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Wyclef Jean “The Truth Is The Truth, And We Gonna Speak It”

Wyclef Jean "The Truth Is The Truth, And We Gonna Speak It"

“I was born in Haiti,” said Wyclef Jean shortly after rocking a tough Jamaican crowd at Sting. “I was born in a hut. I used to eat dirt off the floor if you read my book All we had was the music.” Although Clef was raised in New Jersey amidst a streetwise soundscape of hip-hop, soul, and reggae music, his affinity for Jamaican sounds the multi-multi-platinum 3-time-Grammy-winning rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and former member of The Fugees. After he stepped off stage in his dapper black tux, Clef took a moment to chat with Reshma B. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Mavado Speaks: “Our Thing Legendary… We Go On The Top Ourselves”

Mavado Speaks: "Our Thing Legendary... We Go On The Top Ourselves"

The Gully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting 

How happy was Mavado to be back home at Sting 2013? Well, he didn’t mind throwing his $1700 gold-plated Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers into the audience as a way of letting his fans know he appreciated theirGully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting warm welcome. (The Gully Gad did not, however, fling his iced-out Jacob the Jeweler cross into the crowd.) Finishing his set in sock feet, Mavado made it clear that he might have been all over the world repping reggae and dancehall music, but his heart is always in Jamaica. Soon after leaving the stage he sat down with Reshma B to put the whole thing in perspective: “You done know our thing legendary yunno. I mean, remember, we are not artists that people try to make up and try to promote and try to put up on top. We go on the top ourselves. We becomes generals. We becomes leaders of this school ourselves. Nobody. No additive. No nothing. Just natural… So the fans nah go do nuttin but just love we.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

Macka Diamond Defiant After Lady Saw Clash “You’re A Hater”

Macka Diamond Defiant After Lady Saw Clash "You're A Hater"

Defiant Miss Dye Dye Resfuses to Say Die

Beaten but unbowed, Macka Diamond was chilling in the parking lot outside Jamworld following her highly anticipated clash with Lady Saw. Although the audience chose Muma Saw as the decisive winner, Macka explained that she felt victorious because she proved she was not a coward by stepping onstage to face the Queen of the Dancehall after all the diss records and Twitter beef. Macka vows that their lyrical war is just beginning, but it looks like she may not be in such a rush to get that crowd after all, as she says… “If that crown make me so unhappy, me no want it.” Video After The Jump…

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The Don Dada Rides Again

The Don Dada Rides Again

Super Cat’s Triumphant Return Continues

Reggae fans around the world are having a very good Christmas today because one of the true icons in the business has returned to the game as if out of nowhere. Super Cat aka The Wild Apache aka the Don Dada has been missing in action for a long while now. But with Cat back in Jamaica, and set to take the stage at Sting tomorrow night, you can feel the excitement is in the air. If you’re not fortunate enough to witness the action in person tomorrow, you can watch this historic show on Pay Per View or hit up to stream the show online. Some tan so back and some a dem a rally forward. Videos After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Nuh Ramp”

HEAR THIS: Popcaan "Nuh Ramp"

To Whom It May Concern: The Unruly Boss Nuh Roll Regular

“Some bwoy just no understand themself—done talk.” Popcaan seems to have some things on his mind with his latest release on UIM’s Redlight Riddim. As a loyal Gaza yute, Popcaan never stops bigging up the Worldboss Str8. You already know the drama that kicked off at Sting 2012. Last year  it was Blak Ryno a former Portmore Empire representer. This year Papi appears to having some issues with. “Some bwoy bad when a Sting time. We still bad when Sting pass.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »