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Salaam Remi on the Making Of Nas’ “The Don”

The Ace Producer Tells How A Super Cat Classic Evolved Into A Hip-Hop Banger

Ever since Nas dropped “The Don,” he’s had the streets on fire. We knew it was a Salaam Remi production, based on a classic Super Cat sample, and “Heavy D gave this beat to Salaam for me to rap on.” But the details surrounding the creation of this modern-day classic have remained murky until now. As part of their big Nas cover story, Complex scribe Rob Marriott spoke with Remi about the making of “The Don.” Read on to learn the half that’s never been told…

Salaam Remi: We were talking about reggae stuff, and Hev was like, “Yo, here’s this Cat record, ‘Dance Inna New York.’ You ever heard it?” I’m like, “Nah.” He’s like, “Yo, I’ve never heard it before either. I’m going to send it to you. If you could find some way to flip this, I’m telling you, it would be crazy.” Read more »

Reasoning With Heavy D

The Late Great Heavy D Tells Fab 5 He Makes “Music From The Heart”

Can’t believe the news today. Heavy D has passed away age 44. Had to rewind back to this classic 92 clip from Yo MTV Raps where Heavy is surrounded by Super Cat, Eddie F, and Puff Daddy. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Heavy D “No Matter What”

The Overweight Lover Inna Rub a Dub Style—Big, Bad, and Broad

Yes big man—run things fe years without tears and fears. Read more »