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Download the House of Marley x Boomshots
Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise Zeen

Download the House of Marley x Boomshots Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise Zeen

Our 2015 Zeen Is The Next Best Thing To Being On Board

“All in the Same Boat,” Bob Marley sang on The Wailers’ 1971 Boomshot “Don’t Rock My Boat,” produced by Lee “Scratch” Perry, “Rockin’ on the same rock / Got to get together, loving each other.” This lyric isnpired the title for the 2015 Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise Zeen, the official guide to who’s who and what’s happening on our second annual seafaring excursion. The limited edition Zeen contains origjnal interviews and full-color photos of all 23 acts on board—Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Stephen Marley, Julian Marley, Ky-Mani Marley, Third World, Sly & Robbie, Maxi Priest, Super Cat, Bounty Killer, Popcaan, Elephant Man, Cham, Tarrus Riley, Morgan Heritage, Protoje, Tanya Stephens, and many more—plus all 10 champion sound systems. It also contains QR code links to exclusive Boomshots content—interviews and live performances direct from the cruise.  If you didn’t make it on this year’s cruise, the Zeen is the next best thing to being there. There’s even a discount code for House of Marley audio gear. Download Link After The Jump…
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Take A Sudden Flight Back to The Future

Take A Sudden Flight Back to The Future

Protoje & Jesse Royal Bridge the Gap Between 1980s and 2015

Every now and then, a special tune hits the tympanic membrane, laden with both pearls of wisdom and music history. “Sudden Flight” by Protoje featuring Jesse Royal (from Protoje’s third studio album, Ancient future), lyrically advises the youth to use their God given talents and mind to overcome stress and oppression; instead of  guns. From it’s opening line, La Di Da Di , we don’t join nah party, “Sudden Flight” puts us in a time capsule and shoots us back to 1985 when  Bally’s, Adidas, Gucci suits, Kangol hats, Gold teeth and Rope Chains were in fashion and the Get Fresh Crew were the Kings of  1980’s Hip Hop. The song entitled “La Di Da Di” on Slick Rick’s Album, “The Art of Storytelling,”  had people break dancing and spinning on their head tops. The combination of the narrative poetry and humor of Slick Rick and classic beat boxing of Doug E. Fresh in this song, solidifies its spot as one of the top 10 Classic Hip Hop songs of all time. More After The Jump… Read more »

Ancient Future Is Now

Ancient Future Is Now

Diggy British Scores Big as Ancient Future debuts Pon Top of iTunes Reggae Chart

“Sharp like the thorn crown pon Christ head,” Protoje spits on “Protection,” the opening track of his new album Ancient Future, “And you know the flow Hardo like slice bread.”  True, that. The artist’s third album, which dropped today and shot to the top of iTunes reggae chart, marks a quantum leap in his lyrical prowess, not just in terms of flows and patterns but also in thought-provoking ideas (“drastically free from hypocrisy I say yeah”). Anybody sleeping on this youth needs to wake up fast. Between Protoje’s endless cascade of pause-and-rewind punchlines and Winta James’s sophisticated soundscapes, the album stands out as a breath of fresh air in the modern Jamaican music scene—which has elders like Sizzla so deeply vexed. In Jamaica many reggae lovers use the term “Ancient” to describe artists of the 70s and 80s, and Protoje clearly taps into that era for inspiration. Mark you, this remarkable album is not a throwback, but rather a leap forward—hence the second half of its aptly chosen title. As Ancient Future week continues on Boomshots, Reshma B quizzes Diggy about the levels of meaning behind his tune “Stylin.”  Video After the Jump… Read more »

Protoje in the UK: Reasoning with Diggy British

Protoje in the UK: Reasoning with Diggy British

Kick Off Ancient Future Week With a “Bubblin'” Selection and Reshma B’s Epic Interview

“We radically transforming the landscape of Jamaican Music on March 10th,” reads the official IG feed for the man called Protoje aka Diggy British. Well, so much for managing expectations. But that’s Protoje for you. Every since he first began bubbling under the reggae radar around 2010 or so, it was clear he was on some next next level movements—even if, especially if, they weren’t perfectly in tune with what everybody else was doing at that moment. He was always himself up on stage, never playing a role, never pretending to be too cool, fearlessly blending sincerity and complexity and militancy and rock-solid roots and dub sonics. Long before folks were chatting about a “reggae revival,” Diggy was quietly putting in work. From the Seven Year Itch to the Eight Year Affair it’s been a long journey. Recently he and several other like-minded bredrens formed like Voltron and started making noise as a collective, combining old school musical values with state-of-the-art social media savvy to wage asymmetrical musical warfare. Then last year Diggy and his longtime parring-p Chronixx dropped a certified Boomshot known as “Who Knows.” From that point it was on and popping. “Now is our time to govern the music,” Diggy told us late last year. We’re expecting big things, so we’ve declared Ancient Future week on Boomshots. Keep it locked. Audio & Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Protoje “Answer to Your Name”

HEAR THIS: Protoje "Answer to Your Name"

Diggy Dips Back to UK 1971 On This Ska-Style Skorcha

A breath of fresh air on the reggae scene, Protoje blends classic Jamaican sounds with up-to-the-minute energy—plus a winning sense of humor but not one drop of the posing and posturing that can turn cool into cliche. “Like to tell you a story about a girl I know,” he says at the top of this ska-tempo rave-up, “or should I say a girl I used to know.” Set in England circa 1971 (around the time ska was killing it in the UK) the tale concerns one of those beautiful British girls who can turn ice-cold at the drop of a hat. Taken from Diggy’s highly anticipated album Ancient Future with frequent collaborators Winta James and Lewis Planter on the track. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Chronixx & Protoje Live in London

Chronixx & Protoje Live in London

Two Leading Lights of Jamaica’s Reggae Revival Touch Down in Brixton

“If we don’t have new talent there is no future,” said David “RamJam” Rodigan last night onstage at the Electric in Brixton, South London. The elder statesman of British reggae radio has often expressed his concerns about the direction in which Jamaican music has been heading. But last night’s live set by Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Redemption band suggested a brighter tomorrow. Riding high off a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, which sent his Dread & Terrible EP soaring to the top of the reggae charts, Chronixx brought a palpable intensity to the stage from his first tune (“Alpha and Omega”) to his final encore (“Odd Ras”). One highlight of the sold-out show was the surprise appearance of Protoje, fresh off a successful European tour, who stepped in to support his bredren and perform their smash hit “Who Knows” live. After he and Diggy blazed the stage, Chronixx went on to perform “Here Comes Trouble” and even flashed a few lines of Jesse Royal, Jah9, and Damian Marley pon the riddim. As Rodigan exclaimed by show’s end: “History was made tonight… The future of this magnificent music is secure.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Protoje: “It’s Our Time to Govern the Music”

Reasoning with Protoje: "It's Our Time to Govern the Music"

“There Is A Rising Consciousness that’s Obviously Happening. There Is a Movement As Well.”

While passing through the concrete jungle the other day, Protoje dropped by Plex HQ to reason about life and the state of the music. We started off discussing his big tune with Chronixx “Who Knows,” and how Storm Saulter—of Better Mus Come fame—came to direct the song’s epic music video. Diggy said Winta James came up with the video’s basic concept, which he described as “You start off with everything and as the day goes on you lose stuff, and it’s either you’re gonna turn around and go home or keep pushing forward.” So it’s all about the Bounce Back, which is a fitting transition to our discussion of the shift within Jamaican music right now. “We want to change the perception of what people think reggae is,” Protoje explained. “Cause I see what people think the genre is, and the reality of what it is now—and It’s far.” Protoje made the point that he’d rather not be pigeon-holed within the category of reggae just because he is from Jamaica. “Chronixx and I make two different sounds,” he asserted. “Sonically our music sounds different, but we’re still under the same heading of reggae music.” He calls his current sound—which has amassed a huge following in Europe, where he will be touring this summer—”a real hybrid,” citing Junjo Lawes and Jimi Hendrix as infuences. Nevertheless, he goes on to state that he and Chronixx and s number of other like-minded artists and producers are all part of a cultural movement within Jamaica right now.  “There is a rising consciousness that’s obviously happening. There is a movement as well… 2010 to 2020 is our time to govern them music.”  Video and Summer Tour Dates After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Protoje ft. Chronixx “Who Knows” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Protoje ft. Chronixx "Who Knows" Official Music Video

Diggy & Nix Send Love to Their Friends And Foes With A Fresh New Video Directed By Storm

Friends since 2010, Protoje and Chronixx have emerged as leaders of the new school of roots rock reggae coming out of Jamrock. And now, after four years, they’ve finally made a record together. “From the first day we met,” Protoje says, “we have talked about doing music together when the time was right. The stars have now aligned.” We first heard the song months ago,  now comes an eye-popping music video directed by the acclaimed Jamaican film maker Storm, which shows off Jamaica’s lush natural beauty and brings out the co-stars’ ital swag and unforced sense of humor. There’s even a celebrity cameo by Jah Youth as the driver (beats being a Screaming Target). So don’t stop at all, check these visuals prento! Video After The Jump…

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Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival Brings The Reggae

Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival Brings The Reggae

Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, Moses Davis, and Chronixx Nice Up The Fest in Trelawny

Jamaica may be synonymous with reggae, but the island’s biggest music event in terms of its economic impact and benefit to the tourism industry is not a reggae show, but an annual three-night fete known as the Jamaica Jazz & Blues FestivalVideo After The Jump… Read more »

Grand Theft Auto V Reggae Selections

Grand Theft Auto V Reggae Selections

Lee “Scratch” Perry Programs GTA V’s Blue Ark Radio Playlist

The biggest selling video game in the world has always had the baddest tunes. Grand Theft Auto V hits stores today and the reggae playlist tun up. Just jack any passing car, turn your radio dial to The Blue Ark and check out these roots and ragga selections courtesy of mixmaster Lee “Scratch” Perry. As you can imagine, there are plenty of Upsetter cuts—he may act like a madman, but don’t sleep… Scratch is about his paper. Happily there’s also some Konshens and Chronixx and Kartel too. Click through the photos above to get in tune. Wheel Out…  Read more »

HEAR THIS: Protoje “Music From My Heart” Mixtape

To Kick Off Indiggnation’s Summer Tour Lead Singer Protoje Drops A New Mixtapeprotoje


Jamaican Reggae artiste Protoje, lead singer for The Indiggnation band, just dropped his new mixtape called “Music From My Heart.” Music From My Heart combines tracks from The 8 Year Affair album with additional tracks featuring Sizzla Kalonji, Kabaka Pyramid, Chronixx and Jah9. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Protoje “I & I” Official Video

Protoje’s Latest Visual Is More Than Just A Music Videopro

Just three weeks ago, a group of young Jamaicans exercised civil disobedience in remarkable fashion on Hope Road. The occasion appeared to be a video shoot for Protoje’s ‘I&I,’ the second track on his Billboard and iTunes charting album, The 8 Year Affair. Yet, much more occurred on that Friday morning. Moreover, it was flawlessly executed. Bracing bumper-to-bumper traffic scores of Rastafarian youth, Reggae Revivalists and their supporters spilled onto the street. They marched from the Twelve Tribes of Israel headquarters at Clieveden Avenue, made their way pass the Bob Marley Museum to King’s House, the Governor-General’s residence, then continued on to Jamaica House, which houses the Office of the Prime Minister. The inspirations for the video as Protoje states:

 “Every time I envisioned what this video would look like, all I kept seeing was I and I and I making this trek,” said Protoje. “The song is aggressive but it is still love that we are coming with. I wanted the video to show that energy.”

The ‘I&I‘ video features the likes of Kabaka Pyramid, No-Maddz, Jesse Royal, Hempress Sativa, Jah9, Chronixx plus members of Zincfence, Pentateuch and Raging Fyah along with other familiar faces. Members of Protoje’s band, The Indiggnation, are also prominent in various scenes. Again Protoje insists this wasn’t a protest of any sort, in fact as he claims:

“It wasn’t a protest or anything like that, I and I just felt like taking a stroll down a public street and have fun doing it.”

None the less the procession definitely garnered a lot of attention. See What The Power Of Music Can Do After The Jump… Read more »