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The Queen of the Dancehall In NYC

The Queen of the Dancehall In NYC

Lady Saw His The Big Apple, Announces New Album Alter Ego, And Speaks on Jay Z & Solange

Who keeps it realer than Muma Saw? The Queen of the Dancehall passed through NYC the other day to announce her upcoming double album Alter Ego. This record will show off both sides of Saw’s creativity, from the hardcore dancehall cuts to rap—including her big “Heels On” remix with Flo-Rida—soul, pop, and even a touch of gospel. Saw has been toying with the idea of retiring from the dancehall for some time now and exploring her “Marion Hall” side, but judging by her latest releases there’s no danger of that happening any time soon. Songs like “I Don’t Care” and “Pretty Little Fingers” show that Muma Saw is still reigning in the dancehall and still putting clues about her personal life in between the lines of her music. Reshma B and Saw have had some classic interviews before, but this one might just be the best yet. They spoke about whether “Pretty Little Fingers” describes what’s going on in her home, why she’s decided to stick with her existing relationship for now, and what she thinks really happened between Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange in that elevator. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Lady Saw ft. Flo-Rida “Heels On” Remix

HEAR THIS: Lady Saw ft. Flo-Rida "Heels On" Remix

Muma Saw Now Ridin with the Flo

After her storming performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center during last weekend’s Irie Jamboree’s Caribbean Fever Music Fest, Lady Saw fans can put their minds at rest. It seems like the Queen is gonna hang on to that crown for a little longer. Muma Saw wasted no time before dispelling the recent rumors about her leaving the dancehall industry. “I said I would retire on the 31st,” she said as she took the stage at Barclays. “But I didn’t say what month! I’ll be retiring on the 31st of the 31st month of 2031!” To celebrate the occasion Saw’s teamed up with Flo-Rida to drop a remix of her latest chart-topper “Heels On.” Both artists performed at Reggae Sumfest in July so maybe the inspiration for this collab happened around that time. Hey she’s free to do as she pleases cause “Man ah de least” of her problems innit? Whatever the case let the music play! Audio After The Jump…

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Lady Saw “Heels On” Live in Miami

Muma Saw Gets The Fans Involved
When Lady Saw took the stage at the Reggae World Unity Fest in Miami the other day, all that talk about turning into a gospel artist went right out the window. Make no mistake, Saw will come to the Lord one day. But right now, she’s keeping it raw. When it was time to do her latest boomshot “Heels On,” Saw invited a couple from the crowd to show them how to get their groove on. Step one, lay the man on the stage. Step two, get into position. Step three, fling it dung. And don’t let Saw catch you slackin’, or she might have to show you how it’s done. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Lady Saw “Heels On” Official Video

WATCH THIS: Lady Saw "Heels On" Official Video

Saw Kicks Into Overdrive

We knew this song was a hit from the first time we heard it. Like any great song it brought vivid images to mind. But rarely does a dancehall video live up to the visions of one’s own imagination. Lady Saw’s “Heels On” video, shot on location in and around Saw’s house on New Year’s Eve 2012, is a rare exception to the rule. The sexy, sophisticated Scorpio21-directed clip doesn’t just equal expectations; it exceeds them. Video After The Jump… Read more »

Lady Saw’s “Heels On” Video Shoot

Lady Saw's "Heels On" Video Shoot

Behind The Scenes With Saw And Shaggy In The Queen of the Dancehall’s Bedroom

Tonight Lady Saw premieres the long-awaited video for her smash hit “Heels On” This Teetimus-composed  track is the first single from Saw’s self-produced Alter Ego album. “Heels On” has been making waves intetrnationally and the video is every bit as hot as you’d expect it to be. Last week Boomshots brought you the exclusive on-set photos and interviews. Now catch a glimpse of Saw & Shaggy steaming up the set of the video, which was shot inside Lady Saw’s house in the hills about Kingston, Jamaica. Video After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Exclusive Lady Saw Interview

WATCH THIS: Exclusive Lady Saw Interview

The Queen of the Dancehall Speaks From The Set Of Her New Video “Heels On”

Last week in Kingston Jamaica Lady Saw shot the video for her sexy new single “Heels On.” In between takes she took time out to speak exclusively with Reshma B, clearing up rumors that she’s getting out of the game, addressing various rivalries in the business, promising not to chat bad about any other female artists, and explaining why she would never clash against another artist on stage. She even premieres a new gospel song and says “the good lord won’t be mad at me” while the Queen of the Dancehall does her thing. Get ready for more of the unexpected on her Alter-Ego album. Check the behind the scenes photos above, and pop the top for Reshma B’s on-set video interviews. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Lady Saw “Heels On” (Raw)

She’s Been Waiting So Long

Anybody can have sex with their heels on, but it’s the First Lady of Dancehall who can show you exactly how to tan tuddy on big man buddy. Boom—on the slow-burning first single off her new album (produced by Diva Records and mixed by Teetimus and the Truckback team) big mamma ain’t holding back. It starts out sounding all sweet and innocent but don’t sleep. Boys you’re in trouble tonight, cause we’re not talking “grind like you working for tips” we’re talking a shag like you’ve been owed. Leopard print underwear (of course), shaved chow-cha, and a whole heap of muscle control—”it full of function”—basically everyTING! Guys: set the clock and hang up the Do Not Disturb Sign. Girls: you don’t want to get those pretty pumps dirty, so resume the favourite position “Balance pon your head like a Dumpa Truck.” (Time to hit the gym!) And when it’s over Long C*cky Fren can Dweet again #FlipItAndReverseIt
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