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Tune For Tune: Battle of the “Hello” Reggae Versions

Tune For Tune: Battle of the "Hello" Reggae Versions

Who Did Adele’s Big Tune Better: Conkarah & Rosie Delmah or Alaine?

Big up all Boomshots massive and welcome to a new feature we call “Tune for Tune.” Today we’re going to compare different reggae versions of Adele’s 2015 chart-topped “Hello.” In Reshma B’s latest Clash Music Reggae & Dancehall Column, she points out that a reggae version of Adele’s latest sad song shot to the top of the ITunes Reggae Charts. That version was recorded by Conkarah, a British/Jamaican artist, who discovered a fourteen-year-old girl from the Solomon Islands named Rosie Delmah. The other reggae version was recorded by Alaine, Jamaica’s “reggae songbird” and produced by Shane Brown for Jukeboxx Productions. Let’s get to the tunes. Videos After The Jump… Read more »

PREMIERE: I-Octane “Hello” Mixtape

PREMIERE: I-Octane "Hello" Mixtape

Download A Musical Holiday Present From Conquer The Globe X Street Team

“Them say we would not turn a star but we now become an icon,” sings I-Octane on his aptly titled rub-a-dub selection “Life is What You Make It.” Since setting his mission statement in the establishment of Conquer The Globe productions, the “Hot Ras” has wasted no time moving toward his stated goal. Along the way, I-Octane has proven to be one of those rare artists who are equally adept at classical reggae and straight-up dancehall, one who can keep it conscious while always maintaining his presence in the streets. (Never selling out “the linky” yet managing to stay away from “the waste man dem.”) Witness the artist’s latest mixtape, titled “Hello,” which Boomshots proudly premieres tonight. Mixed by DJ Cory of Street Team (Alkaline’s official tour DJ), this 43-track juggling comprises a succinct survey of Octane’s latest & greatest recordings to date, ranging from reality tunes like “Time Will Come” and “It’s Alright” featuring Gentleman, all the way to  hardcore tracks like “Flick Duppy” and “Straight Stinger” not to mention “Above Dem,” Octane’s big collab with the Gully Gad and Alkaline. For the diehard fans, call it a holiday present. For those who haven’t been paying such close attention, consider it a wake up call. HELLO! Audio After The Jump… Read more »