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HEAR THIS: Konshens “Don’t Worry”

HEAR THIS: Konshens "Don't Worry"

Da Realest Declares His Undying Love

Fresh off a live performance with Mixpak during a recent Boiler Room session in Los Angeles, Konshens Da Realest laces a vibesy R&B-flavored riddim produced by Dre Skull. The result is a tune suitable for slow wining that still makes the case for true love. “This don’t even feel like a fuck thing,” declares the DJ who gave us “Bruk Off Me Cock Back,” “more like our soul ah connect girl.” When the love’s that good you just know you don’t have to worry. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Spice talks Culture Clash and Why She Doesn’t Want You To Call Her Queen of the Dancehall

Spice talks Culture Clash and Why She Doesn't Want You To Call Her Queen of the Dancehall

Just Call The Mad Gyal “Queen of the Stage”

One day before the Red Bull Culture Clash, Reshma B sat down with  Spice for an exclusive Boomshots interview. As usual the Mad Gyal and the Reggae Girl About Town kept it 100% real. In the first segment of their epic 3-part reasoning session, they speak about Spice’s huge international fanbase, her latest tunes to touch the road, and how to do the “Indicator” dance. In the second segment, they speak about whether Vybz Kartel is the new King of the Dancehall, what that means for Beenie Man, and why she doesn’t want to be called the Queen of the Dancehall. As usual the Mad Gyal and the Reggae Girl About Town kept it 100% real. In the third and final segment of their epic reasoning session, Spice shares her thoughts on the Red Bull Culture Clash, how she will do whatever it takes to win, and why Mixpak’s dancehall lineup should not be considered “under dogs” since Jamaica originated the whole clash culture. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Mixpak Wins Red Bull Culture Clash

Mixpak Wins Red Bull Culture Clash

A Big Assist From Popcaan & Drizzy Drake

Friday night at London’s O2 Arena four sound systems representing Dancehall, Hip Hop, UK Garage and Grime battled before a 20,000 seat venue for the 2016 staging of Red Bull Culture Clash. Wiley’s Eskimo Dance and UK Garage All-Stars featuring So Solid Crew had the place rocking with the hometown hits, and Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang linked with Supa Dups and Black Chiney Sound to drop some big dubplates, but in end Brooklyn NY’s Mixpak sound who took the trophy with support from dancehall stars Tony Matterhorn, Spice, Kranium, and Popcaan. The Unruly Boss sealed the win in the final round with a Drizzy Drake dub plate of One Dance that done the place. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Stream Popcaan’s Debut Album “Where We Come From”

Stream Popcaan's Debut Album "Where We Come From"

Preview Papi’s Full LP Before You Head Over To iTunes & Support Di Ting

“Popcaan is something of an unlikely hero in the world of dancehall,” writes National Public Radio’s Natalie Wiener of the Jamaican star, whose debut album got a big boost from America’s offiicial government broadcast. “He grew up in the Jamaican projects without becoming a hard-edged “rude boy.” And he’s neither crooner nor spitfire MC — instead, he stands happily between those extremes. The deejay’s debut album, Where We Come From, is equal parts dancefloor anthems and “conscious” tunes about Jamaican life, unified by breezy, fresh production from Brooklyn’s Dre Skull. He’s known to family and fans alike as the “Unruly Boss,” not so much for bad behavior as for a fierce independent streak, manifest in his idiosyncratic vernacular, style and music. Audio, Video & Production Notes After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Popcaan: “Anybody Who Says Dancehall Dead, Them is a Living Dead”

Reasoning with Popcaan: "Anybody Who Says Dancehall Dead, Them is a Living Dead"

The Unruly Boss Kicks It With Complex About His New Album, “Where We Come From”

Popcaan’s debut album is a powerful piece of work that might just bridge that gap between his local audience and his newfound international fans. “WWCF” presents a whole different side of the artist formerly known as “The Raving King.” In his first major interview for the record, Popcaan chats with Reshma B about balancing his local audience and his international fans, why he linked with his former rival Mavado, going to a go-go club with Pusha T, and shares his thoughts on the Vybz Kartel verdict. Here comes the Unruly Boss, straight up—or as he would put it, “Tr8.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Popcaan “Everything Nice” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Popcaan "Everything Nice" Official Music Video

Jah Cure, Gyptian, Mavado, and Ace Hood Join Papi As He Goes On A High-Grade Flight

Popcaan has been poppin’ for so long it’s hard to believe that The Raving King has yet to release a proper album, but that will change this May when his debut LP drops on Mixpak Records. Months ago we brought you the first single, “Everything Nice,” a somewhat sullen slow-burner produced by Dubbel Dutch, in which Papi contemplates mortality while sipping Henny and blazing high-grade. Now comes the music video, in which director Jay Will gets it poppin in a Hype Williams minimalist style. Iyah Cure, Gyppy, and the Gully Gaad (plus his rap bredren Ace Hood) pass through to show love. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Everything Nice”

HEAR THIS: Popcaan "Everything Nice"

The First Single Off Papi’s Debut Album

Don’t be deceived by the title—everyTING is not as nice as it may appear at first glance. Sure Popcaan may be the raving king, but why does he rave? “Me nuh when me go inna the grave,” he sang on one of his best-known party tunes, “so right now me ravin.” On this Dubbel Dutch production, Popcaan peppers the airy, atmospheric track with pensive thoughts about the people who work hard, all who gone to the morgue, or wish R.I.P. to a loved one. “Put your cups dem high,” the Hotskull intones. It’s a celebration, bitches. Popcaan’s debut album is due out on Mixpak records early next year. The key concept? “Bittersweet blissfulness.” Get your mind right.  Audio After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Dre Skull ft. Megan James & Popcaan “First Time”

Purity Ring Singer x Gaza Hotskull x MikPak Production = Maad Vibez

Megan James has a voice like an angel. Her work with the cutting-edge Canadian electro act Purity Ring has made her kind of a big deal in certain circles, or so @Harmonicait tells us. Here she links with BK’s own Dre Skull, who brings his bonafide bredren Popcaan to the party—you know, Mr. Hotskull, Fry Yiy, Bwoil Brainz—and de ting shot like an M-16. Question: What’s more exciting than witnessing the birth of a fresh new sound? Answer: Not much. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Popcaan “So We Do It” Official Video

Mixpak Rolls Out Another Banger
When the Hotskull and Dre Skull join forces good things happen. Behold the latest example of this principle: A maaad new video of Papi on the Kling Klang riddim, showing off all types of motorbike stunts courtesy of Jamaica’s own “Crazy Bikers” crew. Ah just so them do it.
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Dre Skull Speaks On The Making Of Vybz Kartel’s “Kingston Story”

The Mixpak Records Boss Talks About Recording An Album With The Werlboss

Earlier this week VICE Records released Kingston Story Deluxe, Vybz Kartel’s first full album with a single producer. That producer is Dre Skull, the founder of Brooklyn-based Mixpak Records, which released the album digitally last year. Boomshots caught up with Dre Skull to get the lowdown on how broke into the game and his reflections on working with dancehall’s most wanted. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel ft. Action Bronson “Money” Remix

The Werlboss And  The Mad Albanian Genius Team Up For A Brand New Remix

“It’s all about making that money while I’m in the limelight,” said Vybz Kartel in an interview last year—before he was jailed on two counts of murder. “At the end of the day, when I retire, I want to know that I retired with enough money to take care of my family. Because I was born poor and I can die poor. But as long as my family’s okay and my kids are good, I’m good. I don’t take nothing that is happening in the music business personal. It’s just business to me. If I can capitalize on it, that’s what I’m going to do and make that extra buck.” Even now that he’s behind bars, Kartel’s business keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. The Werlboss just released his long-awaited book, and soon a deluxe edition of his album Kingston Story—produced last year by Mixpak Records—will be out on VICE Records, boasting a few never-before-heard tracks like “Money,” On this brand-new Dre Skull remix, it sounds like Action Bronson hit the Volcano before he stepped up to the mic—maaad. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Beenie Man “Hot Like Fire” Video

The Doctor Has Plenty Of Patients Who Need Treatment

When Beenie talks, the girls listen—and then they start with the nonstop wining. Want proof? Just check out this video for his tune on the big bad Loudspeaker riddim. Mixpak productions pulled out all the stops on this one, hiring some of the hottest dancers on the island—from the inimitable Mystic Davis to Carline Brown, Remeisha Richards, Shanique Williams, Ashleigh Martin, and Latoya Malcolm. Their wardrobe and styling is crazy and the high-def cinematography is off the chain. You’ve got to see this one to believe it. It’s all about the girls.
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