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PREMIERE: Ricky Blaze Presents The “Boom Riddim”

PREMIERE: Ricky Blaze Presents The "Boom Riddim"

Featuring Mr. Easy, Mr. Lexx, Cecile, and Majah Hype as “Mitzy”

Everything about Ricky Blaze’s brand-new Boom Riddim, which Boomshots proudly premieres today, screams classic dancehall. Just take a look at the artwork. If you don’t know why the yellow coloring is lighter at the corners of the square then you don’t know much about true dancehall culture. When you carry mad disco 12-inches inside your crate, and spend years flipping through them in the heat of the dance, sometimes the corners will get a little bit worn. As a matter of fact, that worn look is actually a badge of respect. Just as long as the disc inside stays nice and crispy, you’re good. Speaking of which, let’s get to the music itself, which is reminiscent of the late 80s early 90s that used to rock BK’s Biltmore Ballroom, fresh from yard. Ricky Blaze cooked up this particular digital riddim in his East Flatbish basement studio—the same humble soundlab that birthed timeless sounds like Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh,” Kartel’s “Touch a Button Nuh” and Ding Dong’s “Badman Forward”—and he knew just the right artists to voice for this particular mood and feel. So he reached out to veterans like Mr. Easy “Like Sunday Morning” himself as well as Mr. Lexx aka Lexxus and dancehall’s original Bad Gyal, Cecile. There’s also a next bad gyal in the juggling—she goes by the name of Mitzy. You’re just going to have to listen with your own ears to see what she’s dealing with.  No more long talking, time to let Mr. Blaze Blaze it up.   Audio After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas & Mr. Lexx “Do It For The Cam” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas & Mr. Lexx "Do It For The Cam" Official Music Video

What Would You Do To Be The Star? How Far Would You Go?

After Lexxus and Vegas told the world “Some gyal nuh ready fi di video light yet,” why do some people insist on keeping up foolishness just to splash all over YouTube, Instagram, and even Vine. Sure they might cop a plea and claim say they “ain’t gon’ do it,” then the next thing you know there they are getting reposted and retweeted. So Mr. Vegas had to link up with Dag Diggy (aka “Cratches King”) once again to take a light-hearted look at the crazy things that happen when the camera phones turn on. Some a dem still hype although hypness nuh fit them—uzeet? Video After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Major Lazer Feat. Lexxus & Santigold “Hold The Line”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Major Lazer Feat. Lexxus & Santigold "Hold The Line"

Lazer, Lexxus & Santi Make Yuh Just Shake Like A Nokia

It’s undeniable that 2013 was a huge year for Major Lazer, selling out show after show and being on the production credits of many huge albums their name and fan base has definitely grown. There was a time however when only a select few were privy to the unique sound of Major Lazer, let’s say around the 2009 right before the Vybz Kartel assisted “Pon De Floor” ravaged the airwaves (and our eyes, if you saw the video) there was another tune entitled “Hold The Line.” Lazer pegged dancehall star Lexxus and rapper/singer Santigold a combination at the time no one saw coming, but given the collaborations Lazer have had over the years this was one of the more tamer ones. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer “Hold The Line” video

Diplo snags 2009 MTV Video Music Awards “Breakthrough Video” nod.

For the first time in history, a quasi-dancehall tune is in the running for the Breakthrough Video award at the VMAs.

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Just Kickin’ It At Irie Jam’s Celebrity Soccer Match

Artiste All-Stars defeated in a shoot out… Ajamu shoots all the action.

Don’t watch the pretty smile—when it comes to football, Spice is not rampin’.

It just wouldn’t be summer without the Irie Jam Celebrity Soccer Match, one of the coolest places to meet and greet your favorite reggae stars in a relaxed setting. One week ago today the 10th Anniversary showdown went down in Roy Wilikins Park in Queens, co-sponsored by the late great Asylum Nightclub. As you’ll see after the jump, an irie time was had by all (and the ladies in the crowd were stylin’ extra hard). We woulda posted these shots for you sooner but these biting blogs out here got us watermarking each and every one of Ajamu’s priceless images. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Major Lazer “Hold The Line” REMIX Santigold & Mr. Lexx featuring Cham… “Call Mi”

All circuits are busy now. Please wheel and come again.

You probably heard about Diplo and Switch, how they’ve been cooking up a batch of futuristic dancehall bangers. Read more »