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Macka Diamond: Diamonds Are Forever

Macka Diamond: Diamonds Are Forever

 Macka Diamond Keeps Getting Better With Time

Dancehall artist Macka Diamond plans to take her career to the next level in 2017.  With the release of a new single, “25 inches,” her signature high-pitched, breathy vocals sound more fierce than ever. The dancehall arena is for the survival of the fittest and Macka shows that she is fully equipped with promotional photographs in full body paint. Collaborating with the best producers, she aspires to drop a one drop album and embark on a U.S. Tour. This diamond shows clearly shows that she is cut by a cloth of longevity. We spoke to Macka Diamond about how she became an empowered woman in dancehall. Interview After The Jump

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Easter Bun Playlist

Easter Bun Playlist

A Multi-Genre Playlist With Songs About Infidelity

Easter represents a religious holiday with many associated traditions such as Easter eggs, baskets and bonnets. In the Caribbean, “Bun and Cheese” usually consist of one slice of a sharp, cheddar cheese encased between two slices of sweet, fruit bread. Besides a delicious holiday pastry, “Bun and Cheese” is an analogy for a love triangle and the term “Bun” itself  connotes cheating. There are a plethora of songs that describe various aspects of “Bun,” such as the physical attraction, excitement, lust, spontaneity, the heartache, the mental anguish, the retaliation and the irreversibility. This is a dancehall, reggae and rhythm and blues playlist of 11 songs that address the aforementioned phenomena. Playlist After The Jump

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R.I.P. Sting: The End of an Era in Dancehall

R.I.P. Sting: The End of an Era in Dancehall

Remembering The Greatest One Night Reggae and Dancehall Show on Earth

When the history of dancehall music is written, 2016 will go down as the year when mainstream stars took over the worldwide pop charts using Jamaican styles and sounds. It will also be remembered as the first Boxing Day in over three decades that went down with a staging of Sting. Sad to say the legendary stage show that has seen some of the most talked about performances—and lyrical clashes—in dancehall history is no more. Just three years after celebrating Sting’s 30th anniversary with a star-studded lineup that included the return of the Don Dada Super Cat, American artists 2 Chainz and Wyclef Jean, and an epic clash between Lady Saw and Macka Diamond, Sting founder Isaiah Laing has called it quits. Despite pledging in years past that “if I am alive there will be Sting,”  Laing made it official on Jamaican television’s popular show OnStage, saying that Sting has not made money in several years—despite significant investment from the likes of Josef Bogdanovich, who has since moved on to revamp another great Jamaican festival, Reggae Sumfest. Laing and his longtime partner Heavy D further noted that the artists who are big enough to draw a crowd are not willing to perform on the show. The clashes that made Sting a sort of musical heavyweight bout eventually came to be its undoing. Who can forget the time when Popcaan had to shove Blak Ryno off the stage because the other artist was “somehow” given a live microphone and allowed to rush the stage during Popcaan’s solo set back in 2012? These types of antics eventually take their toll on artist loyalty. Whether Sting will ever come back is anybody’s guess. Talk of a gospel festival sounds like a major departure from the hardcore format we have come to know and love. For the sake of those who don’t know—and the pleasure of those who do—Boomshots takes a moment to remember the best Sting had to offer. Memories After The Jump… Read more »

Dancehall & Soca Stars For “Woman Is Boss” Stage Show

Dancehall & Soca Stars For "Woman Is Boss" Stage Show

In preparing for an event, most women go through a ritual grooming process. This usually involves first making sure hair, nails and eyebrows are groomed and then selecting the outfit, accessories, make-up and fragrance fit for the occasion. However, after all is said and done, confidence is the accessory that stands out the most. This is perhaps why confident women who slightly deviate from the world standard of how a woman should look and act, are appealing to most audiences. “Woman is Boss,” is a concert promoted by Hi-Tech Promotions showcasing four fearsome boss ladies in reggae and soca.  Featured Artists After The Jump…

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Macka Diamond Defiant After Lady Saw Clash “You’re A Hater”

Macka Diamond Defiant After Lady Saw Clash "You're A Hater"

Defiant Miss Dye Dye Resfuses to Say Die

Beaten but unbowed, Macka Diamond was chilling in the parking lot outside Jamworld following her highly anticipated clash with Lady Saw. Although the audience chose Muma Saw as the decisive winner, Macka explained that she felt victorious because she proved she was not a coward by stepping onstage to face the Queen of the Dancehall after all the diss records and Twitter beef. Macka vows that their lyrical war is just beginning, but it looks like she may not be in such a rush to get that crowd after all, as she says… “If that crown make me so unhappy, me no want it.” Video After The Jump…

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Lady Saw Speaks on Sting Clash “Bye Bye Macka”

Lady Saw Speaks on Sting Clash "Bye Bye Macka"

The Queen Defends Her Crown

The 30th anniversary staging of Sting offered many highlights, from the return of Super Cat to Tommy Lee’s courageous comeback after a near-fatal car crash and international stars like Wyclef Jean and 2Chainz. In the clash department, Kiprich battled Blak Ryno for a US$30,000 prize, but nothing could match the raw energy and excitement of Lady Saw’s long-awaited head-to-head confrontation with Macka Diamond. After weeks of diss songs, Twitter beef, interviews and speculation, these two dancehall stars put on their solider gear and war paint and launched into lyrical combat. Shortly after her decisive triumph, the Queen of the Dancehall sat down with Boomshots to share her thoughts on the clash—and why she says it will be her last. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Will Lady Saw & Macka Battle At Sting?

Will Lady Saw & Macka Battle At Sting?

Twitter War Sets The Stage For Epic Clash At The World’s One-Day Reggae Show

Around this time every year tensions between artists get hotter and hotter—it’s the run up to Sting and the heat is in the air. Looks like it’s about to get fierce. Over the past week or so Lady Saw & Macka Diamond have been sparring on Twitter (click through the gallery above for a raw and uncut recap) and there has been talk of a lyrical clash on the big stage of Sting. This is the second year in a row that Macka has been in this situation. Last year she was caught in a war of words against Spice in the run-up to Sting 2012 and the promoters had billed them both for the headline clash. But then on the big night the clash did not happen. Spice was there—along with a donkey dressed as Macka’s “twin” but Macka herself did not take the stage. She later explained that she had a schedule conflict—but that didn’t stop Macka coming back with an answer song addressing Spice’s donkey stunt. Lady Saw did not attend Sting last year. Her energies where focused on her smash hit single “Heels On,” which was taking over the island. But after hearing Macka’s recent diss track and getting into it on Twitter (see above)  it seems like the Queen of the Dancehall is raring to go. And now that Macka has officially been added to the Sting lineup, the stage is set for a Battle Royale. If Saw’s recent tune “Lef Dancehall” or her performance at the Barclays center in NYC this past labor day weekend is any indication, Mumma Saw ain’t playing around. Saw has said in the past that she would never clash, but it seems Macka has gotten on her nerves. Will the Queen get down and dirty to defend her crown? Will Miss Dye Dye shock the world and stand up to Muma Saw? So many questions—and the only answers are to be found on the big stage at Jamworld. If you can’t make it down to Jamaica this December 26th, don’t worry yourself. You can catch all the action on Pay-Per-View TV or via webstreeam. Just hit up the official BringTheSting site for details.

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HYPE TV Top 20 Countdown: RDX Takes the Top Spot

RDX is Finally Catching Up to the Rest
It has been quite some time since RDX has been at the number one spot. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working for it. The Dancehall group have been on the HYPE TV countdown for 16 weeks with their single, “Broad Out,” and moved to the top of the list a lot quicker than others have. RDX’s “Broad Out,” is the ultimate Dancehall video with a bumping beat, plenty of lovely, rump shaking ladies and of course, RDX’s catchy lyrics. Fans truly enjoy the single & RDX’s music and it definitely helps when they performed live at Reggae Sumfest this year & killed it. Check out “Broad Out,” after the jump. Read more »

2013 Reggae Sumfest Attracts Thousands to Montego Bay

Dancehall Nights Kicks Off Tomorrow—Who is Going to Shell Down Sumfest This Year?


Reggae Sumfest has been taking place for 20 years and every year has out done the last. Last year, Reggae veteran, Shabba Ranks, wowed fans with his first performance in a decade. Trey Songz brought his sex appeal to Sumfest 2012 and had fans swooning in the crowd. R. Kelly performed his ultimate hit, “Bump N’ Grind,” in a rare acapella style. Quite the event, it may seem as if Reggae Sumfest 2o12 can’t be topped but this 21st year of Reggae Sumfest is already turning to be unforgettable and it hasn’t even begun yet.

With a line-up that includes returning artists, Damian Marley, Aidonia, Popcaan and newcomers, Miguel, Flo Rida, Ashley Martin and many more, there’s no telling what will be in store for the concert-goers. It has already been confirmed that I-Octane will be closing Dancehall Night and Jah Cure will be closing International Night One. Macka Diamond and Lady Saw will both be at Reggae Sumfest so there might be some healthy competition between the two for fans to enjoy. Popular Reggae artist, Beres Hammond, is also in the line-up and concert attendees are excited to see him perform tracks off of his newest album, One Love, One LifeAnd then there is always the special guests, surprise performances and unexpected stage antics. Reggae Sumfest 2013 has a line-up that will have thousands of fans anxiously waiting for the next Sumfest.

Though Reggae Sumfest is this week, it isn’t too late to buy yourself a ticket to join in the festivities! Check out the entire line-up in the photo gallery.

HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Holds His Spot At The Top

Mavado Doesn’t Budge as His Competition Moves Down the List


Mavado is holding his spot at number one for a second week in a row and it seems like he isn’t going anywhere! Di Genius has been heating up the charts, the radio stations and clubs with his single, “Money Box (Box of Money),” and he hasn’t even released a video for it yet! As others like Macka Diamond and I-Octane and Bounty Killer move down the list, Mavado stands strong! Check out the countdown after the jump! 

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BBC 1Xtra Tells The Sting Story

Reshma B Reports From The World’s Greatest One-Night Reggae Show – Sting 2012

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HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Takes the Number 1 Spot

 I-Octane & Bounty Killer Slip to Number 2 as Mavado Seizes the Crown
Mavado has slowly been creeping up the countdown for quite some time now; 14 weeks to be exact and he didn’t stop until he made it to number one. Now that he has taken the top spot, we must wait and see how long his fans can keep him there. Especially since I-Octane and Macka Diamond are not too far behind! Check out the countdown after the jump! Read more »