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INTERVIEW: Up Close With Kehv

Find Out Why They Call Him “The Prince Of Reggae Soul”

Kehv is a soulful reggae artist who’s been doing his thing for quite some time now—almost a decade to be exact. You may not know his name yet but pay attention: Kehv has international appeal and fans across the globe. We’re going to give you a little taste of what Kehv is all about musically right here, the rest is just a matter of time. The genre needs more music like Kehv’s right yah now. Bring back the real rub-a-dub style! Check it… Interview After The Jump Read more »

HEAR THIS: Cherine Anderson “The Break Up Song”

Queen Of Dancehall Soul Drops Mixtape; Links w Odd Future’s Syd Tha Kid

Don’t say Cherine Anderson never gave you nuttin! The Queen of Dancehall Soul is celebrating her birthday by blessing you, her loyal fans, with a musical gift. Dungload link after the jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Cherine Anderson “Talk If Yuh Talking”

Based On A True Story?!?! Wow.

The production values are tight. The performance is flawless. But for me it’s the little things that make this video so wicked. Like the keys on her earrings (“this house I’m not leaving”). And the opening line bout how the whole thing is based on a true story. Somehow I could tell by the way she sings it. Well you know what they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. I dig Jazmin Sullivan and everything, but all I’m saying is don’t sleep on Cherine.