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WATCH THIS: Denyque “Make Me Believe You” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Denyque "Make Me Believe You" Official Music Video

Her Name Is Denyque And She Doesn’t Believe You

Denyque Dontre’s first song, called “Can’t Breathe,” dropped back in 2009 and she’s been taking our breath away ever since. The beautiful and brainy singer / songwriter (and former Rum Cream model) is about to drop an EP called Her Name Is Denyque with production by Daseca, Big Ship, and Ricky Blaze. So when she says it’s gonna be “Sure fire” believe that. Consider this video, for a song produced by Di Genius, an early warning shot. They don’t call her “supergirl” for nothing. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Denyque “Make Me Believe You”

If You Can’t Tell The Truth, Could You At Least Do A Better Job Lying?

It’s been a minute since we heard something new from Denyque Dontrae, a.k.a. Supergirl. She first caught our attention a couple of years ago with her Jeremy Harding–produced single “Hooked On Me,” a tragically slept-on pop masterpiece. Now the brainy beauty is back with a Stephen McGregor jam that looks at affairs of the heart with a very unromantic eye. In this song she’s way past expecting this man to tell the truth, but she wouldn’t mind if he a bit more effort into his lies and alibis. Love is not a game—if ya don’t know, you might be getting played.  Audio After The Jump…
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