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Reasoning with Lee “Scratch” Perry, The 2nd Chapter: “Too Much Weed, So I Get Crazy”

Reasoning with Lee "Scratch" Perry, The 2nd Chapter: "Too Much Weed, So I Get Crazy"

Scratch Shares His Thoughts on Sex, Ganja, and the Illuminati

When we last caught up with the Upsetter, he was sharing his thoughts on music—both his latest releases, and his seminal early recordings at the Black Ark. Of course, Scratch being Scratch, the conversation also veered into related topics such as Duppies, the true racial identity of God, and his everlasting battle with the Devil. Just hours before the man called by many names (including, notably, Pipecock Jaxon) take the stage at Brooklyn Bowl with Subatomic Sound System as part of the annual Dub Champions Festival, we proudly present the second installment of Reshma B‘s exclusive interview—in which the living legend/mad genius talks about what sort of girl he does not want to see in his bed—and names one in particular who would make him “vomit.” Scratch also admits that he was once addcited to marijuana, a fate that he hopes his fans will avoid. In fact, he says too music music and/or fire and/or weed in his head made him crazy. “They want to find out whether it’s me singing or the ganja singing,” he says. “It’s better when me sing. If the ganja can sing, it ah go take you to a height that you can’t come back.” The ReggaeGirlAboutTown even convinces Scratch to remove his remarkable hat and show her what’s inside. So fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a wild ride. Videos After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH: Gyptian “Sex, Love & Reggae” Official Album Trailer

WATCH: Gyptian "Sex, Love & Reggae" Official Album Trailer

Gyppy Will Rock SOBs on His Birthday This Monday October 28th

This Tuesday VP Records will be releasing Gyptian’s long-awaited album Sex Love & Reggae. The album is Gyptian’s first full-length release since his single “Hold Yuh” was certified gold. We’ve been rocking with Gyptian for a long time now. It seems like just yesterday the young singer was mashing up Fully Loaded with his breakthrough hit “Serious Times.” To preview Sex, Love & Reggae check the official album trailer. And if you love what you hear make sure to join us at SOBs this Monday for a very special performance as Gyptian celebrates his birthday and the release of his next album live at the place where legends are made, backed by the incomparable Derrick Barnett and band. Our last Boomshots Reggae Monday show at SOBs was sold out so don’t wait until the last minute. Hit the pre-Order link below. Video & Ticket Link After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Queen Ifrica “Mek Me Grow”

The Fyah Muma Is Not Rampin’ With Kartel’s “Virginity” Argument.

In keeping with a long dancehall tradition, Vybz Kartel has made a habit of pushing the envelope of lyrical propriety. But even for Di Teacha, “Virginity” was a highly controversial track. Read more »

Mutabaruka Distressed Over Daggerin’

Dub poet sez: “Some wild beast animal ting ah gwan inna Jamaica.”

“This no civilized Rasta,” says the bare-footed dub poet famous for classics like Outcry and Dis Poem. Read more »

Don’t Ramp With Kartel

Daggering” is more than the latest yardie slang for sex, it’s a ritualized theater of the absurd that’s taken the dancehall by storm with acrobatic, thigh-bruising dance moves and a slew of songs cashing in on the controversial trend. It’s not like this machete/manhood metaphor is anything new. Nobody flipped out over Lady Saw’s “Stab Up The Meat” did they? Okay, maybe a few people did, but somehow the whole thing seems more appropriate when the young lady asks to be daggered.

Nevertheless, Jamaica’s Broadcasting Commission has ordered the island’s radio, TV, and cable operators to delete all “Dagggering” songs and videos from their playlists or face “strong disciplinary action.”

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