kahira Jones also received life sentences with the possibility of parole after 25 years. Shane Williams, another associate was acquitted on all charges in this murder case but charged for another murder case. Vanessa Saddler aka Gaza Slim, Vybz Kartel’s protégé was charged with a lesser charge, obstruction of justice, for filing a false incident report about being robbed at knife-point by Clive “Lizard” Williams, just five days after Kartel was charged with murder, in an effort to pervert justice. As Kartel fans gathered outside of the Jamaican Supreme Court for the 58-day trial, Gaza Slim showed her presence and undying love for the World Boss.  More After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee & Spartan Army “Real Bad Gyal” / “Di Creature” Official Video

WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee & Spartan Army "Real Bad Gyal" / "Di Creature" Official Video

Di Creature Is Coming—Beware!

Tommy Lee is back and this time he’s bringing his whole Spartan Army: Jimbo Sparta, plus Tabeta Cshae, Stylish, and Destiny. [Click through the gallery above to get familiar.] So what if the “army” consists of just one other dude plus three hot girls? They’re still an army—plus they’re all demons. The Spartan Army just dropped a new double-barreled video for “Real Bad Gyal” and “Di Creature,” the lead singles from UIM Records’ eerie new riddim. At the top of the video, Stylish, Destiny, and Tabeta rock zombie gear as they break down what it means to be a “Real Bad Gyal,” from busting guns to, um, biting necks. (Sidebar: Did you ever make love to a demon?) In the second half of the clip, Tommy Lee and his sparring partner Jimbo Sparta take it back to the future on “Di Creature,” which looks more like a summer blockbuster than a typical music video. Actually it’s like watching a midnight movie double feature at the multiplex in less than five minutes: First a sexy lady vampire saga followed by an epic outer-space laser-beam battle flick. Gozu Musiq and Mental Chung Creative Lab took things to the next next level here. Just don’t let the scary masks and special effects fool you, Sparta ah no plaything. “We appear like Katrina / Worse than Hiroshima.” (Click Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Noisey Jamaica “Tommy Lee Sparta”

Snoop Lion’s Dancehall Documentary Continues Its Gaza Trend
The first two episodes of Noisey Jamaica’s dancehall series focused on Vybz Kartel and Popcaan, and the Gaza trend on part three, which features “the Anti-Christ of the dancehall,” Tommy Lee Sparta. His “Uncle Demon” persona has made him easily the most controversial character in Jamaican music, hot with the kids and dissed by older dancehall diehards. In a dimly lit room, Tommy Lee opens up in this interview. Be afraid. But it’s not all fun and games and scary makeup. The former Leroy Russell says he can’t return to his home in MoBay because of his success, as police have now branded him a don. “I can’t even get to see my kids them,” he says. “I can’t go to my place. I have to let them come visit me at a hotel when I have shows and those things. They don’t want me to go into my place. They say I should stay away from there and I don’t know why.”  Video After The Jump…

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