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Purple Haze Playlist: Keida, Sizzla, Wiz Khalifa, Marlon Asher and More!

Purple Haze Playlist: Keida, Sizzla, Wiz Khalifa, Marlon Asher and More!

Songs For Deep Thought and Meditation

The color is purple, signifying a richness in color or potency.  Purple lyrics have a wealth of consciousness that takes you to higher heights. Most of the songs were selected for purple lyrics or purple live performances in studio or concert that etch an indelible mark on the canvas of the mind. Playlist After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Sizzla, Popcaan & Teflon “Way Out”

HEAR THIS: Sizzla, Popcaan & Teflon "Way Out"

The Song May Sound Sweet, But The Judgment Will Not Be Nice

Not Nice established his name building tracks for Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire. He went on to produce major hits for artists like Alkaline and Spice—whose “So Mi Like It” was voiced on his “Boom Box” riddim. While he’s best know for hard-hitting jump-up tunes, his latest release is built around a gentle piano melody that leaves plenty of space for three of dancehall’s most powerful voices to “deal with Babylon case.” Popcaan has come a long way since the days when he was relegated to “Raving King” status, as tunes like this one—and new documentary Abundant Life—make clear. With Poppi, Kalonji, and Teflon all in rare form, “Way Out” sounds like it could become a sufferer’s anthem. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

No Long Talk: Serani Relives the Anger Management Riddim

No Long Talk: Serani Relives the Anger Management Riddim

Ten Years After Daseca’s Breakthrough Riddim, Serani Reflects

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Serani (former one-third of Jamaican producers Daseca) reminisced on the creation, influence and legacy of Anger Management riddim on its 10th anniversary. Though officially released towards the end of 2004, it buss (a.k.a. impacted) in 2005. Made on a PC via a Triton keyboard in not much time (approximately 15mins), it went on to become one of the most memorable, gun finger-raising (critically-acclaimed) riddims of the noughties. The era-defining riddim spawned hits by legends Bounty Killer (“Gun Heaven”) and Sizzla (“No Way”), an establishing star in Vybz Kartel (“War Nah Talk Over”) and kick -tarted the career of a young talent from Cassava Piece by the name of David Brooks, better known as Mavado (“Real McKoy”). Everything was light prior to Anger Management. And things in the dancehall became a helluva lot darker after it ruled the airwaves and the streets. Audio After The Jump…
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The Heatmakerz’ Baddest Reggae Samples

The Heatmakerz' Baddest Reggae Samples

Rsonist Breaks Down The Reggae Roots Of The Heatmakerz’ Crack Music

Gregory Green aka Rsonist was born in Mandeville, Jamaica and moved to NYC as a youth. He was fascinated by music all his life, and grew up to establish The Heatmakerz production team in the early 2000s. They made their name working with Cam’Ron and The Diplomats, as well as other big name rappers like Lil Wayne and Fat Joe. The Heatmakerz production style features lots of high-energy beats, sped-up soul loops, and reggae samples galore—a sound that came to be known as “Crack Music.” After shooting an episode of Rhythm Roulette for our peoples at Mass Appeal, Rsonist spoke with Boomshots and broke down the inspiration behind some of his best-known reggae flips. Interview After The Jump & Countdown Above In The Gallery Read more »

HEAR THIS: Suns of Dub Meets Mighty Crown “The Far East Mixtape” FREE DOWNLOAD

HEAR THIS: Suns of Dub Meets Mighty Crown "The Far East Mixtape" FREE DOWNLOAD

Addis Pablo and Ras Jammy Buck Up The Far East Rulers Inna Dubwise Extravaganja

“We’ve pretty much been working on this forever,” says Addis Pablo, son of melodica master Augustus Pablo and co-founder of Suns of Dub, along with Ras Jammy, who is (contrary to popular belief) no relation to King Jammy nor—despite a striking similarity of appearance—to the elder Pablo’s frequent sparring partner Hugh Mundell. The pair first met at Rockers International Record Shop and began dubbing live—with Addis on melodica and Jammy mixing tunes and crucial sound effects—at Jamaican hotspots like Kingston Dub Club. Inspiration for this mixtape struck when the Suns traveled to Japan (Land of the Rising Sun) last October and linked with Cojie, Mighty Crown’s roots/foundation specialist, and began plotting their brand-new 40-track hour-plus excursion pon the version. The sounds thereon includes self-produced instrumental tracks and dubplate specials seasoned with vocals by the likes of Chronixx, Jesse Royal, Sizzla, Luciano, Lauryn Hill, and Mr. Williamz. Suns of Dub begins a UK tour today (see the full schedule below) and will tour Europe this summer as an onstage dub production team onstage with an expanded lineup (including Jah Bammy on vocals, Carlo on binghi drums and additional instrumentation courtesy of Dub Assassin) plus a 16-track mixing board to allow unique and precise mixes at each and every show. “We try to keep it spontaneous,” says Addis, “the next thing we could add a rock guitar or a violin or a tuba.” Ras Jammy agrees that audiences should expect the unexpected. “Last year we were playing the chalice onstage and smoke up the place.” Addis adds, laughing, “Steamers!” Audio & Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Legalize it! Wiz Khalifa, Queen Ifrica, Jr. Gong, Chronixx, Sizzla, Tarrus Riley and Lee “Scratch” Perry Chat ‘Bout Ganja Legalization and the Healing of the Nation

Legalize it! Wiz Khalifa, Queen Ifrica, Jr. Gong, Chronixx, Sizzla, Tarrus Riley and Lee "Scratch" Perry Chat 'Bout Ganja Legalization and the Healing of the Nation

Could Legalizing Ganja Really Make It The Healing of The Nation At Last?

Four decades ago Peter Tosh sang “Legalize It” and countless Rastafarians have suffered at the hands of the law for the sake of the holy sacremental herb. Now the Jamaican government is taking steps to decriminalize ganja with an eye to full legalization and industral production of medical marijuana. At this historic moment the Boomshots crew caught up with a few musicians in Jamaica who have been spreading the message on behalf of the “Healing of the Nation” to get their views on this big news for the Legalization movement Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Sizzla: “You Must Recognize Rasta, Else A Lightning and Thunder”

Reasoning with Sizzla: "You Must Recognize Rasta, Else A Lightning and Thunder"

After Closing Rebel Salute 2015, Kalonji Speaks On Truths and Rights

Say what you like about Sizzla Kalonji, but the man nah tek back no chat. After a fiery early morning performance to cap the second day of Rebel Salute 2015, the sweat-drenched dancehall legend took time out for a brief but extremely intense interview with the Reggae Girl About Town. The two spoke about Rebel Salute’s theme, the “preservation of reggae” with Sizzla asserting that countries like England and France are “trying to take reggae from black people with pen and paper and contracts.” They also spoke on the movement to legalize ganja. “Ganja free down here man,” Sizzla scoffed. “But them wan’ make money offa the ganja. And enough people them prosecute for the ganja. So the Rastaman plan to slap them some judgment. Rastaman been agitating for marijuana as a medicinal purpose and a holy sacrament and Babylon no wan’ do that. But now they want to legalize it to sell. So now the judgment is on. You must recognize Rasta, else a lightning and thunder.” The very next week Jamaica’s parliament tabled a bill to decriminalize ganja after 68 years of prohibition, with special provisions to allow Rastfarians to cultivate their own herbs in designated areas. Coincidence? The proposed law would also clear the way for a legal medical marijuana industry, so it looks like Sizzla is right on both counts. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Sizzla, Popcaan, Aidonia, Teflon & Kiprich Shut Down Ghetto Splash 2014

Sizzla, Popcaan, Aidonia, Teflon & Kiprich Shut Down Ghetto Splash 2014

That’s What You Call A Grand Finale

Christmas is high season in Jamaica, an endless string of packed-out parties and star-studded stage shows. Even if money gets tight around the holidays, there’s no need to buy expensive tickets for some of the best shows of the season as artists show love to their fans with plenty of free shows. Eith the return of shows like Ghetto Splash—a Yuletide dancehall showcase which has run on and off since the 1990s—the downtown community of Waterhouse gets a much-needed dancehall stimulus package to  community residents, and a great concert to dancehall fans everywhere. The highlight of last year’s show was the appearance of both Popcaan and Mavado on stage at the same time, a cherished moment of Gaza/Gully harmony. Anticipation ran high for this year’s show, which did not disappoint. Surprise appearances by Shaggy and Beenie Man were just the beginning—the grand finale was a whole ‘nother level. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Stephen Marley ft. Capleton & Sizzla “Rockstone” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Stephen Marley ft. Capleton & Sizzla "Rockstone" Official Music Video

Ragga Marley Brandishes Some Hardcore Visuals Pon BET

Ever since Stephen “Ragga” Marley dropped the “Rockstone” single off his highly anticipated album Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life, the song has been in heavy rotation on all conscious stations. But clearly Ragga is not just “preaching to the choir” so to speak. When it came time to premiere the video for the tune, he took it to the leading music show on TV, BET’s 106 & Park. When’s the last time you saw King Shango and Kalonji getting love pon BET? And this ain’t no pop tune. These visuals are on some Burning Spear vibes, as in “Do you remember the days of slavery?” Did somebody say “Play I on the BET—want all my people to see.” OK, nuff said. We’ve got a feeling that somewhere Gong is smiling right about now. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Stephen “Ragga” Marley ft. Capleton & Sizzla “Rockstone”

HEAR THIS: Stephen "Ragga" Marley ft. Capleton & Sizzla "Rockstone"

Ragga Links With The Fireman and Kalonji And They Proceed To Blaze A Hotta Fire

Brand new foundation selection off Stephen “Ragga” Marley’s highly anticipated Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life. It starts out like a tasty roots rock groove with Stephen singing a hook adapted from his dad’s “Talkin’ Blues” and inviting the Fireman and Kalonji in to blaze a hotta fire. Then Ragga steps to the mic and unleashes some ol’ Papa Levi stylee fast-chat flow while dubstep mayhem breaks out all bout. In short, a #CertifiedBoomshot. Time to leggo the album nuh man! Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Super Cat speaks on Sting “I Never Got To Finish That Show”

Super Cat speaks on Sting "I Never Got To Finish That Show"

“Our Music No Die,” says the Don Dada. “We A Rock of Ages and the Music Live In We Same Way”

The Wild Apache has been missing in action for a while but Boomshots was blessed to catch up with him in NYC during a rehearsal session for his big comeback shows. Tomorrow night at Amazura NYC Cat and Junior Demus will slip into some Clarks and white linen and take NYC back to the glory days of the Biltmore Ballroom. After that Cat will forward straight to Jamaica for the 30th Anniversary staging of Sting on December 26. “I never get to finish that show,” Cat says. “Because it was a clash between me and Ninja Man.” Cat says this time around there’s no clash planned, but he’s definitely looking to deal with some unfinished business. Sounds like a can’t-miss show. But if you can’t make it Jamrock, do not despair. Just hit up to learn how you can view the show via PayPerView or webstream.  In part one off this exclusive interview Cat touches on the Maccabee Bible, the roots of sound system culture, and also speaks on his respect for Shaggy and how his old friend came to check him when he was having a rough time. “Man like you don’t stay down fe long,” Shaggy told him, they came up with a plan to bring Cat out as a surprise guest this past Labor Day—and the rest is history. The last time Super Cat worked Sting it was the biggest show in Jamaican history. This year promises to be a major event, and a fitting way to commeorate 30 years of Sting. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reggae Grammy Nominees Announced For 2013

Reggae Grammy Nominees Announced For 2013

The Music Industry’s Highest Honor Will Go To One of These Five Reggae Acts

If there’s one thing reggae fans love to complain about it’s the Grammy Awards. Well today the nominees for Best Reggae Album category have been revealed, and let’s just say there’s going to be some more lively debates going on. Check out the final five after the jump—and let us know in the comments if you’d like to thank the Academy, or if they missed some of your favorites. Full List of Nominees After The Jump…

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