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HYPE TV Top 20 Countdown: Demarco Knocks Anthony B Down Two Spots

Demarco is the King of the Countdown this Week
Dancehall artist, Demarco, has been entertaining his fans for years with his  hit party tracks and his newest single, “Continue Whine,” will definitely have fans on the dance floor. The visual for “Continue Whine,” features some very lovely ladies competing in a rump shaking contest for, wait for it….a television. The video is quite funny and of course the dancing ladies will have your eyes glued to the screen. After watching the video, it is quite obvious why Demarco is number one on the Hype TV countdown this week. Check out the countdown after the jump.

HYPE TV Top 20 Countdown: RDX Takes the Top Spot

RDX is Finally Catching Up to the Rest
It has been quite some time since RDX has been at the number one spot. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been working for it. The Dancehall group have been on the HYPE TV countdown for 16 weeks with their single, “Broad Out,” and moved to the top of the list a lot quicker than others have. RDX’s “Broad Out,” is the ultimate Dancehall video with a bumping beat, plenty of lovely, rump shaking ladies and of course, RDX’s catchy lyrics. Fans truly enjoy the single & RDX’s music and it definitely helps when they performed live at Reggae Sumfest this year & killed it. Check out “Broad Out,” after the jump. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Chronixx Knocks I-Octane From Number One

Chronixx Finally Gets The Number One Spot


Chronixx’s hit single, “Behind Curtain,” has been on the countdown for 11 weeks so it was only right it made it to the number one spot. The Dancehall artist has been on tour all over the world and his fan base has grown tremendously. We such an extensive fan base, Chronixx shouldn’t have any issue staying at number one. Check out the countdown after the jump.



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HYPE TV Top 20: I-Octane Steals The Number One Spot

I-Octane Dethrones Mavado 
After being on the HYPE TV countdown for 9 weeks straight, I-Octane has finally taken the number one spot. The dancehall artist recently put out a mixtape featuring the single, “Gal A Gimmi Bun” and it instantly became a hit amongst his fans.
Though, Chronixx and Mavado are not too far behind, “Gal A Gimmi Bun” is heating up the charts and it seems like fans are going to keep it at number one!

HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado at Number One Third Week in a Row

The Gully Gad Holds On To The Crown
Mavado seems to be going through a winning streak. The Dancehall artist has been at number one of the HYPE TV countdown for the past three weeks as his competition slides down the list. The Louis Vuitton King has been hard at work, releasing new music for his fans including the newest single, “Take It” and collaborating with his We The Best label mates. His dedication to keep his fans satisfied is the same reason he has been at number one the past few weeks. Check out the countdown after the jump. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Is Back On Top

Mavado Dancehalls His Way To The Top
Mavado has been off and on the number one spot for the past couple of weeks but it is quite obvious that he doesn’t stay down for long. The Dancehall artist dethroned Tommy Lee with his hit single, “Caribbean Girls” after being on the countdown for 12 weeks. The single has made quite the impression on his fans but with Vybz Kartel right on his tale can Mavado’s fans keep him at number one? Check out countdown after the jump. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Number 1 Looks Good on Mavado

Mr. Gal Criminal Holds On Strong to Number 1


Mavado has been having quite the busy weeks! With the release of his new single, new video with Snoop Dogg & Popcaan and his first performance on BET’s 106&Park last week, it’s no wonder he is still number one on the HYPE chart. His obvious dedication to his music has given fans a new reason to love him and enjoy his songs that much more. As he holds on steady at the number one spot, his competition keeps slowly moving down the list. Lets hope Mavado’s momentum keeps this positive flow going.  Check out the countdown after the jump!

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HYPE TV Top 20: Mavado Holds His Spot At The Top

Mavado Doesn’t Budge as His Competition Moves Down the List


Mavado is holding his spot at number one for a second week in a row and it seems like he isn’t going anywhere! Di Genius has been heating up the charts, the radio stations and clubs with his single, “Money Box (Box of Money),” and he hasn’t even released a video for it yet! As others like Macka Diamond and I-Octane and Bounty Killer move down the list, Mavado stands strong! Check out the countdown after the jump! 

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HYPE TV Top 20: Vybz Kartel Grabs the Crown

The Werlboss Surges as Christopher Martin Slips 3 Spots;
Vybz Kartel may still be battling murder charges but that doesn’t mean he isn’t holding it down for his fans musically. The Werlboss’s tune “Back To Life” stepped up to the top spot on the HYPE TV countdown after 15 weeks on the chart—but how long can his fans keep him there? I-Octane and Bounty Killer have been on his heels since the beginning; let’s see how long Vybz can hold the crown. Videos And Full Countdown After The Jump. Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20: Christopher Martin Takes The Lead

Mr. Martin Keeps It Chill As He Steps Up To That No. 1 Spot

“Release your stress and relax,” Christopher Martin sings his way to the top of charts this week with his video for “Chill Spot.” 15 weeks on the charts and Martin has slowly made his way up but lets hope he can hold a stance because RDX’s “Jump,” may have fallen a few spots down but he held the number 1 spot for two weeks in a row. And not to mention, Vybz Kartel and I-Octane are not too far behind either! Full Countdown After The Jump…

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HYPE TV Top 20: G Whizz “My Life” Holding Firm

Sweet New Singer On The Scene Defends His Position

“My life soon sort out,” sings G Whizz on the slow-rolling Moodswing riddim from TJ Productions. And now that his tune has topped the Hype TV Top 20 chart for two weeks in a row, his words are coming true. But the competition isn’t sleeping… Read more »

Hype TV Top 20: Mavado Stays High

What’s really poppin’ in yard? Mavado’s “High Unda” locks the top spot.

Last week the Gully God pushed it up to the #1 position, one of three Mavado songs currently on the charts. But who is this youth G Whiz? Read more »