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WATCH THIS: RDX “Foot A Talk” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: RDX "Foot A Talk" Official Music Video

RDX Gets The Whole World Dancing

RDX is an abbreviation for Research Department Formula X, a high explosive developed by the U.S. military that’s more powerful than TNT. But today we’re talking about RDX the Jamaican dancehall duo, aka Renegade and Delomar, whose explosive catalog of high-energy tunes has made them a favorite of the island’s street dance scene. Their latest release, produced by Juss Kool, is a worldwide dancing anthem with visuals gathered from around the planet. The song is called “Foot A Talk” and Mass Appeal just premiered the music video. Run it! Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. RDX & Moska “Lose Yourself” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. RDX & Moska "Lose Yourself" Official Music Video

Diplo Jumps Behind The Lens To Direct Major Lazer’s Latest Video

Yesterday we gave you a behind the scenes look at Major Lazer’s latest vid “Lose Yourself” featuring RDX, Moska, the beautiful Lazer dancer and  how could we forget a couple goats. Today Lazer drops the official video for the track of their “Apocalypse Soon” EP (available now on iTunes). Beautiful beaches, women and yes, goats, Check The Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer feat RDX & Moska – Lose Yourself (Behind The Scenes)

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer feat RDX & Moska - Lose Yourself (Behind The Scenes)

Take A Behind The Scenes Look At The New Major Lazer Video “Lose Yourself”

Diplo steps behind the lens to direct the new Major Lazer video for “Lose Yourself” featuring RDX and Moska in Jamaica with the Karmaloop Media crew. It’s a family affair with the ML dancers, Walshy, Jillionaire and…a goat. Or two. Take a quick vacation to the world’s most loved island with your favorite artists, beautiful ladies and more beautiful ladies twerking on a golf cart. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Reasoning with RDX in London

WATCH THIS: Reasoning with RDX in London

Delomar and Renigade Shell Down London Town and Big Up Di Teacha

Last night at Coronet night club in Elephant & Castle section of London, the dancehall duo RDX made their first ever live appearance in London and as usual they had the ladies going wild. “Dancehall cannot exist without dancers,” the dynamic duo explained to a crowd that included hardcore dancehall followers as well as UK radio heavyweights Robbo Ranx and Tim Westwood. In their post-show interview with Reshma B, RDX  went on to break down the basic skills that all aspiring RDX video girls need to bring to the table. Although they’re known as the Party Gods, RDX also made a song called “Free Worlboss” so with Kartel’s trial about to begin, it seemed appropriate to ask them about the inspiration behind that one. The answer may surprise you. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: RDX “Ride It” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: RDX "Ride It" Official Music Video

Reggae Dancehall Xtraordinaite Inna Cowbwoy Stylee

From Josey Wales to the Lone Ranger to Super Cat’s classic “Scalp Dem,” western flicks have been a rich source of inspiration for reggae dancehall artists over the years. But chances are you’ve never seen a western video quite like this one before. Renegade + Delomar = RDX, two-man dancehall wrecking crew. They burst on the scene with smash hits like “Daggering” and “Bend Over” and since then they’ve carved out a niche as the bashment party gods with a gift for getting the ladies involved. They’ve just released some new visuals for their uptempo single “Ride It,” so what better concept than an Old West cowboy story? Words cannot do this one justice—best you  just check it out for yourself. And then pree their backstage interview with the ReggaeGirlABoutTown. Saddle up! Videos After The Jump… Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20 Countdown: Anthony B Grabs the Number One Spot

Anthony B Knocks RDX off the Top
It’s been some time since we have heard from Anthony B but his newest single, “My Yes and My No,” has caught on like wild fire and fans are loving it! The Reggae artist has definitely kept low for a while but it’s obvious that he is definitely needed to continue to make these great hits for his listeners. Check out the countdown after the jump.
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HYPE TV Top 20 Countdown: RDX Takes the Top Spot

RDX is Finally Catching Up to the Rest
It has been quite some time since RDX has been at the number one spot. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working for it. The Dancehall group have been on the HYPE TV countdown for 16 weeks with their single, “Broad Out,” and moved to the top of the list a lot quicker than others have. RDX’s “Broad Out,” is the ultimate Dancehall video with a bumping beat, plenty of lovely, rump shaking ladies and of course, RDX’s catchy lyrics. Fans truly enjoy the single & RDX’s music and it definitely helps when they performed live at Reggae Sumfest this year & killed it. Check out “Broad Out,” after the jump. Read more »

2013 Reggae Sumfest Attracts Thousands to Montego Bay

Dancehall Nights Kicks Off Tomorrow—Who is Going to Shell Down Sumfest This Year?


Reggae Sumfest has been taking place for 20 years and every year has out done the last. Last year, Reggae veteran, Shabba Ranks, wowed fans with his first performance in a decade. Trey Songz brought his sex appeal to Sumfest 2012 and had fans swooning in the crowd. R. Kelly performed his ultimate hit, “Bump N’ Grind,” in a rare acapella style. Quite the event, it may seem as if Reggae Sumfest 2o12 can’t be topped but this 21st year of Reggae Sumfest is already turning to be unforgettable and it hasn’t even begun yet.

With a line-up that includes returning artists, Damian Marley, Aidonia, Popcaan and newcomers, Miguel, Flo Rida, Ashley Martin and many more, there’s no telling what will be in store for the concert-goers. It has already been confirmed that I-Octane will be closing Dancehall Night and Jah Cure will be closing International Night One. Macka Diamond and Lady Saw will both be at Reggae Sumfest so there might be some healthy competition between the two for fans to enjoy. Popular Reggae artist, Beres Hammond, is also in the line-up and concert attendees are excited to see him perform tracks off of his newest album, One Love, One LifeAnd then there is always the special guests, surprise performances and unexpected stage antics. Reggae Sumfest 2013 has a line-up that will have thousands of fans anxiously waiting for the next Sumfest.

Though Reggae Sumfest is this week, it isn’t too late to buy yourself a ticket to join in the festivities! Check out the entire line-up in the photo gallery.

HYPE TV Top 20 Countdown: I-Octane Dethrones RDX

Once Again, I-Octane is at the Number One Spot
I-Octane has shaken up the HYPE TV countdown with his newest single, “Buss A Blank,” and has taken the number one spot. “Buss A Blank” has a booming dancehall beat to it and it features I-Octane’s usual lyrical skills as he rhymes about “bussing a blank.” Check out the countdown and “Buss A Blank” afte the jump.

WATCH THIS: RDX “Kotch” Viral Video

RDX Drops Visuals For Their Controversial “Kotch” Songrdx 

Even with all the controversy surrounding this tune, RDX and Cash Flow Recordz release a video featuring a bevy of able body beauties showcasing their numerous talents, even some soccer ball skills. This is sure to take the clubs by storm, Video After The Jump… Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Takes the Number 1 Spot

 I-Octane & Bounty Killer Slip to Number 2 as Mavado Seizes the Crown
Mavado has slowly been creeping up the countdown for quite some time now; 14 weeks to be exact and he didn’t stop until he made it to number one. Now that he has taken the top spot, we must wait and see how long his fans can keep him there. Especially since I-Octane and Macka Diamond are not too far behind! Check out the countdown after the jump! Read more »

The Kotch Kontroversy: Did RDX Pirate Princz Charmin’s Tune?

The Worlian Says Yes; The Renegade Says “Mi Nuh Know Nuttin”… Now Judge For Yourself
Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 5.48.53 PM

Earlier this week the Jamaica Star ran an interview with a little-known dancehall artist called Princz Charmin, in which he accused the well-known dancehall duo RDX of stealing his song, “Kotch It Deh Soh,” which has become a hit in St. Lucia. “Dem build a rhythm similar,” explained the artist, “only changing a few phrases. Syndicate Records had sent the rhythm to RDX through Cashflow and wi nuh get nuh reply from dem… then suddenly RDX come with a song name Kotch.” The Star also contacted DJ Neil Cashflow, the producer of the RDX song, who told them “I don’t know this young artiste and this label. They would have to take it up with RDX because this has nothing to do with Cashflow.” Renegade of RDX offered a similar statment: “Mi nuh know nuhbody and mi nuh know nothing bout nuh song, mi just duh mi song, mi nuh have nuh more comment bout nothing.”  Princz Charmin, also known as the Worlian, and his Riddim Syndicate bredren took their grievances to YouTube, posting a clip in which they say “stop tief the people dem tings.”  Like “biting” in hip-hop, pirating styles has been a longstanding issue in dancehall, but it’s difficult to prove. The similarity of titles might “look a way” but it’s hardly proof of piracy. Kotch is a popular slang meaning to hang or chill for a moment—or for a girl to put something special someplace special. (Just think of how many tunes named “Wine” are released each month.) The late Risto Benjie made a tune called “Don’t Pirate It” way back in the 80s. Often songs would be released with the word “original” added to the title as a way of asserting that another artist had stolen their idea. For instance, Shabba Ranks has claimed that Red Dragon got his smash hit “Hol A Fresh” from overhearing the young Ranks chatting the same style live on a sound system. When he dropped his version he called it “Original Fresh.”  So what’s the real deal with this Princz Charmin / RDX dispute? There’s really only one way to be sure—hear the tunes and judge for yourself. Videos After The Jump…

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