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Damian Marley Speaks on Jay-Z Collab and ‘Stony Hill’

Damian Marley Speaks on Jay-Z Collab and 'Stony Hill'

Reasoning With Gongzilla

Just before his big Stony Hill release event at the 40/40 Club in NYC, Damian Marley sat down with Reshma B for an exclusive discussion of his new album and his recent collab with Jay-Z. He reflects on the certified classic status of his song “Welcome to Jamrock,” breaks down the science behind his “Hunting Season” freestyle, explains the cause that makes rude boys “Roar,” and discusses his plans to bring “Medication” to the world. You don’t want to miss this one. Video After The Jump…
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Damian Marley’s “Joint Venture” in the Ganja Business: “You’re not a Criminal for Smoking Herb”

Damian Marley's "Joint Venture" in the Ganja Business: "You’re not a Criminal for Smoking Herb"

Gongzilla Sets Up Shop,  Forbes Takes Notice

“It goes without saying that for marijuana the attraction is very natural,” says Damian Jr. Gong Marley in a new interview with Forbes magazine. “Damian Marley Invests in Marijuana Futures” reads the headline in the respected business publication covering the news about the reggae star’s joint venture with Ocean Grown Extracts. As part of their new start-up, Marley and Ocean Grown will be turning a vacant Coalinga, California prison into a medical marijuana manufacturing plant, which Ocean Grown will provide to dispensaries. “I want my kids to look back and be proud of me and say I didn’t sell my soul to earn a dollar, that is very important to me,” he told ForbesContinued After The Jump… Read more »

Damian Marley Live at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom

Damian Marley Live at NYC's Bowery Ballroom

A Souled-Out Show on the Road to Stony Hill

Eleven years after welcoming us to Jamrock, Damian Marley is on the road to Stony Hill. It’s not just the name of the marijuana dispensary that the youngest Marley brother is opening near the Denver Bronco’s home field in Colorado. It’s not just the strand of weed that Jr. Gong personally helped to develop and test for said dispensary. Stony Hill, the name of the St. Andrew community north of Kingston where the young Lion grew up, is the title of Damian Marley’s upcoming fourth solo studio album. Full Review, Video & Photos After The Jump… Read more »

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley Speaks on the “Nail Pon Cross” Music Video Controversy

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley Speaks on the "Nail Pon Cross" Music Video Controversy

Judge Not, Lest Ye Shall Be Judged

After premiering as a Tidal exclusive, Damian Marley’s powerful new video, “Nail Pon Cross” appeared on his Vevo channel earlier this week, bringing the disturbing visuals to the whole wide world. Although it’s not the first music video to feature a crucifixion scene—Damian told Billboard that he was inspired by his friend Nas’s “Hate Me Now” video—there’s still something shocking about watching Bob Marley’s son have nails pounded through his wrists and left on a telephone pole to die. A still from the video posted online generated a flurry of negative comments, especially from Christians who were offended by what they considered a sacriligeous image. “It’s ironic, because I’m being crucified for being crucified,” he recently told the Huffington Post in response to the controversy. Boomshots caught up with Jr. Gong to get his views on the visuals. Video & Interview After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Damian Marley ft. Stephen Marley & Yami Bolo “Still Searching”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Damian Marley ft. Stephen Marley & Yami Bolo "Still Searching"

In The Twinkling Of An Eye, Dem Ready Fi Pull Down The Karl Kani…

While “Affairs of the Heart” may be the fan favorite love song by Damian Marley, Jr. Gong, he has many other love songs with poignant lyrics. Many are interlaced with socially conscious issues. The 2001 song “Still Searching” featuring Stephen Marley and Yami Bolo off the Halfway Tree album, refers to the virtuous woman as defined by the bible in Proverbs 31:10-31. More After The Jump Read more »

HEAR THIS: Chronixx “Ghetto People”

HEAR THIS: Chronixx "Ghetto People"

All A We Ghetto People

It has been a while since we last heard from Chronixx. It’s nice to hear from the yute every now and again as he tells us what he’s up to and what’s on his mind. Namely, teaming up with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, the mastermind behind the “On The Corner” riddim juggling, with “Ghetto People” as the end result. Dare I say, a proper result. Good to hear from you dread, indeed. Tidy and to the point, “Ghetto People” thrives in its simplicity as it deals with some rather complex issues. Call it a “reggae revival” or call it whatever you will, but now that Jr. Gong is rolling with this movement there’s no way Rasta can lose. Until we hear from you again dread, riddim up! Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Boomshots x Pepsi Best Dancehall Songs

Boomshots x Pepsi Best Dancehall Songs

From Jr. Gong to Gully Bop—And Everything In Between

If you peeped last year’s Pepsi list, you already know the flex. Reshma B selects Strictly Boomshots pon a worldwide level—with no badness, no slackness, and nuh shakiness. There are so many artists and producers on the island it seems like the tunes never stop, but with Boomshots as your guide you can sit back and enjoy nothing but the best. You dun know who makes culture pop. Up, up, up! Audio After The Jump…

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Legalize it! Wiz Khalifa, Queen Ifrica, Jr. Gong, Chronixx, Sizzla, Tarrus Riley and Lee “Scratch” Perry Chat ‘Bout Ganja Legalization and the Healing of the Nation

Legalize it! Wiz Khalifa, Queen Ifrica, Jr. Gong, Chronixx, Sizzla, Tarrus Riley and Lee "Scratch" Perry Chat 'Bout Ganja Legalization and the Healing of the Nation

Could Legalizing Ganja Really Make It The Healing of The Nation At Last?

Four decades ago Peter Tosh sang “Legalize It” and countless Rastafarians have suffered at the hands of the law for the sake of the holy sacremental herb. Now the Jamaican government is taking steps to decriminalize ganja with an eye to full legalization and industral production of medical marijuana. At this historic moment the Boomshots crew caught up with a few musicians in Jamaica who have been spreading the message on behalf of the “Healing of the Nation” to get their views on this big news for the Legalization movement Video After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Queen Ifrica: “When You Speak You Become an Enemy of the State”

Reasoning with Queen Ifrica: "When You Speak You Become an Enemy of the State"

Reshma B Links The Fyah Muma at Flames Productions HQ in Kingston, JA

On the last day of 2014, the Reggae Girl About Town dropped by Flames Productions HQ in Kingston, Jamaica to see wha gwan. She had a nice chat with the Fyah Muma about her new album and her hot new collaboration with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. Ifrica also expained how she came to sing “Lioness on the Rise,” which Tony Rebel originally wrote for Marcia Griffiths but which became one of the Fyah Muma’s signature songs.  Queen Ifrica also explained the real reason why her show in New York was canceled last year—and no it wasn’t really because of protests from gay community. She also takes a moment to big up all who fight for freedom of speech—the Mandelas and the Gandhis. She also talks about the growth of Rebel Salute over the years. Finally Ifrica lets everybody know how they can keep up with all the action at this year’s festival—going down in St. Anne, Jamaica January 16th & 17th—no matter where in the world they might be.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Live Pon The Reggae Cruise 2015

WATCH THIS: Live Pon The Reggae Cruise 2015

They Said “What Happens On The Cruise Stays On The Cruise”—But They Were Wrong!

Having successfully completed its second annual mission, Damian Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise goes down in history as another amazing experience for lovers of reggae and dancehall music. This year featured not one but two back-to-back cruises loaded with no fewer than 23 different acts—not including guest artists—plus another 10 “sound systems,” three of whom engaged in an epic battle dubbed the first ever “sound clash on the sea.” Not a single detail was overlooked: from the movies showing in the ship’s theater to the music playing in the hallways when you step out of your cabin—even the buckets of Guiness sold hot or cold—everything was chosen to appeal to lovers of Jamaican culture. Roughly half the passengers hailed from the United States, with twenty or so other nationalities representing the UK, Europe, Asia, South America, the Pacific Islands, and of course the Caribbean. Rumor has it that there was even an early morning Niyabinghi session on the uppermost deck of the ship at dawn.
For the second year in a row, the Boomshots team was on board to catch all the action. Check out the photo gallery above and watch this space for highlights of performances by Super Cat, Ragga Marley, King Jammy’$ Super Power and much much more. Video After The Jump…
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Reasoning With Stephen “Ragga” Marley

Reasoning With Stephen "Ragga" Marley

Ragga Talks Roots, Fruits, and Revelation With The Reggae Girl About Town

The master producer, musician, and vocalist known to his brethrens as “Ragga” is a man of few words who normally lets his music do the talking. In this exclusive chat, live and direct from his Lion’s Den studio in south Florida, Stephen Marley reflects on his next musical creation, and the legacy he lives each and every day. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Damian Marley “Hard Work”

HEAR THIS: Damian Marley "Hard Work"

When Gongzilla Puts His Shoulder To The Wheel You Can’t Knock The Hustle

Damian Marley’s first selection off the Set Up Shop Vol. 2 compilation lets you know right off top he’s got his mind on his money and his money on his mind: “Rastaman a hustler so every dollar haffi flip.” But this song is not about flossing (although he makes sure his galfriend definitely gets her choice of beverages, from vintage bubbly to Viva’s roots). Really it’s all about influencing the youths to know anything is possible, bunning out all badmind, and serving notice that “all lazy bwoy fi get dismissed.” Putting in the hard work has always come naturally to the Tuff Gong’s youngest son. And he’s been on that Marcus Garvey since the first “Set Up Shop” days. The lively-up track builds to a wicked acapella breakdown at the 1:33 mark seasoned with a tasty acoustic guitar strum. This tune feels like a timely counteraction to any and all crab-in-a-barrell elements. “Nuff a dem will sell out their best friend’s purse, Zilla only sell out concerts.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »