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Busy Signal “Fresh From Yaad” Album Review

Busy Signal "Fresh From Yaad" Album Review

The Newly Energized Entertainer Hints That A Busy Signal U.S. Tour Is In The Works

Reanno Gordon, Busy Signal continues to stand out as an artist in 2017. He stepped out onto the musical scene in 2002, modeling his career after international reggae icon, Bounty Killer.  Now he has an even clearer vision for his future with his new VISA status. In January, Busy Signal visited New York for a quick media run with  Ebro Darden, Laura Styles, Funk Masterflex,Bobby Konders and Jabba for Hot 97 FM and Reshma B for Boomshots TV (four-part interview at the end of article) to discuss his new EP, Fresh From Yaad.  Following this, Busy embarked on an European Tour and this week he revived up his fans in the U.S. with a tweet:  “Coming to a city near you. Wherever in world you are! ASAP- Turf President.” In light of the impending tour, this article will serve to give an in-depth review of the Fresh From Yaad EP. Album Review After The Jump

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R.I.P. Sting: The End of an Era in Dancehall

R.I.P. Sting: The End of an Era in Dancehall

Remembering The Greatest One Night Reggae and Dancehall Show on Earth

When the history of dancehall music is written, 2016 will go down as the year when mainstream stars took over the worldwide pop charts using Jamaican styles and sounds. It will also be remembered as the first Boxing Day in over three decades that went down with a staging of Sting. Sad to say the legendary stage show that has seen some of the most talked about performances—and lyrical clashes—in dancehall history is no more. Just three years after celebrating Sting’s 30th anniversary with a star-studded lineup that included the return of the Don Dada Super Cat, American artists 2 Chainz and Wyclef Jean, and an epic clash between Lady Saw and Macka Diamond, Sting founder Isaiah Laing has called it quits. Despite pledging in years past that “if I am alive there will be Sting,”  Laing made it official on Jamaican television’s popular show OnStage, saying that Sting has not made money in several years—despite significant investment from the likes of Josef Bogdanovich, who has since moved on to revamp another great Jamaican festival, Reggae Sumfest. Laing and his longtime partner Heavy D further noted that the artists who are big enough to draw a crowd are not willing to perform on the show. The clashes that made Sting a sort of musical heavyweight bout eventually came to be its undoing. Who can forget the time when Popcaan had to shove Blak Ryno off the stage because the other artist was “somehow” given a live microphone and allowed to rush the stage during Popcaan’s solo set back in 2012? These types of antics eventually take their toll on artist loyalty. Whether Sting will ever come back is anybody’s guess. Talk of a gospel festival sounds like a major departure from the hardcore format we have come to know and love. For the sake of those who don’t know—and the pleasure of those who do—Boomshots takes a moment to remember the best Sting had to offer. Memories After The Jump… Read more »

Free Up The Herbs: 40 of Reggae’s Highest-Grade Ganja Anthems

Free Up The Herbs: 40 of Reggae's Highest-Grade Ganja Anthems

Marijuana Laws May Be Changing, But These Rebel Music Selections Will Keep Playing Forever

Every day brings new headlines about voters in the U.S.A. passing medical marijuana laws and American states decriminalizing reefer—even as the Federal government reserves the right to swoop in and prosecute whoever however whenever. Meanwhile venture capitalists continue to align themselves with the Bob Marley estate in order to build a global ganja brand. It feels like a bright new day in the long-running batttle to legalize Jamaica’s national herb. But don’t sleep: the Governor General has yet to sign the proposal that would allow Rastas to cultivate for personal use and corporations to cultivate for profit. And Jamaica’s Governor General still answers to the Queen of England, so there’s no telling what will happen. Meanwhile youths all over the world are still getting locked up for illegal possession of the wisdom weed. So the binghi drums have to beat and songs like these have to play, words sounds and power. These are not just “weed tunes” but songs about the real-life struggles surrounding ganja prohibition. say are they just one-line shout-outs, like the tune where Bounty and Cham said “tell the government free up the weed policy,” as wicked as that was. These are the rabble-rousing songs dedicated to defending marijuana growers and sellers and smokers from all forms of downpression. Some relate to the nitty-gritty details of the hustler’s life, others focus on police efforts to fight against the weed, while others make the case for legalization. Any topic that could inspire so much great music has to be important. Just like Josey Wales said on track #20, “It Haffi Bun.” And these songs have to play. Audio After The Jump; Countdown Continues Above Read more »

HEAR THIS: Gully Bop “Drop Mi”

HEAR THIS:  Gully Bop "Drop Mi"

Everybody has love for Robert Lee Malcolm aka Gully Bop! In 2014, Gully Bop saw an exponential rise in his music career (a career that dates back to the 1980’s under the moniker Country Man), after recently becoming an instant, internet sensation. His newly found fame, arose from the viral replication of an amateur video of him freestyling. The “Body Specialist” even headlined at STING, in December 2014, with a performance that received rave reviews. The Jamaica Gleaner dubbed him “the fastest rising artist in the island’s history.” However, in recent music news, fans learned the devastating news that he was dropped from Claim Records for being  “disrespectful and hype.” More After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Aidonia “80s Dancehall Style” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Aidonia "80s Dancehall Style" Official Music Video

Aidonia Salutes Veterans and Vinyl

Many of Jamaica’s musical legends never predicted the millions of fans, felt the weight of money or received instant gratification through social media the way today’s artists do. These musical soldiers earned their stripes the real way, with unquestionable authenticity. One must remember , as Supercat indicated in his recent interview with Rob Kenner, the days when a DJ drew the crowd into the dancehall with nothing but a big sound system combined with sheer vocal talent and lyrical ammunition. In a cultural tradition that predates Amateur Night at the Apollo, the crowd would decide whether it was worthwhile to pay admission and enter the party. There was no hiding behind good promotion, Auto-Tune or computerized production and deejaying. Born in 1981, Aidonia may not have been old enough to hang out in dancehall sessions during that time, but he represents for the newer generation, aware of their roots and culture. Aidonia (Didi) pays tribute to this era with his new video for “80’s Dance Style.”   Video After The Jump…

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Yellowman ft. Burro Banton, Ninja Man, Tiger, Bounty Killer, Capleton, SIzzla Kalonji, Shabba Ranks, Lady G, Jigsy King, Josey Wales, Little Twitch, General Trees, “Champion”

King Yellowman Heads Up The Ultimate Dancehall Posse Cut
When it comes to dancehall legends, it’s hard to top King Yellowman. The prolific albino DJ rose from the streets of Kingston to land an major label record deal and make records with Run-DMC and Afrika Bambaataa. After surviving a near-fatal brush with cancer and having much of his jawbone removed, he continues to tour the world spreading good vibes wherever he goes. In this brand new posse cut, King Yellow kicks things off and a dozen or so of his DJ bredrens finish the job. Here comes the musical ting called Champions in action. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Konshens Pays Respect To 47 Reggae Superstars Who Paved the Way

Who And Who Rates As An Icon Inna The Business?

Remember when Shabba Ranks dropped that tune “Respect“? “Step by step you haffi climb the ladder / The elders you haffi show respect fah.” It’s plan to see that Konshens got the message. He may be on top of the game now, but he’s not one of those “likkle entertainers” who lose sight of the fact that their opportunities came from icons before him. The Dancehall artist recent single, “Icon,” on the Bad Bounce riddim, pays tribute to a long list of certified icons, all of whom helped “put the spotlight on we island” and established the worldwide success of Jamaican music.Audio & Photo Gallery After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Ninja Man “Gweh (Wi Nuh Taste N Buy)”

Nuh Bwoy Lip An Tongue Can Go On Di Don Gorgon Rizzlaninja

Di original Don Gorgon, Gun Gorgon , Gun Pon Teeth jumps on the Pop Style Riddim to show these yutes he’s still a force to be reckoned with. The King of Sting makes it known that no bwoy lip and tongue can touch his rizzla and he’s no carbon copy badman who born overnight. Ninja Man never left, Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Ninja Man Meets Tommy Lee at Sting Offices

The Don Gorgon Drops Knowledge On The Gaza Spartan

“Me no come yah fi kill you. Me wan’ see you rise,” Ninja Man told Tommy Lee yesterday when visited the Supreme Promotions, the promoters of the annual boxing day stage show Sting. Of all the artists to work Sting over the years, Ninja has to be considered the year-to-year crowd favorite, so it was fitting that he take time out to school Tommy Lee as he prepares for his first appearance on the big stage. The Don Gorgon offer the young DJ all sorts of advice: “You have to straighten out that Demon ting yah.” Flipping into Brother Desmond mode, Ninja advised Tommy of his social responsibility: “Youth you have a responsibility to guide the young generation to the right destination.” Ninja also spoke on Tommy Lee’s lyrics: “Go back go listen listen Ninja Man dem and Papa San dem inna the years and hear how much lyrics them put in song. Ah that music short of right now.” Ninja even reminisced about his epic clashes with Super Cat (“The ting with me and Super Cat. That night is the first night my foot ever shake on the stage”) and even the infamous clash with Vybz Kartel (“That was of the past and let bygones be bygones.”) Video After The Jump…

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Bounty Killer Hearing Whispers About Tommy Lee

The Warlord Does Not Like What He’s Hearing—Sting Promoters Respond On Twitter

With the diss records flying back and forth and anticipation building about the big clash at this year’s Sting, it seems like fans of Tommy Lee and Bounty Killer are getting overexcited. Earlier today Bounty Killer took to Twitter to speak on whispers he’s hearing from Tommy Lee’s hometown of Montego Bay. It seems that Sparta loyalists are talking reckless about what will happen to the Warlord when he comes to MoBay. It doesn’t help matters that Tommy Lee went on Hype TV and talked about physically attacking Killer on the stage at Sting, just like his mentor Vybz Kartel (and his entourage) did to Ninja Man in 2003. That was an infamous moment in dancehall history that nobody wants to see happen again—least of all the promoters of Sting, who have been struggling to confirm the main attractions for this year’s show. Needless to say they are doing their best to tamp down the hostilities, while still promoting a show that’s known for epic clashes. It’s a fine line to walk. Find out who said what to who After the Jump… Read more »