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WATCH THIS: Exclusive Lady Saw Interview

WATCH THIS: Exclusive Lady Saw Interview

The Queen of the Dancehall Speaks From The Set Of Her New Video “Heels On”

Last week in Kingston Jamaica Lady Saw shot the video for her sexy new single “Heels On.” In between takes she took time out to speak exclusively with Reshma B, clearing up rumors that she’s getting out of the game, addressing various rivalries in the business, promising not to chat bad about any other female artists, and explaining why she would never clash against another artist on stage. She even premieres a new gospel song and says “the good lord won’t be mad at me” while the Queen of the Dancehall does her thing. Get ready for more of the unexpected on her Alter-Ego album. Check the behind the scenes photos above, and pop the top for Reshma B’s on-set video interviews. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: The Crowning of Lady Saw

Welcome The Queen of the Dancehall

This summer Muma Saw received a long-overdue recognition of her undisputed status as the Queen of the Dancehall. As fate would have it, her coronation took place on the very same Sumfest stage where she was once banned from performing. Boomshots just got our hands on the exclusive footage so you can see and hear how real royalty does it. We see you as a Queen and a Lady—no ifs no buts no maybe. Video After The Jump
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