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HEAR THIS: Lady Chann “Slew Dem & Dun” Ft. Diesel D-Power

HEAR THIS: Lady Chann "Slew Dem & Dun" Ft. Diesel D-Power

UK Bad Gyal In The Mood For Murderation

If you ever met Chann you wouldn’t ever believe so much fire could come outta her. How can someone who’s so pleasant in person pick up the mic and just murder everyTING? Not that we’re complaining, mind you. Chann’s nice with the lyrics, and her energy is mad as per usual. This time she teams up with grime veteran Diesel D-Power. #Nang. Audio After the Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Lady Chann ”I Duppy Riddim” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Lady Chann ''I Duppy Riddim" Official Music Video

Lady Chann Drops Big Bombs Like She Name Bagdad

You already know!! Spitting lyrics like fire as usual, Chann’s latest tune, “I Duppy Riddim” is a mash-up of London’s underground scene—dancehall with a bit of jungle, D&B, grime and everything in the middle. In short, Chann’s signature style. Since getting her start with London’s Suncycle crew she’s been throwing out cuts like “Your Eye Too Fast,” “Feel Calm” and “Sticky Situation” and collaborating with the likes of Sticky, Toddla T, Durrty Goodz, Manga, Gappy Ranx, Skibadee and Beenie Man. Now, on the heels of her Dun Dem Season Trilogy mixtape the Norweezy native teams up with producer Benny Page on the I Duppy Riddim released on her own label, Dun Dem Records. The tune officially drops July 6 but it’s already getting rinsed on the radio and now there’s eye-popping video. Never afraid to say what’s on her mind, Chann speaks the truth in her tunes. Tracks like “Eye too fast” show she’s not scared to call a guy out on his bad behaviour. But this time around she makes it clear she has “no time for the chit chit chat”—nothing but straight beats and bars. “We Duppy Riddim cyan’t resuscitate we killin’.” As the song states this one is “Fe De Gyal Dem, Fe De Man Dem, Fe De Gyal Dem.” How nang is that? Video After The Jump… Read more »

DOWNLOAD: The Heatwave “Gyal Power” Mixtape

UK Bashment Sound Represents For The Damsels of the Dancehall
The Heatwave are known for getting the ladies lively in London town. Now they’ve created a 100% bashment mixtape designed to harness the awesome natural resource known as ‘Gyal Power.’ From outernational superstars like Adele, Grace Jones and Amy Winehouse to UK femcees like Ms Dynamite and Lady Chann to Jamaican dancehall damsels like Lady Saw, Spice, Macka Diamond, Tifa, Tanya Stephens, Marcia Griffiths, Cecile, Sister Nancy and more. Smart guys know it’s all about the girls. And if you don’t know, you need to download this mixtape urgently. Audio & Downlioad Link After The Jump.. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Lady Chann & Shizzle “Supathug Freestyle” Video

UK Bashment Queen Teams Up with Shizzle For Vicious New Video

When I first heard this girl I felt I could crap my pants at any moment from hearing her chat, and things ain’t really changed on that front! So when this video turned up in my DM inbox I knew I needed to take some personal time out to deal with it. Chann always keeps it real & being a tough cookie hasn’t kept her from keeping feminine and sexy. When Chann and her bredren Shizzle recorded this track over the classic Neptunes beat for her latest mixtape Dun Dem Season: The Trilogy it was decided then and there to shoot a video for it—and how glad are we that she did?!? Chann Is a girl who never forgets who’s been there for her and where she came from. Her loyalties go deep, but don’t sleep. She can take you out with a verse if she has to and its seems like she’s “addressing a few issues” on this one. (“Nuttin’ long.”) Hate is the new love, and we might not know exactly who Chann’s chatting to, but I’m sure they know who they are. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Lady Chann “Feel Calm” Video

Lady Chann Reminds Us How Love Really Feels

When you think of Chann you think, “what lyrics is she murdering now?!” Back when we reasoned with her in the summer she spilled the beans on getting into it with the girls, bad choices of boyfriends, how she went from a Baby to a Lady—and then some! Last month the UK’s finest dancehall Lady released part 3 of her mixtape trilogy “Dun Dem Season,” and vouching from personal experience the launch showed her at her best—on fire—and witnessing her doing her thing LIVE is a whole next experience. The girl sure can spit some lyrics but she forgot to tell us she has a sweet voice too! Singing over the riddim for Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” she tells a tale of a man who’s down for his lady no matter what—and how that makes her feel. If you ain’t got the track already download it below. In the meantime, check out the visuals for “Feel Calm.” Sit back & take the edge off—we all need to do that sometimes. Video after the jump… Read more »

INTERVIEW: Reasoning With Lady Chann

The UK Dancehall Queen Meets The ReggaeGirlAboutTown

Earlier tonight at the launch party for her new mixtape Dun Dem Season: The TrilogyLady Chann mashed up the stage—shoes off & everyTING—and celebrated another career milestone. So what better time to get to know one of the wickedest lady lyricists outta London? The artist formerly known as Baby Chann a.k.a. Channelle Williams has come a long way, and as Boomshots UK Correspondent Reshma B finds out, there’s bigger things ahead for this Lady. Take a picture… you’re gonna want to remember this one. Video After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Lady Chann “Dun Dem Season: The Trilogy” Mixtape

Download The Brand New Mixtape Mixed By The Heatwave

Lady Chan got her start in London’s Suncycle Crew, and now she’s repping UK dancehall on her own. The first two editions of her Dun Dem Season mixtape trilogy are already classics, and Boomshots is proud to premiere Volume 3, mixed by The Heatwave. Download Link After The Jump… Read more »