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Richie Spice Running “Red Hot” on ‘Together We Stand’

Richie Spice Running "Red Hot" on 'Together We Stand'

Singing Music With A Mission

“The almighty savior was a poor man,” says roots reggae icon Richie Spice “but still rich because he ruled all of the earth, air, and water — which we don’t have control over. He was born in a manger. So the message is: no matter how poor you born, you can still be a great person in life.” Richie Spice himself has risen up from humble beginnings to establish himself among the leading reggae artists of his generation over the past two decades. His latest single, “Valley of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot),” continues his mission of singing righteous songs for the upliftment of mankind. “When Jah come from Bozrah with his garment dipped in blood / It a go red hot, red hot, red hot down in Jehoshaphat,” he croons passionately on the Clive Hunt-produced single, driven by commanding horns and a steady bassline that anchors Richie’s message. The song has a slew of biblical references, something which Richie hasn’t shied away from throughout his career, in keeping with his Rastafarian faith. (Burning Spear referenced the same passage from the Book of Revelations in his classic 1975 track “Jordan River.”) The song’s official music video—directed by Samo Kush-I Johnson—follows an elder through lush scenes of nature that is interspersed with fiery images of our world crumbling before our very eyes. Video After The Jump… Read more »

PREMIERE: Richie Spice ft. Chronixx “Unity We Need”

PREMIERE: Richie Spice ft. Chronixx "Unity We Need"

It’s a Universal Unification

Kickin’ Productions is back at it with ace producer Bulpus on the boards. In comes a brand new rub-a-dub riddim called ‘In My Brain’ featuring a big bad combination from Richie Spice alongside the Chron Dada. “Some ah go up, some ah go down—Natty Dread inna the middle still safe & sound.” In other words, unity is strength—ah just that we need right now! Check the sounds and listen keenly.  Audio After The Jump…
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Chart Topper Etana Celebrates “Reggae Forever” Album Launch In New York City

Chart Topper Etana Celebrates “Reggae Forever” Album Launch In New York City

Etana Connects Soul to Soul with Her Fans from Near and Far with Her Latest Album, “Reggae Forever”

This visit to New York was a special one for Etana, Shauna McKenzie Morris. She delivered a stellar performance at Music for Life on Saturday, May 5, 2018, giving fans a mini concert, which included a special tribute to Bob Marley and Richie Spice (Etana was a Background Singer for Spice, prior to her solo career). More After The Jump…

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Etana, Ed Robinson, Nadine Sutherland, Keisha Martin, Richie Lou and Nello Vibes Headline The Lawman Lynch Foundation Music For Life Benefit Concert

Etana, Ed Robinson, Nadine Sutherland, Keisha Martin, Richie Lou and Nello Vibes Headline The Lawman Lynch  Foundation Music For Life Benefit Concert

Reggae Artists Come Together to Raise Money for Underserved Children

On Saturday, May 5th, 2018, the Benjamin Banneker Auditorium, brought together a diverse crowd for a great cause.  Music for Life is a philanthropic event launched by The Lawman Lynch Foundation in 2008, in Jamaica. The original mission of this organization was to raise funds to benefit marginalized children pursue education. This mission expanded over the years to include,  scholarship provisions, nutritional and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs for students of the Caribbean.  More After The Jump…

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Irie Jam Sizzles with Sizzla, Anthony B & Friends

Irie Jam Sizzles with Sizzla, Anthony B & Friends

Tropical Storm Stays Far, Roots Vibrations Catch A Fire At Queens Stage Show

On Sunday, September 4, boom chunes reverberated from early afternoon across the pristine greens of Queens’ Roy Wilkins Park. It was Irie Jam Radio’s 23rd Anniversary and heavyweights were out in full force to celebrate. Though fallout from a tropical storm was supposed to drown out the festivities, Bobby Clarke and the Irie Jam family kept on “Holding Firm” and in the end the only thunder and lightning came from the line-up of roots rock reggae entertainers. The jewel in the crown of these royal revelries was the return of Sizzla Kalonji to the New York City stage. After enduring over eight years of the artist’s absence, being reunited never felt so good. Photos After The Jump…
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A Musical Response to Injustice

A Musical Response to Injustice

Lyrics for a Perilous Time

This is a reflective Sabbath, with the killing of two African American males by police officers. What followed was an uproar on social media and peaceful protests across the United States. The recorded narratives of “what happened” reveal the loss of human life for trivial reasons such as a routine traffic stop or walking. This highlights an overt disparity in law enforcement in the United States.

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Rototom Sunsplash Available As A Live Stream

Watch The Biggest Reggae Festival In Europe Wherever You Are


Rototom Sunsplash, the biggest of all the European Reggae Festivals, will be taking place this Saturday, August 17th through Saturday, August 24th, in Spain. This year’s Rototom Sunsplash will be the 20th Love Edition and will feature performances by Damien Marley, Anthony B, Leroy Sibbles, Nneka, Richie Spice, U Roy, Third World, Wayne Marshall and many more. In addition to an unforgettable line-up, the festival will also feature the option for fans view the festival via live stream if they aren’t able to make it. Though live stream is is not as good as the real show, having the option to see your favorite Reggae artist perform is definitely a plus. Check out the timeslots for each act and the link to the live stream after the jump. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Richie Spice “Mama”

Never Forget What Mama Taught Usrichie


A mother’s love is unconditional, the bond created between mother and child is so strong that only death can sever it. Richie Spice understands this perfectly, he created this song to honor his own deceased mother. Here is what Richie had to say about the true meaning behind the track:

“Blessed present and future Mothers. My mother was a great and special mother, who had 11 youths and tried to bring them up the right way, show them self love and how to love each other, teach I humility, respect for self and others, she was always fair to all har youts dem, no one get no special treatment, I think everyone should respect and lift their mothers because when she is gone no one can replace that void of missing in your life. Mother Bonner influence I in many ways. She always tried to do the right thing along the cycle of life, she went the extra mile, provided for us, showing me survival of life’s road and this month actually marks 1 year since her passing. Her memories still live on, she was my best friend. For this mother’s day I wrote a song for her and to all the unforgettable mothers whose love can never be replaced.”

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HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel & Richie Spice “Weed Smokers” (Heatwave Refix)

Heatwave Cooks Up A Refix For All The Smokers Demheatwave

Dancehall-specialists, The Heatwave, has released a brand new refix (free for download) featuring none other than the World Boss himself Vybz Kartel along with Richie Spice. Dedicated to di smokers dem, the refix as Heatwave clearly states

“Some people get stoned on the sofa but this is for everyone who smokes weed when they RAVE. Build a spliff on the speaker box or roll round the corner: the party starts from when the Rizla gets licked.

This bassline will hit the back of your head like the very first draw from a high grade spliff.”

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WATCH THIS: Richie Spice Talks About His New Acoustic Album “Soothing Sounds”

The Rootical Singer Spices Up”OnStageTv”

Most people got to know Richie Spice when he dropped his hit single “Youth Dem Cold,” but like most “overnight successes” Spice has been grinding for years before he made it big. His first certified boomshot, “Earth A Run Red” came out back in 1999 and since then he has been nothing less than a true inspiration and positive reinforcement in the Reggae music industry. He has released 9 albums including his latest, Richie Spice Acoustic – Soothing Sounds. On top of being a top-selling Reggae artist, Spice has been an opening act for Rita Marley, runs a label with his brothers and has had a single featured on Grand Theft Auto. But with so many accomplishments, it seems that Spice never takes a break. His ultimate goal is to keep his fans happy with new music—so he took a visit to OnStageTv and presented his new album, video and blessed the place with a live performance.  Video after the jump…

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HEAR THIS: Richie Spice “Youths A Live Up”

Rootical Richie Sends Greetings To All Raggamuffins

You can always count on Richie Spice to sing something positive for the youths. So imagine how happy we were to hear this brand new musical biscuit from Bulby and the Fat Eyes family. Richie sounds nice and spicy singing over the riddim track from Half Pint’s dancehall anthem “Greetings.”
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Jimmy Cliff Up For The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

15 Years After Bob Marley, A Second Reggae Artist Is In The Running

“Very few single albums can be said to have changed music forever,” reads the official Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ballot entry for Jimmy Cliff, who’s in the running to be inducted in 2009, the 25th year of the Hall’s existence. “Jimmy Cliff’s The Harder They Come is one. The album—and the movie that spawned it—introduced reggae to a worldwide audience and changed the image of the genre from a cruise ship soundtrack to music of inspiration and rebellion.” Read more »