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Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” Goes Gold

Gwan Gyppy! Go For The Gold

July 24 marks the three year anniversary of Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh,” his most recognized hit that has topped the Billboard, Canadian and UK charts since its release. Most recently, the single—produced by Brooklyn’s own Ricky Blaze—has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America and is being lauded as the first reggae record to hit the 500,000 sales mark in over a decade. Read More After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel Intros the Portmore Empire

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel Intros the Portmore Empire

The Werlboss Bigs Up His Gaza Affiliates

The year is 2011. Vybz Kartel is a free man at the peak of his fame and success. Shortly after ripping the stage at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night, he welcomes Boomshots into his backstage tent to meet the members of his Portmore Empire crew, from Popcaan “The Prefect” aka Young World to Vanessa Bling aka Gaza Slim to Sheba “the Diva” and a fresh new recruit named Tommy Lee. Within a few months Kartel would be arrested and the whole landscape of dancehall would shift. Now that Popcaan and Tommy Lee have become major stars it’s fascinating to look back, and amazing to see how things have changed in such a short space of time. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Vybz Kartel’s Trial Postponed Again

But The Werlboss Vows He Won’t Let The System Break Him

The wait is still not over. After being ordered to wait until the new year to commence his trial, The Werlboss now faces another setback. We’re starting to get the feeling that the court is not in any hurry to see this trial go forward. On Monday, officials at Kingston’s Home Circuit Court placed another postponement on Vybz Kartel’s trial date—the second one put into effect since last November. The reasons for yet another delay? “Insufficient jurors.” But Kartel isn’t letting the politricks get to him. Read More After the Jump Read more »

Author Treks Through Jamaica, Africa, and the USA “Searching For Zion”

Author Treks Through Jamaica, Africa, and the USA "Searching For Zion"

Emily Raboteau’s New Book Is One Reggae Lover’s Literary Quest For The Promised Land

In her book Searching For Zion, Emily Raboteau sets off on a diasporic quest for the mythical promised land that so many reggae artists have sung about over the years. If you’ve ever been puzzled by songs like Demond Dekker’s “The Israelites” or Dennis Brown’s “Children of Israel” then this book is just what you’re looking for. Why are Jamaican Rastafarians so obsessed with Israel anyway? And what about those elaborately dressed black Israelites one sometimes encounters on street corners? As a lover of Jah music and the daughter of an expert in African-American religion, the acclaimed author was well aware of the concept of “Zion” as a “place black people yearned to be.” Over the course of ten years, she visited Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana, and the American South, speaking with Rastas, mystics, and Katrina refugees, shedding light on their shared plight as well as their shared visions. While you wait for this enlightening book to download, check out Some of Our Favorite Zionist Reggae Jams After The Jump… Read more »

Busy Signal Is Free At Last

Fresh Out Of Prison, Busy Gives Thanks To God As He Touches Back Down On Jamaican Turf

Tweeting “Guess who’s back? God is GOOD!” Busy signal announced his return to Jamaica on Friday November 17, four days ahead of schedule but not a moment too soon. Incarcerated since May 21 for absconding from an old drug charge dating back to 2002, Busy was released from a federal prison in Minnesota after the judge determined that he had done so much good with his freedom over the past ten years that the artist had essentially rehabilitated himself. It looks like Busy lost a lot of weight during his six months behind bars, but some of that good old Jamaica cooking will surely do him good. Welcome back Busy! May your good fortune give hope to others who are languishing in prison even now. Photos and Video After The Jump… Read more »

INTERVIEW: Up Close With Kehv

Find Out Why They Call Him “The Prince Of Reggae Soul”

Kehv is a soulful reggae artist who’s been doing his thing for quite some time now—almost a decade to be exact. You may not know his name yet but pay attention: Kehv has international appeal and fans across the globe. We’re going to give you a little taste of what Kehv is all about musically right here, the rest is just a matter of time. The genre needs more music like Kehv’s right yah now. Bring back the real rub-a-dub style! Check it… Interview After The Jump Read more »

INTERVIEW: Tanya Stephens, Forever Vocal

We Can Always Depend on Tanya to Tell It Like It Is
When it comes to the reggae/dancehall genre, the competition is fierce—and mostly dominated by males. There is no shortage of female artists however, holding their own and showing their prowess. Many come and go, while a select few have earned their veteran stripes. Dancehall divas like Tanya Stephens. Known for not pulling punches or holding her tongue, Tanya’s fans can always count on her to tell it like it is. Straight!
I caught up with Tanya recently for a brief one on one conversation. As usual, she kept it extra-real. Seet yah! Interview After The Jump Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Ready To Rise Again” Video

Reggae Star Pours Out His Heartaches At RockHouse Foundation Benefit in NYC

“Thanks to God almighty, for giving me the strength to perform at the RockHouse Foundation‘s annual benefit to raise money to build schools in Jamaica this evening,” wrote Mr. Vegas late last night on his Facebook page—the same Facebook page where he posted scandalous allegations about his baby’s mother just the day before. But now things seem to be looking up, with the singer sharing that “I felt like heaven lifted some of my troubles off my shoulders as I sang ‘I Am Ready To Rise Again.'” Video After The Jump Read more »

INTERVIEW: “Swagga Dem” Stylo G Speaks On Style

Reshma B Reasons With Stylo G: Part 1 of 3

Last summer when “Call Me A Yardie” seemed to blasting out of every passing car in London, we caught up with Stylo G for an in-depth interview. Since that time, the song has only gotten bigger, and Stylo’s continued to solidify his position as the next big breakout star from the UK. Most recently he released a video for “Dash Out,” his hot collabo with Chip. In this first part of a three-part series, Stylo talks about how he got his name, how he made the adjustment from Jamaica to England, and why you ain’t saying nothing if you don’t have your Air Force One trainers.

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Damian Marley Stole My Heart

“Affairs Of The Heart” Might Just Be The Realest Love Song Ever

Affairs Of The Heart…that’s something the entire universe can relate to. We all love, and no matter how tough people act, we all get mushy on the inside when we think about the object(s) of our affection. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Beenie Man “Dweet Again” Video

The Doctor Wheels Out The Big Benz For His New Video

Ras Tingle directed the video for Beenie Man’s hit tune on Jah Snowcone’s Mercury Riddim. The video—which just premiered on Worldstar yesterday—delivers the raw uncut street dance vibes featuring plenty of girls, a fuzzy Kangol, bottles of Henny and a black Benz. Oh, and a John Hype cameo. Good thing Beenie Man has plenty of charisma to make it work. Video after the jump…
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WATCH THIS: Rick Ross Bigs Up Jamaica

Ricky Rozay Rocks Alongside Maybach Music Dancehall Artist Magazeen

Ricky Rozay rocks the 2011 New Jersey Reggae Fest with a little help from his Jamaican bredren Magazeen, the first dancehall artist to get down with the Maybach Music movement. After getting offstage, Maga remembers meeting Da Boss at a Miami car wash, and Rozay talks about growing up around Jamaican culture in Miami, and shooting a music video on Hellshire Beach. Big shout to Shirea Triple C representing Boomshots the fullest. Video after the jump.
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