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Red Bull Music Academy Recognizes Philip Smart

Red Bull Music Academy Recognizes Philip Smart

How HC&F Studio Helped Lay The Foundation of NYC’S Reggae Scene

Reggae Producer Philip Smart, has produced some of the biggest Reggae hits around and those hits have helped Reggae music flourish in so many ways. Not to mention, he created HC&F, the studio that become a national landmark for Reggae artists to make music. Many well known artists made HC&F a frequent pitstop while visiting New York including Shaggy, who recorded his first single there and Shabba Ranks who recorded, “Mr. Loverman,” there.

Amongst others, Smart’s received lessons from King Tubby but he took his learnings and made them his own. Smart created his own sound and he mixed hit singles like Johnny Clarke’s, “None Shall Escape the Judgment.” 30 years later, Smart is still pushing the Reggae sounds that we all love out of HC&F. Red Bull Music Academy has recognized the great contribution that Smart has made to Reggae music and has paid tribute to him in their latest daily note issue. As Shaggy has said,  “Philip Smart is the man who made the whole New York reggae scene really come alive.” Full Story and Videos AFter The Jump… Read more »

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Who And Who Rates As An Icon Inna The Business?

Remember when Shabba Ranks dropped that tune “Respect“? “Step by step you haffi climb the ladder / The elders you haffi show respect fah.” It’s plan to see that Konshens got the message. He may be on top of the game now, but he’s not one of those “likkle entertainers” who lose sight of the fact that their opportunities came from icons before him. The Dancehall artist recent single, “Icon,” on the Bad Bounce riddim, pays tribute to a long list of certified icons, all of whom helped “put the spotlight on we island” and established the worldwide success of Jamaican music.Audio & Photo Gallery After The Jump… Read more »

The Kotch Kontroversy: Did RDX Pirate Princz Charmin’s Tune?

The Worlian Says Yes; The Renegade Says “Mi Nuh Know Nuttin”… Now Judge For Yourself
Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 5.48.53 PM

Earlier this week the Jamaica Star ran an interview with a little-known dancehall artist called Princz Charmin, in which he accused the well-known dancehall duo RDX of stealing his song, “Kotch It Deh Soh,” which has become a hit in St. Lucia. “Dem build a rhythm similar,” explained the artist, “only changing a few phrases. Syndicate Records had sent the rhythm to RDX through Cashflow and wi nuh get nuh reply from dem… then suddenly RDX come with a song name Kotch.” The Star also contacted DJ Neil Cashflow, the producer of the RDX song, who told them “I don’t know this young artiste and this label. They would have to take it up with RDX because this has nothing to do with Cashflow.” Renegade of RDX offered a similar statment: “Mi nuh know nuhbody and mi nuh know nothing bout nuh song, mi just duh mi song, mi nuh have nuh more comment bout nothing.”  Princz Charmin, also known as the Worlian, and his Riddim Syndicate bredren took their grievances to YouTube, posting a clip in which they say “stop tief the people dem tings.”  Like “biting” in hip-hop, pirating styles has been a longstanding issue in dancehall, but it’s difficult to prove. The similarity of titles might “look a way” but it’s hardly proof of piracy. Kotch is a popular slang meaning to hang or chill for a moment—or for a girl to put something special someplace special. (Just think of how many tunes named “Wine” are released each month.) The late Risto Benjie made a tune called “Don’t Pirate It” way back in the 80s. Often songs would be released with the word “original” added to the title as a way of asserting that another artist had stolen their idea. For instance, Shabba Ranks has claimed that Red Dragon got his smash hit “Hol A Fresh” from overhearing the young Ranks chatting the same style live on a sound system. When he dropped his version he called it “Original Fresh.”  So what’s the real deal with this Princz Charmin / RDX dispute? There’s really only one way to be sure—hear the tunes and judge for yourself. Videos After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Bedroom Bully”

Shabba Ranks Endorses The Turf; The Turf Pays Tribute To The Ranks

Twenty years ago, Shabba dropped a banger called “Bedroom Bully” off his Xtra Naked album. Now Busy has paid tribute to the dancehall emperor with a 2012 update of the tune, produced by Kirkledove/Jukeboxx/Turf Music. Shabba has expressed his respect for Busy’s lyrical prowess in recent interviews. Wonder what he’s saying now? Busy definitely did the Rankin’s tune justice. #CertifiedBoomshot Audio After The Jump…
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Interview: Shabba Speaks on Sumfest, Bigs Up Kartel

The Dancehall Emperor Speaks On Why He’s Been Away From JA, And Says “Free Up The Vybz”

Shabba Ranks’ headlining performance at the 20th anniversary edition of Reggae Sumfest in the early hours of Saturday morning is front page news in Jamaica today. Shortly after tearing up the stage in MoBay, the “Dancehall Emperor” blessed with this exclusive interview. He tells Reshma B why he hasn’t performed in Jamaica for 11 years, how he keeps his body in shape, and shares a few words of encouragement for his fellow dancehall artists. Video after the jump… Read more »

Final Reggae Sumfest 2012 Lineup

Shabba Ranks, Junior Gong, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, R. Kelly, Trey Songz, Bunny Wailer, U Roy, and More… 

After months of waiting and anticipating, the 20th anniversary edition of “The Greatest Reggae Show on Earth” is all set to kick off in Montego Bay tomorrow night. Check out the full lineup and promo videos after the jump… Read more »

Shabba Ranks Arrives In Jamaica For Reggae Sumfest

The Ranks Gets A Heroes Welcome As He Steps Off The Plane

It’s been a long time since Shabba Ranks touched the stage in Jamaica, so when the “Dancehall Emperor” touched down in MoBay for the 20th anniveersary staging of Reggae Sumfest, he got a hero’s welcome. It’s only right. Check the video after the jump.
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The Top 20 Lady Saw Songs

All Hail The Queen

Photographs by William Richards

Happy (belated) Birthday Dancehall Queen. You’ve heard the phrase “Bad Bitches Bomb First”? Well I fink it was originated by this Lady here. Over the years Marion Hall, aka Lady Saw, has taken the reggae industry by storm, blazing a trail for females in a field that’s supposedly dominated by the boys. Despite being a “lady,” her chat has been tough enough to compete with—and in many cases, excel—her male counterparts. Of course she’s created her fair share of controversy along the way—revolutionaries always do. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Danielle & Shabba Ranks “Big Man”

Sly & Robbie Deal With It Proper Till Them Take Care Of The Matter

Danielle wants you to understand. She needs a big, big man. Which is a good thing because the Rankin’s looking for a fat piece of sup’m. You see where this is going, don’t you? Exactly. Big man sinting.

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HEAR THIS: Shabba Ranks “None A Dem”

Big Dutty Stinkin Shabba Puts Some Likkle Prentice DJs In Check

Some of y’all mouseclick selectors don’t remember the days when playing sound meant posting up at the 45 shop each and every week. And whenever a fresh Shabba Ranks selection hit the market, you knew you had to pick up two copies just to protect your life. Read more »

Buju Celebrates Grammy Win

Before The Dawn Honor Lifts Spirits As The Gargamel’s Trial Resumes

Although Buju Banton was not able to attend the Grammy Awards ceremony yesterday in Los Angeles, the reggae star—who is still confined to Florida—celebrated his win to the fullest. A member of Buju’s security team was startled when he heard shouting from Buju’s hotel room in Tampa, where the artist faces jury selection in his second trial on drug charges today. “I thought something was wrong,” the guard told The Jamaica Observer. Instead he found out Buju had won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Steely & Clevie Top 12

From Studio One To Studio 2000, Dancehall’s Dynamic Duo Did It All

Steely’s untimely death this week leaves an enormous void that can only be filled by more tunes. At times like these all we can do is say a prayer for the man’s family and loved ones, and honor his legacy by returning again and again to the music he loved so deeply. Read more »