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Reasoning with Stylo G, Part 3: “It’s Good To Be A Risk-Taker”

How Stylo Created His Own Sound, And Where He’s Taking His Movement Next

Reshma B and Stylo G conclude their epic 3-part interview at the offices of 3Beat Records in West London with a discussion of what it takes to make it as a UK dancehall artist. “When it’s not made in Jamaica you don’t get the love fully,” Stylo admits. Still he found a way to turn the challenge to his advantage by tapping into the UK underground and sticking to his own unique sound. (Purchase his latest release, “Soundbwoy” here.) “You can’t be shy,” Stylo explains. “It’s good to be a risk-taker.” Although some of his forward-thinking movements have been ahead of the curve, Style has always been a leader rather than a follower. He’s always had the utmost confidence in his vision, and in the team around him. He speaks on the importance of linking with like-minded producers like Adde Instrumentals—who produced his hit “Summer Is Back“—So Shifty—the beatmakers who supplied the riddim for “Press Up,” Stylo’s tribute to his father Poison Chang—and Dre Skull—the Brooklyn-based producer who checked him during the last Notting Hill Carnival to create a banger that will soon be setting the streets on fire. With Stylo it’s all about next-level movements—find out what territories he’ll be conquering next. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Stylo G Speaks On “Press Up”

UK Yardie Swagmaster Pays Tribute to his Father, Dancehall Legend Poison Chang

Stylo G’s “bringing back the wuk” in a tribute to his father, the late great dancehall star Poison Chang. Stylo’s always had a knack for catchy tunes, but this one sounds like it means more to him than most. So we had to holler at him to find out about the classic bedroom move that’s creating such a fuss. This boy always seems to be in the studio so if he’s playing as hard as he’s working you know some pressing up is going on in between his sheets! Stylo took a break from recording to bless us with another Boomshots exclusive. He spoke about memories of his father when he was growing up in Spanish Town Jamaica. It’s clear how much he misses his dad but also clear how much Chang inspired Stylo’s own musical career. ”I’ve always wanted to remix my dad’s track,” said Stylo, who’s moved to forefront of the UK dancehall scene since the release of his smash hit “Call Me A Yardie.” We’re sure Poison Chang would be proud. Oh, and he also says his dad was all about the ladies—so there’s no question how Stylo got his swag! Audio And Interview After The Jump…

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