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Vybz Kartel Speaks Of Dons and Of Divas

Vybz Kartel Speaks Of Dons and Of Divas

Crocodile Skin Sneakers

Little known fact: the very first post on went live February 10, 2009. The title? “Don’t Ramp With Kartel.” Adidja Palmer and Grace Hamilton’s smash collab “Rampin Shop,” an X-rated excursion on Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent” version, was taking the streets by storm and had the internet  spinnin’ like a satellite dish—just as a new platform for dancehall and reggae was born. VIBE magazine had not yet ceased print publication but the mighty Boomshots brand, which started as a monthly column in Quincy Jones’ glossy hip hop magazine, was already leveling up on the digital frontier—at the same moment Kartel and Spice were about to elevate hardcore dancehall to new heights. Over the years Boomshots and Kartel have kept in touch. The first of our timeless interviews, “Reasoning with Di Teacha,” was just the beginning. Boomshots founder Rob Kenner published a profile of Kartel in The New York Times in 2011. From time to time we would link up with the Worlboss and various representatives of the Portmore Empire—search BoomshotsTV for a refresher if you’re playing catch-up. Back in 2013 we held a reasoning via email due to circumstances beyond our control, which would be Kartel’s first interview behind bars. He has come a long way since then. Check the stats: Over half a billion streams, 100+ #1 songs in Jamaica, not to mention all the dancehall stars he brought to the world’s attention, from Popcaan to Tommy Lee to Gaza Slim—and the list goes on straight up to Sikka Rhymes and UTG. And don’t forget the international collabs with the likes of Rihanna, Missy, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Major Lazer, Akon, and Eminem. And just the other day Kartel received his first solo plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America for the certified gold single “Fever” off his album King of the Dancehall. In honor of this accomplishment, not to mention the release of his latest magnum opus, Of Dons & Divas, the time seemed right to catch up and hold a reasoning with Adi. Interview After The Jump…
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Vybz Kartel Appeal Moves Forward

Vybz Kartel Appeal Moves Forward

Gaza Fans Rejoice But There’s Still A Long Road Ahead

Gaza fans are celebrating at today’s news that Vybz Kartel and his co-defendants have been granted “leave” to pursue his appeal. His Lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson told the Jamaica Observer that this was an important step in the case. “It’s the first but critical step in the appeal process,” the prominent attorney explained. “A single judge, Justice Frank Williams, has read all the papers from the trial and determined that there are grounds on which an appeal could be allowed, so he has given the green light to proceed. We will move on to a full appeal in September. It is a limited victory, but an important moral victory for my client, as it reinforces the notion in his mind that justice will be srved and he will be acquitted.” Full Story & Video After The Jump…  Read more »

WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee Sparta “Dream (Don’t Ramp With Me BC Food)” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Tommy Lee Sparta "Dream (Don't Ramp With Me BC Food)" Official Music Video

Uncle Demon Had a Dream Last Night… Are You Afraid Yet?

If there’s one thing Tommy Lee Sparta understands it’s the power of strong visuals. His latest video, which dropped on Vevo today, is on point as usual. Whether or not you dig the whole demon-thug steez, you can’t front on the man’s CGI effects or the tatted-up seminude models. And if you do he’ll just sick his dogs with the Skeletor masks on you anyway. So stop hating and enjoy the show. What about that dream? Don’t worry—he was just swimming in money and chilling with Jesus Christ. No big deal… Video After The Jump… Read more »

Popcaan Gets Unruly in Ocho Rios, Says “Most Jamaicans Will Be Surprised” By His New Album

Popcaan Gets Unruly in Ocho Rios, Says "Most Jamaicans Will Be Surprised" By His New Album

Watch the Unruly Boss Shell Down a Stage Show and Talk About His Debut Album

When we last caught up with him at the 2013 staging of Reggae Sumfest, Popcaan told Reshma B that his debut album would be coming next year and that it would be “totally different,” with more “uplifting” songs. Now that the album is completed, he can shed a little bit more light on the project, which is titled Where We Come From and will be dropping on Mixpak Records June 10. Known for hits like “Ravin” and “Party Shot” and “Only Man She Want,” Papi shows a different side on the new album, starting with the single “Everything Nice” which blends the serious realities of life with an uplifting forget-your-troubles-and-dance vibe. After years of playing his position in the Gaza camp as Vybz Kartel’s protege, Popcaan is now acknowledged as a major star in his own right who rolls with his own clique, Team Unruly. The Reggae Girl About Town recently rolled with the team to a stage show in Ochi, and got the full scoop backstage, onstage, and after the show in the parking lot. Find out why Popcaan says “most Jamaicans will be surprised,” by the new album.  Videos After The Jump…

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Vybz Kartel Feat. Popcaan, Shawn Storm & Gaza Slim “Empire Forever”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Vybz Kartel Feat. Popcaan, Shawn Storm & Gaza Slim "Empire Forever"

Me Say Gaza, Me Say Gaza

News broke late last night that Vybz Kartel and his cohorts, after much deliberation  were found guilty of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. Even though the evidence was stacked against them the news was still met with shock and public outcry, many more concerned about the state of the music than the man. With that in mind we take a look back to a time when Kartel had a firm grip on Dancehall and recruited long time friend Shawn Storm and rising stars Popcaan and Gaza Slim into what was then known as the Empire. With a solid team behind him and the now debunked “Teacha’s Pet” reality show ahead, the future looked even brighter for the Gaza general. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Shawn Storm “My Life” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Shawn Storm "My Life" Official Music Video

Throwback Selection From Kartel’s Co-Defendant

The dancehall world is still reeling from the news that Vybz Kartel was found guilty today. But Adi di Teacha isn’t the only artiste awaiting sentencing for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. Portmore Empire singer Shawn “Storm” Campbell, whose alleged text messages played a big part in the case. He hasn’t tweeted from his account since Oct 2011, when he and Kartel were locked up on ganja charges. They haven’t been out of jail and they don’t know the next time they will. In this throwback 2010 music video, he drops profound lyrics over NotNice’s “Gangster City” riddim .”Teacha sign me and me gone now / Everybody know ’bout Sean now.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

Vybz Kartel Speaks From Behind Bars: “Betrayed Is The Order of the Day”

Vybz Kartel Speaks From Behind Bars: "Betrayed Is The Order of the Day"

A Few Words From The Worl’ Boss

Earlier this week Tads Records released a triple album entitled Kartel Forever: The Trilogy. The album includes 60 tracks, ranging from some of Kartel’s most popular hits—such as “Touch A Button,” “Benz Punany,” “Cake Soap,” “Ramping Shop” ft. Spice, and “Straight Jeans and Fitted”—to new and unreleased songs such as “School,” on which Kartel advises youths “don’t bleach your face,” and  “Business,” which has been mashing up dances across Jamaica—and also stirring up controversy about whether the artist has been recording music from his jail cell. (Kartel has been incarcerated for nearly two years, charged with two murders. He’s since been found not guilty on the first of these cases, and he expects to face trial for the second case this November.) “I want to thank all my supporters for your love and unfailing support throughout these trying times,” Kartel stated in a press release accompanying the new album. “Even though I am incarcerated, I am still up to the time. This album shows that I get stronger with each passing second. Tad’s plus Adidjaheim Records is a sick formula and the result is Kartel Forever: Trilogy. Worl’ Boss fullstop!” To help support his album roll-out Kartel agreed to answer a few questions relayed via reliable links close to the artist. But just when things seemed to be looking up for the dancehall “Worl’ Boss,” his cell was raided last week by police investigating the murder of producer Patrick “Roach” Samuels, Kartel’s former road manager. Two cellular phones, a  DVD player, and thumb drives were confiscated and any hopes for a dialogue with Kartel seemed to be dashed. But just this morning we received answers to some of the questions we submitted prior to the police raid. We are publishing them exactly as they came to us without editing.  Email Interview After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel “Business”

HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel "Business"

Werlboss Handles His Biz on a New Single From the Album Kartel Forever Trilogy

Two years into his incarceration, Vybz Kartel continues to exert a phenomenal influence over the worldwide dancehall scene. It is no small feat to be one of the most prolific artists in Jamaican music history, but somehow Kartel has put in so much work that his fans have been able to hear new music uninterrupted for two years now. Now comes word that Tad Records will be releasing a three-disc album entitled the Kartel Forever Trilogy on September 24. The album contains three never-before-heard singles that are currently blowing up dancehalls all over Jamaica, and none more than this TJ Records production. Strictly business—never personal. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel Intros the Portmore Empire

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel Intros the Portmore Empire

The Werlboss Bigs Up His Gaza Affiliates

The year is 2011. Vybz Kartel is a free man at the peak of his fame and success. Shortly after ripping the stage at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night, he welcomes Boomshots into his backstage tent to meet the members of his Portmore Empire crew, from Popcaan “The Prefect” aka Young World to Vanessa Bling aka Gaza Slim to Sheba “the Diva” and a fresh new recruit named Tommy Lee. Within a few months Kartel would be arrested and the whole landscape of dancehall would shift. Now that Popcaan and Tommy Lee have become major stars it’s fascinating to look back, and amazing to see how things have changed in such a short space of time. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Noisey Jamaica “Tommy Lee Sparta”

Snoop Lion’s Dancehall Documentary Continues Its Gaza Trend
The first two episodes of Noisey Jamaica’s dancehall series focused on Vybz Kartel and Popcaan, and the Gaza trend on part three, which features “the Anti-Christ of the dancehall,” Tommy Lee Sparta. His “Uncle Demon” persona has made him easily the most controversial character in Jamaican music, hot with the kids and dissed by older dancehall diehards. In a dimly lit room, Tommy Lee opens up in this interview. Be afraid. But it’s not all fun and games and scary makeup. The former Leroy Russell says he can’t return to his home in MoBay because of his success, as police have now branded him a don. “I can’t even get to see my kids them,” he says. “I can’t go to my place. I have to let them come visit me at a hotel when I have shows and those things. They don’t want me to go into my place. They say I should stay away from there and I don’t know why.”  Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Snoop Lion ft. Mavado & Popcaan “Lighters Up” Official Video

East Side West Side Gully Side Gaza… Snoop Lion Sparks A One Love Jamdown

As a hip-hop O.G. Snoop lived through the East versus West rap wars, and witnessed the tragic events that resulted in the death of two great artists. In 2013 Snoop Lion’s older and wiser, so there’s a certain poetic justice that his song “Lighters Up” should end up bringing together artists from the Gully side and the Gaza in musical unity. Now the video has dropped and it looks like everybody had a good day blazing trees at Trident Castle in Port Antonio. They even invited the Tivoli Gardens marching band out to make a joyful noise. Looks like it was a good day. Video After The Jump…

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WATCH THIS: Popcaan Pushes Blak Ryno Off Stage

When Push Came To Shove, Popcaan Wasn’t Trying To Share The Stage At Sting
Popcaan was in the process of rocking the Sting 2012 crowd at Jamworld in Port More, Jamaica—in front of a crowd that included many Gaza fans—when Blak Ryno, his old comrade from the Port More Empire, strolled onstage like it was all good. But instead of a Gaza family reunion, the show turned into a pushing and shoving (and boxing and kicking) match. Video After The Jump… Read more »