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HEAR THIS: Major Lazer ft. PartyNextDoor & Nicki Minaj “Run Up”

HEAR THIS: Major Lazer ft. PartyNextDoor & Nicki Minaj "Run Up"

In Which Nicki Suffers a Patois Malfunction

Major Lazer dropped their latest Tropical House sureshot today, a musical thing called “Run Up” featuring OVO’s resident yardman PartyNextDoor alongside Nicki Minaj.  “It’s always important for us to work with people who are on the same wave,” Diplo said in a statement. “Nicki and Party really helped us bring the classic Major Lazer style to create this perfect party record.” Nicki’s verse hints that the Trini-by-way-of-Queens pop star is now working on her fourth album. Barb’s bars include her usual femcee-baiting and designer-label-name-dropping as well as charming non-sequiturs like “I don’t put sugar in my spaghetti sauce.” Even more confusing is her foray into Jamaican patois, highlighted by the song’s official lyric video: “Fire Bun The Obea[sic] Man Church,” she spits at one point, an apparent nod to Beenie Man’s “Betta Learn,” a 1999 selection on Shocking Vibes’ Bada Bada juggling from back in the days when Capleton and Moses were going hard at each other. The original lyric is actually “Fire burn up the obeah man shirt,” a criticism of certain Rasta DJ’s tendency to “burn out” all forms of corruption. But hey, it’s 2017 —maybe obeah men now have churches which they’re setting on fire. “Run Up” did 350K+ on Youtube its first day, so who cares if Nicki’s patois is a little shaky? The tune still ah shot. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Mavado Speaks: “Our Thing Legendary… We Go On The Top Ourselves”

Mavado Speaks: "Our Thing Legendary... We Go On The Top Ourselves"

The Gully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting 

How happy was Mavado to be back home at Sting 2013? Well, he didn’t mind throwing his $1700 gold-plated Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers into the audience as a way of letting his fans know he appreciated theirGully Gad Gives It All To The Fans At Sting warm welcome. (The Gully Gad did not, however, fling his iced-out Jacob the Jeweler cross into the crowd.) Finishing his set in sock feet, Mavado made it clear that he might have been all over the world repping reggae and dancehall music, but his heart is always in Jamaica. Soon after leaving the stage he sat down with Reshma B to put the whole thing in perspective: “You done know our thing legendary yunno. I mean, remember, we are not artists that people try to make up and try to promote and try to put up on top. We go on the top ourselves. We becomes generals. We becomes leaders of this school ourselves. Nobody. No additive. No nothing. Just natural… So the fans nah go do nuttin but just love we.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Smif N Wessun ft Junior Reid “Solid Ground” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Smif N Wessun ft Junior Reid “Solid Ground” Official Music Video

Boot Camp Vets Stand Firm With Mr. “One Blood”

In the past couple of months, a wave of reggae collaborations has surfaced across genres of music—from the lover’s rock of Shaggy’s “You Girl” featuring Ne-Yo to A$AP Ferg saluting “Shabba Ranks” to Nicki Minaj and Busta Rhymes providing dance lessons with “Twerk It” to Selena Gomez trying to walk “Like A Champion” in Buju Banton’s footsteps. Some collaborations represent sheer genius while others lean on loud yelling and Ja-fakin’ accents. The best usually feature a reggae artist’s vocals, giving the tracks authenticity. Case in point: Boot Camp Clik’s Smif N Wessun (General Steele & Tek) have paid homage to reggae music ever since their inception. Their classic “Sound Bwoy Bureill,” from their 1995 debut album, Dah Shinin, painted on a canvas of echoes from old-school dancehall verbal artillery. The verbal brushstrokes of Fuzzy Jones’s  intro and Smif N’ Wessun’s use of Jamaican patois-infused rap, create a masterpiece of hip-hop reggae fusion that could only have been birthed in Brooklyn. This warning was also sampled on Kanye West smash hit, “Mercy” in 2012. “Sound Bwoy Buriell” also features lyrics from Buju Banton’s “Boom Bye Bye” making it a BoOM tune by far! Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Mavado ft. Nicki Minaj “Give It All To Me” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Mavado ft. Nicki Minaj "Give It All To Me" Official Music Video

And Now For Some Next Level Shit

Ever since we heard that big Mavado & Nicki tune on the Overdrive riddim, visions of an ill video have been dancing in our heads. Well the Gully Gaad stopped by BET’s 106 & Park today with DJ Khaled to premiere tbe video and it’s every bit as jiggy as we imagined it would be. Expensive whips? Check. Jamaican flags? Check. Wining pon headtop? Check. Multiple wig colors? Check.  (Justus we see you!) OK so maybe the trailer suggested that this Grizz Lee epic might have a bit more of a plot, but why quibble?  The tune is on point and Stulla + Barbz = a good look for dancehall overall. The only bad part is that Roach isn’t here to enjoy it all. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Justus Arison Speaks on Patrick “Roach” Samuels’ Musical Legacy

Justus Arison Speaks on Patrick "Roach" Samuels' Musical Legacy

Remembering A Fallen Soldier In The Music Business

The video for Mavado & Nicki Minaj‘s “Give It All To Me” is scheduled to premiere today on BET’s 106 & Park. The song, which is featured on DJ Khaled‘s new album Suffering From Success, represents a major milestone in the rise of reggae music in 2013. It’s one of the best collaborations between two superstars from the genres of dancehall and hip-hop. But for the song’s producer Justus Arison of JA Productions, today will be a bittersweet celebration because his friend and partner Patrick “Roach” Samuels will not be able to celebrate with him. Last month Roach was shot to death in a still-unsolved murder in Kingston, Jamaica. Roach’s murder has left the whole dancehall industry in shock. Justus had been working with him closely as their productions—particularly the Overproof, Overtime, and Overdrive riddims—ushered in a whole new feel and sound within dancehall. Justus and Mavado recently joined forces to pay tribute to Roach with their song “Soldiers.” He spoke with Boomshots about Roach’s musical legacy, and how he plans to go on in the future without his friend. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mavado “Give It All To Me” Music Video Teasers

WATCH THIS: Mavado "Give It All To Me" Music Video Teasers

Here’s a Sneak Peek to Get Your Mind Right

Ever since that Overdrive Riddim dropped with the big Mavado / Nicki Minaj collabo, heads have been clamoring for a video. And now it appears that their wishes will come true. Check out these behind-the-scenes clips from the video shooot, which went down a few weeks ago in NYC. How sick is this finished video gonna be? Keep it locked on Boomshots for the first look. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Mavado ft. Nicki Minaj “Give It All To Me”

The Gully Gad Links With Onika Tanya Maraj NIckiMavado2BOOM

Just in time for Notting Hill Carnival and one week ahead of the big Labor Day bash in Brooklyn, the Gully God blesses us a crucial new combination: Mavado alongside Nicki. Yep that’s Miss Superbass Starships herself spitting dancehall bars. We already knew NIcki was a bashment girl at heart, and now the Trini-born multiplatinum pop star is taking this whole “Island Pop” concept to new heights. And Nicki’s not just chatting some nice & decent DJ bars, she even sings one of those soaring hooks that make all the Barbz bruk out. Looks like We The Best has another hit on its hands. Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Busta Rhymes “Twerk It” Remix ft. Vybz Kartel, Ne-Yo, T.I., Jeremih & French Montana

Bussa Bus And Friends Get It Poppin
Busta Rhymes has always repped for his Caribbean culture but with his new “Twerk It” Remix he’s taken things to a whole next level. Getting Vybz Kartel’s voice on the Pharrell-produced track was a nifty trick, and the Werlboss kills it. T.I. and French Montana spit dutty bars and even R&B thugs Ne-Yo and Jeremih sound right at home with the bashment vibes. Expect more yard flavor on Busta’s forthcoming album E.L.E.2. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Busta Rhymes ft. Nicki Minaj “Twerk It” Official Music Video

Bussa Buss and Barbz Inna Mad Sittin

Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj are two hip-hop stars who have consistently shown their love for dancehall culture. It comes out in little ways sometimes, a touch of slang here, a collabo there. So when the two of them linked up to make a straight-up dancehall record the results were explosive. And now here’s the video that tuns the whole thing up till it buck. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: French Montana Ft. Nicki Minaj “Freaks”

French Montana and Nicki inna Dancehall Styleefrench


Lil’ Vicious said it best, “Some gyal a freak a di week,” and French Montana with the help of the ever so seductive Nicki Minaj reminds us with French’s latest cut aptly titled “Freaks.” What makes this cut special (other than Nicki’s outfit or lack there of) is that it samples not one but two of dancehall’s most renowned tunes, “Murder She Wrote” from Chaka Demus and Pliers and obviously “Freak” from Lil’ Vicious which producer Rico Love combines into one hot track. Check The Vid Along With Some Old School Flava After The Jump… Read more »

Nick Minaj Loves To Bruk It Down

Mr. Vegas “Bruk It Down” Is The Official Barbz’ Bashment Anthem
Last week Nicki Minaj made the rounds on New York radio promoting her latest release, Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up. While chatting with DJ Prostyle on Power 105, the Trini-born first lady of YMCMB talked about her favorite dancehall jam right now: “Bruk It Down” by Mr. Vegas. “Oh I get so crazy,” Nicki said of the tune. “Every time that song comes on you gotta turn around and look at your ass getting real crazy.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Interview: Reasoning With Beenie Man

The Doctor Speaks On Gay Listeners, Nicki Minaj, and Why He Can’t Be Compared to Mavado and Kartel

Remember that tune where Beenie Man says “Me lose me visa but everything nice”? Well let’s just say that everything’s much nicer now that he’s got the visa (and work permit) back. Beenie’s electric performance at Grooving in the Park this past weekend was his first live show in New York since U.S. authorities revoked the his visa along with several other top dancehall acts in April 2010, effectively cutting them off from their U.S. audience. But the Doctor has stayed in the mix, collaborating with Nicki Minaj, touring Africa, and preparing to release a double album under his own MD Entertainment brand, appropriately titled The King In Control. Before the Doctor mashed up the Strictly Boomshots show at Miss Lily’s, we kicked it at the Complex offices. He spoke about working with Nicki Minaj, static with DJ Khaled, the  backlash from his famous video statement renouncing homophobic lyrics, and why he’s closer to Michael Jackson and Bob Marley than a lot of these so-called superstars. Read more »