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HEAR THIS: Inner Circle ft. J-Boog & Jacob Miller “I’ve Got The Handle”

HEAR THIS: Inner Circle ft. J-Boog & Jacob Miller "I've Got The Handle"

The Bad Boys of Reggae Link With J Boog

Fresh off a successful tour with SOJA, California-born and Hawaii-based reggae artist J Boog, releases a track with reggae’s “Bad Boys” Inner Circle and their late great vocalist Jacob Miller. Having topped the reggae charts for consecutive years with his 2011 full length release Backyard Boogie, J Boog has since graced the world stage with some of reggae’s most popular talent. In this track he updates a classic Heptones selection alongside the voice of the “Killer” Miller. Audio After the Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Jacob Miller & Ray I “Natty Christmas” LP

HEAR THIS: Jacob Miller & Ray I "Natty Christmas" LP

Sounds Called Bruk Pocket Day We Never Feel No Way

There’s nothing quite like Christmas in Jamaica, but no matter where you are celebrating this day, you can do it inna rub-a-dub style. And there’s no better way to do that than with the rockers master Jacob Miller alongside the Inner Circle Rhythm Section plus rootical DJ chanting courtesy of the man called Ray I. Reggae musicians have blessed the world with plenty of great holiday selections, but nothing quite tops this 1978 vinyl LP. Click forward for nuff more Yuletide selections and bless up yourself. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Rastaman Refix: Ily Culcha featuring Isaac Faith

Rastaman Refix: Ily Culcha featuring Isaac Faith

 The 2014 hit “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea featuring CharlieXCX was an instant  number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart. One of the main reasons for this was the jumpy beat which caused palpitations in reggae and hip hop. The beat was coproduced by The Invisible Men (Jason Pebworth, George Astasio, and Job Shave) and The Arcade (Kurtis Mckenzie and Jon Mills).

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Jacob Miller: Rockers Forever

Jacob Miller: Rockers Forever

Thirty Five Years Ago Today Reggae Music Lost A Great Soldier

On this day in 1980 legendary #reggae singer Jacob “Killer” Miller died in a tragic car accident on Hope Road in Kingston Jamaica. “I was sitting with my father in Hope Road when he heard the news on Sunday,” recalls Rohan Marley. “Jacob and my Father always spend time together on Sundays.” Miller was one of reggae’s greatest performers. His merry, manic brilliance shines through clearly in the crucial 1980 concert doc Heartland Reggae, particularly the performance of “Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush” during which he puffs a huge spliff on stage while using his microphone to taunt the cops at the venue before somebody hands him a police cap and he starts chanting “Babylon, Babylon falling down.” Jakes spent just 27 years on earth but the #Rockers music he made with Inner Circle and Augustus Pablo shall live forever. In fact, one of his classic cuts with the Bad Boys of Reggae, “Tenement Yard,” is enjoying a major resurgence 40 years after its release.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Inner Circle ft. Chronixx & Jacob Miller “Tenement Yard (News Carryin’ Dread)” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Inner Circle ft. Chronixx & Jacob Miller "Tenement Yard (News Carryin' Dread)" Official Music Video

In comes the official music video for the big bad certified Boomshot, Inner Circle featuring the young general Chronixx alongside Jacob Killer Miller with the musical thing called “Tenement Yard (News Carryin’ Dread).” The video was directed by produced by Inner Circle and directed by Gil Green for 305 Films. Forty years after Jakes first sang it, Chronixx message is essentially the same—but instead of watchy watchy tenement yard dwellers, it’s watchy watchy cellular phone owners. No more long talkin’ let’s get to the photos by (by Bones Vision) and peep RGAT‘s behind the scenes report.  Video After The Jump…
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Chronixx Talks “Tenement Yard” Collab with Inner Circle’s Roger Lewis

Chronixx Talks "Tenement Yard" Collab with Inner Circle's Roger Lewis

“Re-Presentation” of Jacob Miller’s 1975 Classic Set to Debut Monday on Mass Appeal

Forty years ago, the late great Jacob “Killer” Miller released “Tenement Yard”, his first hit with the Inner Circle band. “Dreadlocks can’t live in a tenement yard,” the young Rasta rebel sang, lamenting all the “watchy watchy” people chatting his business in one of Kingston’s inner city communal housing schemes. Four decades later a new Rasta rebel steps up on the said Inner Circle riddim, and delivers his message, with what amounts to a whole new song subtitled “News Carrying Dread.” Not only are the rhythm track and the message of the new tune in tune with the original, a sample of “Jakes” voice also rings throughout. The 2015 release, which marks the first time the reggae supergroup has re-presented a song by their foundation vocalist, will premiere this Monday on Mass Appeal. Late last year Boomshots caught up with Chronixx and Inner Circle co-founder Roger Lewis at the band’s state-of-the-art Circle House Studios, where the song was made. “Me find Jacob, Red Hills Road,” Says Roger Lewis with conviction in his voice. “All my life I tell you—and I don’t say this becauxse Chronixx is here—I don’t see a youth who touch me like Jacob.” The good vibes are clearly mutual between the veteran band and the young singer. “We always have a great respect for the Inner Circle family, even before we really met up physcially,” says Chronixx. “Is a great thing. Is a very very great thing. To see say them music can still be revamped. Because we are the originators, I and I, from that time till this time.” Check the full reasoning with Rob Kenner and Reshma B. Video After The Jump… Read more »