After A Medical Scare The “Rasta Rock” Chanter Has Got His Mojo Back

This past October Mr. Mojo, the youngest member of Morgan Heritage, collapsed during a Miami recording session and was rushed to the hospital. After recuperating from his illness, he’s back with newfound energy and a new record deal at Krian Music Group, the same indy label that’s now home to dead prez and Richie Loop. “After fighting through a near life threatening encounter, as I did last month, you tend to revamp your outlook on life,” Mojo said in a statement. “My single ‘New Dawn’ has become more relevant in my personal life. I hope to provide listeners with a vehicle to always look on the brighter side of a bad situation and the song gives me a second chance at doing just that.” Mojo calls his sound “Rasta Rock,” a blend of reggae, alternative, and hip-hop with a Top 40 twist. “New Dawn” samples Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” and features an uplifting hook from Mojo’s big brother Peetah. Audio & Lyric Video After The Jump… Read more »