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Shaggy & Sting Win Grammy for Best Reggae Album, And Also Burn Badmind

Shaggy & Sting Win Grammy for Best Reggae Album, And Also Burn Badmind

“It’s nice to be nominated… But it’s better to win!”

Dancehall reggae hitmaker Shaggy was honored twice at the 61st Grammy Awards, held yesterday in Los Angeles. Honor #1: The seven-time Grammy nominee was tapped to host the Grammy Premiere Ceremony, the day’s first round of award presentations, which was live-streamed from the Microsoft Theater, directly across the street from the Staples Center where the televised portion of the Grammy Awards took place. Honor #2: Shaggy’s collaborative project with Sting, 44/876, won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album. It was Shaggy’s second career win (his Boombastic album won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album in 1995) and Sting’s 16th. “They always say about the Grammys that it’s nice to be nominated,” Shaggy said while accepting the award. “I’m telling you right now, it’s better to win!” Interview After The Jump… Read more »

R.I.P. Sting: The End of an Era in Dancehall

R.I.P. Sting: The End of an Era in Dancehall

Remembering The Greatest One Night Reggae and Dancehall Show on Earth

When the history of dancehall music is written, 2016 will go down as the year when mainstream stars took over the worldwide pop charts using Jamaican styles and sounds. It will also be remembered as the first Boxing Day in over three decades that went down with a staging of Sting. Sad to say the legendary stage show that has seen some of the most talked about performances—and lyrical clashes—in dancehall history is no more. Just three years after celebrating Sting’s 30th anniversary with a star-studded lineup that included the return of the Don Dada Super Cat, American artists 2 Chainz and Wyclef Jean, and an epic clash between Lady Saw and Macka Diamond, Sting founder Isaiah Laing has called it quits. Despite pledging in years past that “if I am alive there will be Sting,”  Laing made it official on Jamaican television’s popular show OnStage, saying that Sting has not made money in several years—despite significant investment from the likes of Josef Bogdanovich, who has since moved on to revamp another great Jamaican festival, Reggae Sumfest. Laing and his longtime partner Heavy D further noted that the artists who are big enough to draw a crowd are not willing to perform on the show. The clashes that made Sting a sort of musical heavyweight bout eventually came to be its undoing. Who can forget the time when Popcaan had to shove Blak Ryno off the stage because the other artist was “somehow” given a live microphone and allowed to rush the stage during Popcaan’s solo set back in 2012? These types of antics eventually take their toll on artist loyalty. Whether Sting will ever come back is anybody’s guess. Talk of a gospel festival sounds like a major departure from the hardcore format we have come to know and love. For the sake of those who don’t know—and the pleasure of those who do—Boomshots takes a moment to remember the best Sting had to offer. Memories After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Tommy Lee Sparta “Watch Gage Dead Over Sting”

Reasoning with Tommy Lee Sparta "Watch Gage Dead Over Sting"

With Just Days To Go Before His First Clash at Sting, Uncle Demon Chats with RGAT

Last year he almost lost his life in a car crash, but Tommy Lee Sparts still made his way to the stage at Sting—the World’s Greatest One-Night Reggae and Dancehall Show—on a pair of crutches. This year the man called Uncle Demon is back and he credits his survival to the fact that God loves him. Tommy Lee Sparta talks about his highly-anticipated appearance on Magnum Sting 2014 to the Reggae Girl About Town in this exclusive interview. Uncle Demon talks about his plans for Gage, why he’s vexed Popcaan is not on the lineup this year, and what he thinks Alkaline was afraid of.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

The Queen of the Dancehall In NYC

The Queen of the Dancehall In NYC

Lady Saw His The Big Apple, Announces New Album Alter Ego, And Speaks on Jay Z & Solange

Who keeps it realer than Muma Saw? The Queen of the Dancehall passed through NYC the other day to announce her upcoming double album Alter Ego. This record will show off both sides of Saw’s creativity, from the hardcore dancehall cuts to rap—including her big “Heels On” remix with Flo-Rida—soul, pop, and even a touch of gospel. Saw has been toying with the idea of retiring from the dancehall for some time now and exploring her “Marion Hall” side, but judging by her latest releases there’s no danger of that happening any time soon. Songs like “I Don’t Care” and “Pretty Little Fingers” show that Muma Saw is still reigning in the dancehall and still putting clues about her personal life in between the lines of her music. Reshma B and Saw have had some classic interviews before, but this one might just be the best yet. They spoke about whether “Pretty Little Fingers” describes what’s going on in her home, why she’s decided to stick with her existing relationship for now, and what she thinks really happened between Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange in that elevator. Video After The Jump… Read more »

The Don Dada Rides Again

The Don Dada Rides Again

Super Cat’s Triumphant Return Continues

Reggae fans around the world are having a very good Christmas today because one of the true icons in the business has returned to the game as if out of nowhere. Super Cat aka The Wild Apache aka the Don Dada has been missing in action for a long while now. But with Cat back in Jamaica, and set to take the stage at Sting tomorrow night, you can feel the excitement is in the air. If you’re not fortunate enough to witness the action in person tomorrow, you can watch this historic show on Pay Per View or hit up to stream the show online. Some tan so back and some a dem a rally forward. Videos After The Jump…

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Super Cat speaks on Sting “I Never Got To Finish That Show”

Super Cat speaks on Sting "I Never Got To Finish That Show"

“Our Music No Die,” says the Don Dada. “We A Rock of Ages and the Music Live In We Same Way”

The Wild Apache has been missing in action for a while but Boomshots was blessed to catch up with him in NYC during a rehearsal session for his big comeback shows. Tomorrow night at Amazura NYC Cat and Junior Demus will slip into some Clarks and white linen and take NYC back to the glory days of the Biltmore Ballroom. After that Cat will forward straight to Jamaica for the 30th Anniversary staging of Sting on December 26. “I never get to finish that show,” Cat says. “Because it was a clash between me and Ninja Man.” Cat says this time around there’s no clash planned, but he’s definitely looking to deal with some unfinished business. Sounds like a can’t-miss show. But if you can’t make it Jamrock, do not despair. Just hit up to learn how you can view the show via PayPerView or webstream.  In part one off this exclusive interview Cat touches on the Maccabee Bible, the roots of sound system culture, and also speaks on his respect for Shaggy and how his old friend came to check him when he was having a rough time. “Man like you don’t stay down fe long,” Shaggy told him, they came up with a plan to bring Cat out as a surprise guest this past Labor Day—and the rest is history. The last time Super Cat worked Sting it was the biggest show in Jamaican history. This year promises to be a major event, and a fitting way to commeorate 30 years of Sting. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Wyclef Jean Booked For 30th Anniversary Staging of Sting

Wyclef Jean Booked For 30th Anniversary Staging of Sting

Talks Super Cat, Bounty Killer, and The Fugees

For the past 30 years the day after Christmas has been the dancehall fanatic’s biggest secret Santa gift: a one-night-only no-holds-barred stage-show/battle-royale known as Sting. This year’s headliners include Super Cat, Mavado, 2 Chainz, Ninja Man, Sizzla, Aidonia, Kiprich. And now the Greatest One Day Reggae Show on Earth has announced that they’ve added Wyclef Jean, the multi-Grammy-winning rapper, singer, producer, guitarist, soundbwoy killa, and founding member of The Fugees. Boomshots sat down with Clef to chat about his plans for Sting 2013, his works with Bounty Killer and Super Cat, as well as  his efforts to push dancehall culture into the mainstream hip-hop industry, plus his favorite spots in Jamaica. Well  If you can’t make it down to Jamrock this Holiday Season, do not despair. You can experience this event via Pay-Per-View or stream the action online on BringTheSting.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Stacious “Grooving”

The Gangstress Gets Her Groove On
It feels like a minute since we heard something from Stacious, but whenever she drops something u know it’s gonna be worth a listen. And when the song starts with a line like “Me too hot, round and fat—every man just a beg to whine on dat,” you’ve got to let the whole song roll! Then comes “grooving all night next to you I bubble up me body if you whan me to” and it sounds like she’s been practicing her singing voice! Stacious is good and bad (very good) all wrapped up in one one this track from SoUnique records. So if you’re looking for a song to play in the bedroom that’s sexy but not too harsh then light the candles, turn down the lights, and get your “Grooving” on! Last time Stacious spoke with Boomshots, she said she had some new heat coming for 2013! Now we know just what she meant. Audio After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: I-Shawna “Murderer” Official Video

Hell Hath No Fury Like The Princess of the Dancehall Scorned

Ever since Downsound Records’ “In Memories” riddim dropped last October, I-Shawna’s “Murderer” has emerged as a standout selection. The song is something different for the Princess of the Dancehall, who’s better known for songs like “Legendary” and “Do For Love,” her duet with Specialist. “Murderer” hits back at domestic violence and the callous disregard some men show for their girls feelings. Just check the new video (and exclusive Boomshots interview)  you’ll see that I-Shawna is not standing for any nonsense. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Jah Cure Interview “The World Is Crying As We Speak”

WATCH THIS: Jah Cure Interview "The World Is Crying As We Speak"

We Were Just Kickin’ It Poolside With IyaCure And His Little Princess—And Then Scratch Showed Up!

Live from Kingston, Jamaica, Boomshots presents Reshma B’s exclusive Jah Cure interview. Watch Jah Cure and his beautiful baby daughter Kailani Belle kicking it poolside with the ReggaeGirlAboutTown about his long-awaited album World Cry and why it took two years to complete, about his recent marriage and the birth of his daughter, about his collab with 2Pac and why he identifies with Pac’s struggle, about how Drake sampled his music, and about the “World Cry” title track and why it was better after he remade it without any guest artists. He even told @ReshmaB_RGAT about his Mavado and Rick Ross collabo “Call It Like I See It” and why it did not appear on his album. Then while he was explaining why he would never work Sting, we got a special surprise visit from Lee “Scratch” Perry. Video After The Jump…

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BBC 1Xtra Tells The Sting Story

Reshma B Reports From The World’s Greatest One-Night Reggae Show – Sting 2012

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HEAR THIS: Black Ryno “Courage”

After Getting Pushed Offstage At Sting, Ryno Pushes Back At Popcaan

Over the years, Sting has been known for lyrical clashes, but the biggest buzz this year was about the clashes that didn’t quite happen. We’ve all heard about how Spice was waiting for Macka with a donkey but Macka never turned up. And while Popcaan was performing, Blak Ryno stepped on the stage with a mic in his hand, ready to battle. But instead of a lyrical contest, Papi pushed him off the stage, touching off a scuffle. Now “Di Stinger” links with Stashment Records to give his side of the drama. “Wash your hair badman—keep it clean.” Audio After The Jump…

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