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DOWNLOAD: Tommy Lee vs G Starr Mixtape

The Gaza Spartan and The Gully Starr Go Head to Head On New Mixtape

Tommy Lee has had the dancehall world polarized since he stepped on the scene. Some love him for tunes like “Pussy Mechanic,” “Uncle Demon,” and “Psycho.” Other wonder if he really is psycho—like for real. But there’s no doubt that he’s repping hard for the Gaza. Meanwhile G Starr has been repping the Gully for a minute now and even dropped his own mixtape back in 2010. He hasn’t quite blown up yet—maybe it’s the dancehall illuminati‘s fault—but now Selector Jiggy has him going track for track with one of the hottest youths in the game. So who badder? Let the people decide. Audio after the jump. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel & Tommy Lee “Betray Di Gaza Boss”

Shots Fired? Kartel And Tommy Lee Unleash Some Harsh Words For All Those That Goes Against Gaza

Even behind bars Vybz Kartel remains a force to be reckoned with. In this cominbation with the Sparta Psycho Tommy Lee, Addi reminds everybody who really runs Di Gaza—and what happens when you cross the boss. It’s been said before, but worth saying again, how incredibly productive Addi must have been before getting locked up almost a full year ago. The tunes just keep coming, and somehow they still sound pretty topical. Loyalty and betrayal have been eternal themes in most showbiz careers and Kartel is certainly no exception. Loaded with subliminals, this snippet can’t help but get you wondering who it was directed at. Given Gaza Slim’s comments about Popcaan, many have jumped to the conclusion that this song might be directed at him. But then again Gaza Slim later relayed another statement in which Kartel supposedly questioned Tommy Lee’s loyalty. Whatever the truth may be, you can bet that any artist who ever broke away from the Empire—and there are quite a few—will be listening very carefully to this tune. Read more »

Interview: Tommy Lee Mashes Up Sumfest “Like A Monster”

The Hottest New Name In Dancehall Chops It Up With The Reggae Girl About Town

Right after mashing up Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest, MoBay native Tommy Lee sat down with Reshma B for a quick interview. “How did it feel performing tonight?” she asked him. “Wonderful. Feel like a monster.” Check the video after the jump to hear how Tommy Lee keeps in touch with Vybz Kartel, and how he’s working to keep the Gaza alive. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel “Bubble Hard”

Ladies—Bruck Out Now, Get Mad Now

The second gift to everybody suffering from Werlboss withdrawal comes courtesy of T.J. Productions. T.J.’s given us some wicked Kartel tunes over the years. (Remember that one on the “Gaza World” riddim? Oh gosh!) But this one feels like it’s gonna bust even bigger and broader. Ladies love them some Kartel yunno.
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HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel “Ghetto Life”

Before He Had To Go Away, Kartel Had These Few Things To Say—Listen Keenly

New music from Vybz Kartel is always a big deal, but even more so these days. The Werlboss has been behind bars for half a year now, awaiting trial on two murder cases that just keep dragging on, but he was so prolific that a few lucky producers are still sitting on a few gems that they bless us with now and then. Today’s a good day for Kartel fans as two very different songs recently hit the web. We’ll start with this UIM / Adidjaheim Production, which opens with a prayer and only gets realer from there.
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HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Fry Yiy”

The Whole Place Ah Say “Fry Yiy”

Yeah the party shot like an M16, but don’t get it twisted. What part of “Hot Skull a Hot Skull” did y’all fail to overstand? Well Popcaan jumped Anu Blaxx’s new “Fry Yiy” riddim just to drive his point home: “Can’t see me pon the road and gimme no speech. Gangster City bad man never grow inna creech. Bust them head pon the pulpit when pastor ah preach. If you diss me ah evil contract you ah breach.” Are we clear now?

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Drake Says “Free Up Werl Boss”

Even Though He Says “Mavado Is Family,” Drizzy’s A Big Dancehall Fan Who Rates Vybz Kartel Said Speed

During a recent pass through London, Drizzy Drake sat down with Kiss FM to share his views on two of dancehall’s most wanted. We already know he checks for the Gully Gaad. But now it looks like Drake is reppin for Vybz Kartel too. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel “Breddaz In Paris”

New Remix Featuring The Gaza Emperor Rocking Alongside Jay and Ye

Dancehall hasn’t quite been the same since Kartel’s incarceration; the Gaza general’s witty lyrics and in-your-face delivery has certainly been missed. Those of you out there who’ve been aching for a Kartel fix fear not, this new track has everything we love about kartel laid superbly over Jay Z and Kanye West’s smash single “N*gg@$ In Paris.” Read more »

HEAR THIS: Popcaan ft. Busta Rhymes “Only Man She Want Remix”

Gaza + Flipmode = Mad Ting

The Flipmode general Busta Rhymes lends his vocals on a remix to Poppy’s smash hit “Only Man She Want.” Bussa Bus flaunts his trademark wittiness and signature wordplay over the Sonique Records produced “Lost Angel Riddim,” we enjoyed it so much that we wished they gave him a second verse.

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WATCH THIS: Popcaan “Clean” Video

Poppi Shows How He Gets It Poppin’ For 2012

Ever fresh, ever hot, Popcaan’s really got it poppin’ this year. He’s making music for everybody, representing for the thugs on “Gangsta City,” making big party tunes like “Raving” and taking care of the ladies with the big bad tunes like “Only Man She Want.” And just in case you missed his latest video from T.J. Productions, get familiar. As the man wake, him clean. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel “Big Bad & Brave” Video

Adi Tells His Adversaries “Do Weh Yuh Wan’ Fi Do”

Young Money Pon The Gullyside

Drizzy Drake To Feature Mavado In His Next Video, “Find My Love” reported today that Drake will feature Mavado in his next video, entitled “Find My Love.” Read more »