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HEAR THIS: Cham ft. O “Get Drunk”

HEAR THIS: Cham ft. O "Get Drunk"

Reasoning with Cham: ”No! We never pay! We lawless.”

Whenever the artist who gave us classic cuts like “Ghetto Story” connects with his year-to-year sparring partner Dave Kelly of Madhouse Records, you can expect something wicked. The second official track (after the boasy “Money Wine“) off Cham’s  Lawless album just premiered  on MASS APPEAL. “Get Drunk” is a sexy, fun, flirtatious tune that Cham describes as “a fusion of dancehall and world music.” It’s also the long-awaited return of Miss O, whose previous collabs with Cham—”Back Way,” “Tun Up” and “Wine“—were straight bangers. “She had been kinda staying away from the recording booth for a minute,” says Cham “but I got her to grace her presence on this track which is a good thing.” Cham says he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, which judging by the song may have involved some strong liquor and a few acrobatic positions.    Audio & Interview After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Cham Exclusive “When I’m In The Studio I’m Floating—And I Don’t Smoke”

WATCH THIS: Cham Exclusive "When I'm In The Studio I'm Floating—And I Don't Smoke"

Live From The Reggae Cruise, The Kid Chops It Up With The Reggae Girl About Town

On board the second annual Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise, Boomshots caught up with Cham for an exclusive in-depth interview. We got the inside scoop on Lawless, his first album since the classic Ghetto Story, scheduled to drop in early 2016. (In the meantime you can download the Lawless mixtape after the jump.) “When I’m in the studio I’m floating,” says Cham. “And I don’t smoke—I go wherever I want to go, musically.” Cham also gave us a sneak preview of his latest tunes live—and found out why he and legendary producer Dave Kelly are returning to hardcore dancehall.  He also spoke about his classic cut “Ghetto Story,” and why it resonates all around the globe. Cham broke down how he and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley came to collaborate on the song “Fighter,” what their link means for both artists in the future. Finally Cham gave us some guidelines for living lawless pon di cruise: “No time for resting in the days,” he says. “And in the night we go all flippin’ night.”  Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Cham “Buss Face”

HEAR THIS: Cham "Buss Face"

Yuh Mad? Nuh Care How Dem Bad…

Wow-wow…. The kid is back with a brand new bad-man tune off the forthcoming album #Lawless. You already know Cham is the girls dem pet. But anytime him ready, he can turn on the badness. So don’t perplex the youth tranquility when him hold a meds pon base. As the songs says: “We no stand up an’ trace, we buss a bwoy face.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Cham “Lawless” Video

This Ain’t No Beach Party

 Cham’s “Stripper Pose” video looks like it had to be one of the funnest video shoots ever. Beautiful girls on a beach with big bass cabinets blasting dancehall—what’s not to like? His song “Lawless” video might be on the same Dave Kelly–produced riddim, but the visuals depict totally different situation. It’s a rudeboy tune after all, a block-by-block survey of which neighborhood in Kingston is the maddest and why. We’re talking black bandanas, high-speed chases, outwitting Babylon at every turn. Fasten your seatbelt. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Cham “Lawless”

Cham & The Madhouse Family Drop A Wicked New Badman Tune

Ya dun know Cham’s got the girls locked with “Backshot” and “Tun Up” and “Vitamin S” and all those type of tunes. But please don’t sleep on Cham like he’s some kinda soft-soft lover boy who can’t handle his biz outta road. Seriously—did you forgot about “Ghetto Story” already? Well in case you need a reminder, Cham just let off some wicked new shotta lyrics, shouting out certain areas where they make Kalashnikov sing like guitar. Da one yah ah murder. Audio After The Jump Read more »