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Snoop Lion and Drake Speak on “No Guns Allowed”

The Lion Is Clapping Back Against Gun Violence

Proving he isn’t all bark with no bite, Snoop Lion has taken the initiative to stand firmly behind the words of his single “No Guns Allowed.” The song which features Drake and speaks on the detriments of the national crime rate and highlights the need for gun control is a stepping stone for the Lion’s next project: a gun buyback program. Hear Them Speak About The Song’s Inspiration After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Snoop Lion Feat. Cori B. & Drake “No Guns Allowed”

Snoop’s Latest Gets Some Visualssnoop


Whatever your thought are on Snoop’s rasta persona Snoop Lion one thing can’t be denied that he does make good music. This statement has been further solidified with the success of his “No Guns Allowed” tune. The audio petition for the crack down of gun violence finally got its visual treatment presented nicely in a predominantly black and white package directed by Jesse Terrero. Snoop and Terreo make sure the message is very clear – Video After The Jump… Read more »


Where Have We Heard This Tune Before?beirut


Today’s Flashback Friday is particularly special in that it features a song that most of us have never heard before until recently, thanks in part to Snoop Lion’s lastest single “No Guns Allowed.” Snoop’s plea for an end to gun violence really struck a nerve with listeners—not only for its subject matter but for its simple, hypnotic instrumental that was built off a sample of the song “Nantes” by the indie band Beirut’s 2007 album The Flying Club Cup. Nantes
was founded by New Mexico native Zach Condon, who recorded the debut album Gulag Orkestar in his bedroom. Major Lazer—with a little help from The Police’s master drummer Stuart Copeland—took the otherworldly track and gave it new life. Just add Snoop, Cori B, and Drizzy and you’ve got yourself a boomshot. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Snoop Lion Ft. Cori B & Drake “No Guns Allowed”

Snoop Enlists His Daughter Cori B And Drake As They Plead For An End to The Gunplay snoop

Having previewed this track Last week on the Conan O’Brien Show, big Snoop Lion drops the next single off his Reincarnated album entitled “No Guns Allowed,” which Snoop has repeatedly called his favorite on the album. It’s certainly a departure from Snoop Dogg’s “187 on an undercover cop” days.  The track is a plea for the removal of guns due to the increased, senseless killings of innocents especially children. To further drive home the seriousness of the song Snoop recruits his own daughter Cori B whose voice provides the perfect backdrop for Drake’s heartfelt verse, which was apparently inspired by a 2012 shooting in Toronto that left two dead and dozens injured. Audio After The Jump…  Read more »