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WATCH THIS: Kes “Endless Summer” Original Music Video

WATCH THIS: Kes "Endless Summer" Original Music Video

Trini Soca Stars Gets Loose On Ricky Blaze’s Uptown Julie Riddim

Here it is the first weekend of August, and we’re not really ready for the End of Summer. When you’re Kees Dieffernthaler of Kes the Band, your life is an endless summer. Dude can hop on a plane and find the summertime vibes anywhere in the world—maybe because this Trini soca star brings those  vibes with him wherever he goes. Kes recently teamed up with BK hitmaker Ricky Blaze to voice a tune on the big bad Uptown Julie Riddim the result was a sure-shot party-starter called “Endless Summer.” Now comes the challenge of creating a video with vibes to match the music. Video After The Jump…  Read more »

Reasoning with Machel Montano “You’ve Got To Be Yourself”

Reasoning with Machel Montano "You've Got To Be Yourself"

After (Almost) 33 Years in The Game, The King of Soca Tells Reshma B How He Stays Fly

If you don’t know Machel Montano, you don’t know soca. He was nine years old the first time he represented Trinidad & Tobago at Madison Square Garden, and since that time he’s dominated the soca scene from year to year. (In 2014 Machel will celebrate both his 40th birthday and his 33rd year in showbiz—more on that magic numnber later.) When the King of Soca passed through NYC the other day, of course he took time out to link with the Boomshots posse. And just as soon as Machel Motano sat down with Reshma B, they came up with a brand new tune with a dance craze to match called “Mop Di Floor”—it was a rainy night, and RGAT had towels on her feet; long story. That’s what you call inspiration meets creative genius pon di spot. As the conversation continued, they spoke in depth about the development of the soca industry, Machel’s deep roots in NYC, and his forthcoming collaboration with Trinidad James. Machel spoke candidly about his his efforts to gain wider popularity by blending soca and reggae, but also cautioned that it’s important not to get caught up copying other people’s style. He recalled the days when Kes the Band was considered a rock act and Bunji Garlin was calling himself a dancehall artist. In the final analysis, Machel said the secret to soca’s growth was simply to keep making quality music for the whole world, but never forgetting that “you’ve got to be yourself.” Videos After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Ricky Blaze’s “Uptown Julie” Riddim

HEAR THIS: Ricky Blaze's "Uptown Julie" Riddim

BK Trancehall Innovator Drops a Sexy New Juggling To Hot Up Your  Summer

Every so often the trap door on Ricky Blaze‘s basement studio in East Flatbush Brooklyn bursts open and the artist, producer, and trancehall innovator emerges amidst a cloud of smoke to bless us all with another banger. This is one of those days. FME Records’ “Uptown Julie” riddim is a compact juggling, comprising four songs—”Stunta” by Gyptian, “Endless Summer” by Kes Dieffenthaller of Kes The Band fame, “Sell Off” by Zoelah, and “All I Need” by Mr. Blaze himself—each of which rocks in its own special way, revealing essential aspects each artist’s personality. In the hands of a skilled selector, these tracks mesh to form an irresistible and never-ending soundscape. Like most great dancehall cuts—and all of Blaze’s -catalog—the riddim itself is deceptively simple: a gentle keyboard chord progression floats above the kind of pulse-pounding drum pattern that sets bodies into motion, starting with a head nod and quickly spreading to shoulders and hips. In short, Julie represents just what every summer needs: a feel-good party groove perfect for pool parties, cookouts, and sweaty late-night wining sessions—and maybe, just maybe, the soundtrack to a new romance. Summer just got a likkle bit hotter. No wonder his name is Ricky Blaze.   Audio After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Tessanne Chin & Kes “Loving You”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Tessanne Chin & Kes "Loving You"

Love Is A Beautiful Thing

After destroying the stage with her performance on The Voice Tessanne Chin has gained a lot of new fans who weren’t familiar with the ravishing 28 year old. With a career dating back to late 2006 Tessanne has boasted a series of hits, most notably “Hideaway” and “Black Books” and of course today’s Flashback Friday tune “Loving You” featuring everyone’s favorite red rasta Kes. The tune is about two lovers confessing their deep love and need for one another, plus with both Tessanne and Kes being so vocally adept the true message of the song is carried to even further heights. Tune After The Jump… Read more »

Tobago Jazz Experience Kicks Off This Week

Tobago Jazz Experience Kicks Off This Week

Soca, Reggae, and R&B in A Lush Tropical Setting

The island of Trinidad is synonymous with carnival and you may still be recovering from February’s ordeal, but in the month of April the focus shifts to the beautifully laid-back sister island of Tobago where it’s all about the Jazz Experience. Sun, sea, sand and soca – whats not to love!?!?! This year the Tobago Jazz Experience sees appearances from international acts India Arie and Melanie Fiona—both of whom have worked with major names in the reggae world such as the Morgan Heritage fam & the Marleys. Full Lineup and Photo Gallery After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Kes “Can’t Wait”

Kes Sings For His Special Someonekes   We’ve all been there at one point in our life or another. That special someone who consumes all of our thoughts, so much so that an hour feels like a year and we yearn just to gaze upon them once more. Love is a beautiful thing and Kes is definitely in it, deep. The red rasta aches to see his love again as he reminisces over her touch and how she puts it on him. Think about that special someone while you Listen After The Jump…  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Kes The Band “Tuesday On The Rocks” Official Video

Kes Reminds Us That Just Because It’s Tuesday  Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have A Good Time


So it’s Tuesday, after Monday it’s probably the second least favorite day of the week. Well cheer up, Kes The Band has just dropped the visuals to their widely popular “Tuesday On The Rocks.” Kes’ harmonic voice rides the groovy tunes of the Gyal Season Riddim to perfection guaranteed to rid any feelings of the mundane. Put that cup of coffee down and pour yourself a glass of Tuesday On The Rocks. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Kes The Band “Tuesday on the Rocks”

Rockin’ In Stereo, Stereo, Stereo

Our favorite new band out of Trinidad just dropped something extra-sweet on the rock-steady Gal Season Riddim. Pass that 1919.
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