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WATCH THIS: Raging Fyah “Raggamuffin” Official Lyric Video

WATCH THIS: Raging Fyah "Raggamuffin" Official Lyric Video

How To Prepare Your Steam Chalice

High tech vaporizers may be all the rage in Babylon, but in Raging Fyah’s new video, they focus on the proper preparation of the ital steam chalice. Celebrated in big tunes like Jah 9’s “Steamers a Bubble,” the Rastafarians’ natural vaporizer utilizes bamboo shoots and coconut shells to achieve a cool smoke-free ganja vapor without the use of microcircuitry. Now just make sure that whatever you put in it is a strong and natural as Raging Fyah’s new album Everlasting and you will be good to go. Video After The Jump…
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Why Gyptian Says Don’t Legalize Ganja

Why Gyptian Says Don't Legalize Ganja

“It Won’t Be Any Fun,” The Reggae Star Reasons, Plus “People Will Smoke Coke Harder”

Ever since voters in Colorado and Washington State voted to leglalize marijuana in those two states, ganja fans have been celebrating. Well, most of them. One noted herb booster isn’t so sure the new laws are a good thing. We spoke with Gyptian, who has a few concerns that might surprise you. Interview After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Spliff Tail”

Next To Fresh Air, What’s The Best Thing To Inhale? HottHead!

This cut off the new Hi Grade Ganja Anthems anthology ranks as my favorite Busy Signal weed tune, which is no small statement… Read more »