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HEAR THIS: Pusha T “Dearly Beloved”

Rap Star Sends Special Request To Dudus & The Whole Shower Posse

Pusha T flips Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From” beat to big up Prezi. As the G.O.O.D. man said, “Rap ain’t been this hard since ‘Hit Em Up.'” Run that…

Edward Seaga Speaks On Jamaica’s Crisis

Half the story has never been told…

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Vivian Blake Sets The Record Straight

Trying To Live Peacefully But… “They keep mixing me up in politics.”

The former Shower Posse boss as he appeared on BET’s American Gangster.

This past week, rumors that Vivian Blake had been killed in Kingston were running wild. Ever since the former Shower Posse leader returned to Jamaica this past January after serving time in U.S. Federal prison, he has kept a low profile and focused on writing and taking care of his health and his family. When reports of his death began circulating on the evening of September 21, U.S.-based film producer Curtis Scoon reached out to Blake, who granted this exclusive interview in hopes of separating fact from fiction. Read more »

Shower Posse: The Big Picture

Producer Curtis Scoon Speaks On Bringing Shower Posse To The Screen

In Buju Banton’s classic “Untold Stories,” the DJ sings “I could go on and on the full has never been told.” The tale of Jamaica’s notorious Shower Posse is one such story. A recent BET American Gangster episode did scratch the surface, but the segment’s producer, Curtis Scoon, believes there is much more to be told. He’s not alone in that belief, but what sets him apart may be that he’s not scared to go in where others fear to tread. Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Vivian Blake Speaks

Back In Jamaica, The Former Shower Posse Boss Is Making Movies.

“No interviews please” Vivian Blake returning to Jamaica on January 29, 2009.

After spending eight years in U.S. prison on federal racketeering and drug charges, Vivian Blake was escorted back to the land of his birth by U.S. Marshalls along with 51 other deportees just over seven months ago. The former Shower Posse Boss spent his time behind bars developing his skills as a writer, and plans to tell his stories on the big screen. In his first interview since coming home, he tells about his plans for the future. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Shower Posse Movie Trailer

Irv Gotti brings the story of Jamaican O.G. Vivian Blake to Hollywood.
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Maaaaaad ting. Stay tuned for the exclusive Boomshots interview.