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Lenny Kravitz on Bob Marley: “He Was Hardcore With His Love”

Lenny Kravitz on Bob Marley: "He Was Hardcore With His Love"

The Last Living Rock Star Remembers The King of Reggae—And Reveals Why He Cut His Locks

Kids nowadays probably know Lenny Kravitz as that dude in The Hunger Games flicks, but the fact is that he’s one of the last great rock stars walking the planet. When he first came out, shredding his Les Paul and flashing his dreadlocks, haters used to call him a Bob Marley wannabe. But the fact is Lenny had more in common with the Tuff Gong than a hairstyle. The offspring of a black mom and a Jewish dad, he grew up between a Caribbean island (Bahamas, not Jamaica) and the U.S. Although Bob spent less time in Delaware than Lenny did in NYC, the island vibe is a party of his musical identity. Kravitz will rock Webster Hall tonight as part of his Strut tour, so this seemed as good time a time as any to hold a likkle reasoning. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Reggae Got The World Loctite!

Reggae Got The World Loctite!

Adhesive Company Uses Reggae to Market Its Brand to 110 million viewers!

The most entertaining commercials come on during the Superbowl and the Loctite  Superglue Company wins, using reggae music to market its brand in 2015. Loctite spent 4.5 million for a 30 second, first-time, advertising slot during Superbowl XLIX. This is more than the German company usually spends on advertising annually, however with the help of the Fallon agency, Loctite is  trending more than the spectacular game and halftime show. It was a great marketing strategy for the adhesive company, with the Superbowl having an estimated 110 million viewers.  More After The Jump…

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