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A Message From Buju Banton:
“Joy Cometh In The Morning”

A Message From Buju Banton: "Joy Cometh In The Morning"

The Gargamel Tells His Fans To Be Patient—A Boomshots Exclusive

It’s been 7 years since Buju Banton was incarcerated due to an  extremely problematic federal drug case, and his voice has been sorely missed within the reggae industry ever since. The Grammy-winning artist responsible for classic albums like Til Shiloh and Inna Heights recently sent a message to his listeners exclusively via Boomshots. “Give a shout out to the fans for me,” said the DJ, who is scheduled to be released from prison in December 2018. “Tell them I send my love and I tell them: Do not be distracted by all the things that are taking place around them because it is designed to throw them off kilter.” Full Statement After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Buju Banton: “My Life is an Open Book”

Reasoning with Buju Banton: "My Life is an Open Book"

Celebrating The Gargamel’s EarthStrong with a Classic ’95 Boomshots Interview from the Til Shiloh Era

Forty one years ago today Mark Myrie was born in Kingston, Jamaica. By the time he was 19 he’d become the biggest dancehall star on the island with two smash albums—Stamina Daddy and Mr. Mention—under his belt. He soon signed to a major label and began to tour the world, a ghetto youth expanding his horizons in every imaginable way. And then in 1995—19 years ago this Friday July 18th—he released Til Shiloh, an album that marked a turning point in his career. With songs like “Untold Stories,” “Murderer,” and “Til I’m Laid To Rest” Buju announced a musical and spiritual rebirth, shaking off the bad boy pose that had stigmatized him in certain circles. Today Buju sits in federal prison, having become the target of a convicted coke dealer turned informant who ensnared him in an elaborate sting operation. The artist was convicted despite a highly problematic trial. We offer this interview (which first appeared in Ego Trip magazine) as a reminder of the artist that many know and love and a ray of hope for the future. If as he says his life is an open book, perhaps the final chapter has yet to be written.  Interview After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Buju Banton “Wanna Be Loved”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Buju Banton "Wanna Be Loved"

Dedicated To The Lovers

It’s that dreaded day, Valentine’s Day, the day most people find out where they stand with their significant other. Heartbreak for some but a day to rejoice in the emotion that is love of to feel loved for many. Let’s focus on the latter (sorry side pieces). Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to be loved, but more importantly loved for who they are, isn’t that right Buju? Gargamel himself stated these words on his hit tune “Wanna Be Loved” of his 1995 classic “Til Shiloh.” Buju expressed these same sentiments, he wants love, but only if his lady loves him for him or as he put it “not for who you think I am or who you want me to be could you love me for me?” Tune After The Jump… Read more »