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WATCH THIS: Jahmiel “Where Were You” x “Great Man” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Jahmiel "Where Were You" x "Great Man" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Oh Why Oh Why? You Get a Fight When You Start Try

The road to “overnight success” is usually longer than it seems, and it’s not without pitfalls and stumbling blocks along the way. Just ask Jamiel Foster, aka Jahmiel, a youth known to true dancehall fans as one of the music’s most promising new voices. After years of tirelessly writing, voicing, and promoting his music by all means necessary, last year’s tune “Gain The World” for Quantanium Records elevated Jahmiel to stardom. Ever since we caught his show-stealing guest spot on this year’s Rebel Salute, we’ve been big supporters of the artist. We know he’s not frightened fe Benz and Beamer—but what about badmind and bandwaggonist?  Videos After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Jahmiel: “Me Nuh Frighten Fe Benz and Beamer”

Reasoning with Jahmiel: "Me Nuh Frighten Fe Benz and Beamer"

A Fresh DJ Is Coming… Watch Yah!

One great thing about Rebel Salute, you can always count on seeing a different set of artists than all the other big reggae festivals and stage shows. Year in and year out, Rebel finds a way to book artists you haven’t heard from in years (if you’ve even seen then live at all) or new stars you need to pay attention to.  This year was no exception as vintage harmony groups like The Congos and The Abyssinians touched the stage as well as classic dancehall acts Pinchers and Jr. Cat. But what about the rising stars? Joining David Brooks onstage for his early Sunday morning set,  Jahmiel aka “The Missionary” made a big impression. As with most overnight successes, the artist formerly known as Culture Jahmiel has been doing his thing for several years—although the artist proudly points out that he never sold out to “buss.” Back in 2011 he caused a little stir with his song “Mi Nuh Murdera” for Young Vibes Productions. Late last year he dropped a tune called “Gain The World” and hasn’t looked back since. “Life comes with stages,” he mentions in the tune. “I’m just on the other pages.” Now moving with Quantanium Productions, Jahmiel has the momentum, the musical talent, and the consistency to make big moves in the future. After his show-stealing performance Reshma B caught up with the artist for a quick reasoning. Video After The Jump… Read more »