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HEAR THIS: Karian Sang “Hot Gal Ting”

When A Hot Gal March Out — Watch Out!
Last time we saw Karian Sang she was kicking it on the yacht with the Gully Gad for their hit video “Take It.” it’s only right for a hot girl to make moves and so Ms. Sang is putting the finishing touches on her new mixtape “Grammy.” On this cut the first lady of Mansion Records rekills Mavado’s “March Out” on DJ Frass’s Pop Style Riddim. How hot is that?
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Mavado’s “Take It” Video Debuts on MTV

The Gully Gad Gears Up for a U.S. Crossover

The Mavado reign just won’t let up.  High off his stellar performance with Snoop Lion at SXSW, the Gully Gad’s Stateside winning streak continues with the sexy visuals for his hit single “Take It”  (featuring Karian Sang) being debuted on MTV. The media giant’s international music platform, MTV Iggy, has had Mavado on their radar for some time, and now they’re taking it further by including him in their prime-time lineup, positioning the Starbwoy as the next dancehall act to make a major crossover move since Sean Paul. Only time will tell but the chances are looking better and better. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mavado ft. Karian Sang “Take It” Official Video

Private Jets, Yachts, and One Sexy Lady—Mavado’s New Video Is Definitely a Starbwoy Thing
Mavado’s been making major moves for a minute now, and signing Karian Sang to Mansion Records is just the latest power play. The Jamaica-born pop princess teamed up with the Starbwoy last fall on the Troyton-produced banger “Take It,” which has topped the charts in the UK. Now that she’s officially down with the Gully team they’ve pulled out all the stops for a video that’s full of lavish life. No wonder they call him the “Million Dollar Man.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Karian Sang ft. Shaggy “Pon De Wall”

Jamaican-Born Beauty Looking For Mr. Lover To Bruk It DownThe artist formerly known as Lil Precious is now going by her born name Karian Sang. Nice to see this Jamaican-born Canadian cutie embracing her culture to the fullest. She just dropped a new song with Shaggy that’s full of dutty dancehall slang. You gotta love it when she starts talkin bout “wine pon the edge” and “bruk down the bed.” This girl sounds almost as good as she looks. Not mad. At all. Audio After The Jump…
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